what is your least favorite part of ppc poll

What is your least favorite part of PPC? [POLL]

Love it or hate it, PPC isn’t going anywhere. At least not for a while.

As PPC experts, we get to deal with everything from new platforms, added features, disappearing metrics (we’re looking at you, Facebook), angry clients, privacy issues and baffled relatives who ask “what do you do, again?”

For example, doesn’t it just frustrate you to no end that Facebook got rid of nearly all of their targeting options? The exact thing that made Facebook a goldmine for businesses in the past is the exact thing that’s forcing advertisers away from the platform in 2022. Ugh!

But we want to hear it directly from you, whether you do PPC on the frontline at an agency, in-house, or as a freelancer.This is your chance to let us know: What is your least favorite thing about PPC?

Be honest: tell us what you find frustrating, difficult, tedious or even downright painful – and why. We may include your answer in our write-up of the poll results.

Submit your response below. We may include your quotes in a write-up of the poll results!

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what is your least favorite part of ppc poll

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