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[Music]hey guys Chuck Jones here promotionalpartner with the 4% and creator of thetraffic generation page that you alrightnow the traffic generation solutionsphase so what I want to do is introducemyselfand I wanted to share with you anannouncement and I want to talk to youabout traffic I mean real trafficgeneration so what I've noticed over thepast few months I saw a lot of peopleposting get traffic here this trafficmethod in this town love them but whenI've been doing for over the past fiveyears is I've been studying how to matchthe traffic generation I hope I have anagency called Chuck Jones marketing laband I also have a social mediaadvertising agency called four one onemarketing group where I help smallbusinesses generate traffic and leadsand and find customers and generatecustomers for their business so we allknow that you know traffic is thelifeblood thing any business so if I'mtalking to someone that you if you arean affiliate marketer or networkmarketer and you probably are promotingsomeone else's stuff hey wonderful butlet me tell you this I'm giving you anannouncement right now that you need totake really really heated and that isthat a traffic generation course calledmass traffic blueprint is about toreveal release by my mentor so what thisdoes it leads up to the month of alltraffic generation courses and that'sthe Internet traffic mastery that waspretty much exclusively to members ofthe 4% it's like I am so what we decidedto do was to not just hold this to thepublic I mean to ourselves but releasethis type of information because it ischanging lives I mean once youunderstand these things I'm about toshare with you whichis inside of manage traffic blueprintinside this course you mean to getaccess to for free 30 plus trafficchannels okay this is going to allow youto learn how to tap into 30 pluschannels that's actually working todaynot that all outdated stuff everythingI'm seeing you guys posting in the groupI'm I'm eating hosing that but it doesnot teach you know how to get trafficon-demand let's put it this way so thenext thing is this course is going to doit's going to teach you the philosophythe theory behind traffic trafficmethods and strategies behind trafficit's going to teach you the language oftraffic so once you learn that you'regoing to be able to demand and gettraffic on demand that's powerful okayso that's that should change your lifethat should change people around youthat should change if your networkmarketer you can now teach this to youryour your downline if you're anaffiliate marketer you can drive moreleads and stuff using the trafficsources that you learn okayso I can go on and on so what I'm gonnado now is I just want to give you thisannouncement that in order to get thiscourse for free we decided to build aVIP list and give you notifications andwhat that notification is you get emailnotification and also text messagenotification okay so what I'm gonna askyou to do is that if you are very veryinterested in doing this then I'm goingto show you behind this page in a minuteafter after I'll show you this exactlywhat you're gonna get your hands on okayso somewhere on this page in this 3 ityou register on the VIP list and thiswill allow you to get exclusive VIPnotifications when this courses bereleased I will send you your personallink to mass traffic blueprint and youwill get inside this course for free Iguarantee you it would change your lifeokay so right quick let me give you asneak peek into what you about to getyour hands onlook this is Chuck Jones creator oftraffic generation solutions andpromotional partner with the 4% and Ihope that you take heed to this videoand hope you find it helpful this canchange your life it really really can soif you really want to match the trafficthen this is what you need to getyourself your hands on get on the VIPlist and I looked at leave to see you onthe inside thank you for watchingokay take care buh-bye okay guys whenyou register with the link that's onthis page you will land on this page andthis is our free web class for aseven-figure traffic strategies for 2018your register become on the VIP list tobecome to get access to mass trafficblueprint so this is the creator of thefour percent the creator of Internettraffic mastery which is Vic's prices asyou can see here alright and Vic is a 8figure entrepreneur he is one of the toptraffic and marketing experts andcreators some of the highest convertingsales falls and business trainingprograms on the Internetso basically the programs that he hasput together as a mentor his totally cantake a beginner and make them successfuland pretty much taking millionaires andmaking them multimillionaires ok so likeI said this traffic this 3 video trafficcourse is gonna go into teaching you forfree how to get advanced trafficgeneration methods you're gonna learn atheory of traffic the philosophy oftraffic strategies that that can prettymuch teach you how to get massive amountof targeted traffic on demand to anywebsite like I said earlier if you arean affiliate marketer or a networkmarketer this is for you if youdefinitely own your own product and youown your own brick and mortar businessthis is for you ok so here's what yougotta get inside this course you'regonna learn the most powerful trafficgeneration strategies thisuse today to get a to over a hundredthousand people of visitors to anywebsite and we're talking about fastokay so this is stuff you can learnimmediately and apply immediately iswhat this means you're gonna get yourhands on 30 + mega traffic channelswho's heard of that this is where youcan tap into massive amounts of lasertraffic right now you're gonna learn thephilosophy and the language of trafficwhere you can demand traffic and wheeljust like a pro and dominate themarketplace okay now without theconversions you we are all lost we haveno leads generated and we cannot makeany sales so in this course Vick isgonna teach you how to get irresistibleconversion secrets okay now you're gonnalearn how to turn your visitors intoleads and paying customers it's thatsimple so all you have to do issomewhere right here or at the bottom ofthe page doesn't matteronce you get here please watch thisvideo it is of Vic he's gonna explain toyou exactly what this course is allabout when you click here you're gonnabe taken to this page where you now putyour first name in and your email andthen we're gonna send you a notificationto the email that you use right hereokaythat's simple gonna get your VIPnotification link to the email that youuse here that's pretty much it after youregister you will get to let's go thispage all right this is the confirmationpage for you to say that you've alreadymade it so if you made it herecongratulationsfollow step 1 this is your ticket as youcan see and you're guaranteed then thatyou will get access to the course as youcan see here now follow this I'm goingto introduce you to how to discover whatwe are getting as the four percentchallenge I'm not gonna say any moreabout it watch this video on step oneand it'll tell you everything from thereyou can get started here and then seewhat over 200,000 activewho have already rolled in this programor saying and you can see that here ifyou want to seize more information thenclick the button down here below okthat's pretty much it guys this is ChuckJones with the 4% as a promotionapartment - 4% and I would like to seeyou as a veep a VIP to get access tomass traffic blueprint for free ok allright take careI like to see you on the inside[Music]

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