Traffic Trigger 2 Review and Bonus | Lazy Way To Rank and Generate Traffic

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the demo review King the lightest demoreviews hey folks right here and Iwanted to do a quick video showing youthe inside of traffic trigger and how itworks to distribute your videos and getbacklinks to those videos so that youcan rank to the top of Google andYouTube so here I am inside thedashboard of traffic trigger and you cansee on the left-hand side we have a menufor projects accounts publish queuelinks manager and then your personalsettings down here so we're gonna startoff by heading over to projects now theway this works is you start off bycreating a new project you can see I'vegot a couple of different projects inhere alreadyone for escape room black book and onefor Lake Elsinore roofer and so we'regonna do is we're gonna start a brandnew one and once again we're gonna do aroofing video and this time we're goingto call it San Diego roofer and then wecan put a description in here this isfor our own purposes so roofing videosfor San Diego area and once we're donewith that we simply hit create andyou'll see we now have a new San Diegoroofer inside of here and if we comeover here we can click on accounts editor delete if we hit edit it's just gonnaallow us to make those changes again andif we hit accounts you'll be able tobring in your accounts that you're goingto publish this to now you'll noticewhen you start your new project you'renot going to have any logins for any ofyour websites here and the reason forthis is because each project you domight be using different accounts so youmight have a different Twitter accountfor project B than you were using forproject a one thing you can do is to goback to one of your past projects likeso and you can actually take these andbring them into the other project andall you have to do for that is click onthe ones that you want to bring over goto operation and you can copy selectedaccounts to the project you then choosethe project and hit copy accountsonce you do that you can do that witheach and every one of these categoriesand then once you do that you'll be ableto distribute your new project out toall of those websites I'm gonna do thatright now and then we'll come backokay I've copied all of my sites over tothe new project so now we can go back tothe san diego roofer project and whenyou do you'll notice that we haveaccounts inside of each of these now younotice that I have two youtubes and Ihave two daily motions and one of therest now the great thing about traffictrigger is that if you create or have7vo accounts you can put all seven voaccounts in here if you've got ten Vimeoaccounts you can put ten Vimeo accountsin here ten daily motions put ten domotions 15 photo buckets put in 15 photobuckets 32 tumblr accounts put in 32tumblr accounts and the same thing forYouTube and what's gonna happen is asyou distribute out your videos they'llbe distributed out to all of those sitesthat you have in here so if you've gotten videos and and 20 daily motions and52 photo buckets it's going to put thosevideos out to each of those sites sothat you can get some action allthroughout your entire network okay soonce we have our accounts set up forthis particular project next thing wewant to do is we want to actuallypublish something so we're going to comeover to publish and we're gonna hitvideo now you'll notice here thatimmediatelyyou've got San Diego roofer select postthere's no post in there yet so you haveto add one so we're gonna hit the Addbutton here and you'll see that it comesup with create new video now this iswhere the fun really begins you'llnotice that just like inside of YouTubeyou've got your title your descriptionsand your tags and those are going towork just like normal as well as thecategory so if we want to change ourcategory we can come in and chooseeducation okay and then you've got theability to upload a video so we're goingto create a nice little description inhere and I'm going to copy it from afile that I've already created okay soI've pasted in a nice long article thatyou can see in here it's got a good longdescription and what we're gonna do nowis we're gonna have a little bit of funwith this so you can see here where itsays San Diegowell we're gonna give this a title nowtypically a title might be like SanDiego roofer and then something like howto find the best roofer for your SanDiego home something like that okay nowwhat we're gonna do is we're actuallygoing to have some fun with this andcreate a whole bunch of videos becausewhat we have is we have a one video thatwe've created for the San Diego roofersnow what we're gonna do is we're gonnacome up here to this button at the verytop that says add new shortcut and thisis where some of the real magic happensnow for a shortcut you can manually adda shortcut name and some values but youcan also go by zip code and by map andwhat I mean by that is we're going togive this a shortcut name of cities andthen we're going to skip on down here toour radius and our city name okay soobviously our city name is San DiegoCalifornia and we're gonna put in aradius of 15 miles and now we're goingto search on the map and watch whathappens here now you'll notice that allof a sudden we've got some pins downhere near San Diego and if we zoom in onthese pins you'll see that we have awhole bunch of them in hereand each of these is an area around SanDiego so as you can see here we've gotcolonia herrerawe've got quan concep see we've got sanysidrowe've got nest or we got South San DiegoPalm City Imperial Beach otay fruit daleHarborside etc etc etc all thesedifferent cities okay those are all thecities that are in a 15-mile radius ofSan Diego now why did we do this welllet's say that you're going to beranking a video locally for San Diegoyou want to get San Diego roofers someleads well it's going to be much easierto rank for concep see California orColonia Herrera California than SanDiego and of course many people that arein some of these cities around San Diegomybe searching for a roofer but they'reover here in San Ysidro and so they'regonna be looking for one in San Ysidroand so now what we've got is we've gotall these different cities that we canrank a video for so that our San Diegoroofer can start getting business in allof these other cities and take leadsfrom all of these other cities okayso once we have all of these values inhere all we have to do is hit create andso now what we can do is we come in toour title and instead of San Diego we'regonna have it say something differentwe're gonna have it say cities andactually that's deletes in do you go outof there and so now you see it sayscities roofer ok so what's gonna happenis as we do this we're going to do thisin here as well I'm gonna replace thatwith cities okay and of course over herewe've also got its ass in Diego herewe're gonna do the same thing there andso now what's going to happen is when wecreate our videos each time it sayscities with these brackets it's going toreplace that with a different city soone of these might say San Diego rooferhow to find the best roofer for your andof course you want to put it in here aswell San Diego home and then it wouldsay San Diego you don't really think weforgot you did you blah blah blah andnow when we set the next video up itsgonna change from San Fran San Diego toyou know San Ysidro or whatever some ofthose other cities were that were listedthere it's gonna create a video for eachand every city automatically so youdon't have to do this the software isgoing to make one for each one of thosecities automatically and what it's goingto do is it's going to change that videojust a little bit so that even if youupload it to the same youtube channel soyou might have two three four videosthat go to one youtube channel YouTubeis going to see them as completelyunique videos okay so the next thing wewant to do is come down to file name ifyou upload your video with an mp4 filethat has your keyword in it some saythat that can help you rank better sowhat we're going to do iswe're gonna put in cities and I'm gonnaput a - just cuz I like to do that andthen put roofer dot mp4 ok and so nowwhat's going to happen is when we uploadour video and then we distribute it outit's going to create a new mp4 file thatit sends to that particular website orthat particular YouTube channel and it'sgoing to say what that city is inside ofhere - roofer dot mp4 to give you evenbigger boost as far as rankings go tagssame things so you want city and thenroofer and roofer cities and then mayberoofing cities and cities roofer ok andnow we can upload our video file sowe're gonna come in here we're gonnafind one for us so she has a roofervideo right here okay we're gonna openthat and you see it's gonna bring thefile into here we can also uploadthumbnails I haven't created any sowe're not going to do that at this pointwe're just gonna generate randomthumbnails now you'll notice down herein the notes thumbnail upload isavailable for confirmed by phone numberYouTube accounts only so you have tohave in a confirmed account on YouTubein order to use a custom thumbnail ifyou upload one here or upload a few ofthem here okay that's so that's justsomething I want you to be able tounderstand with it now the other thingis we can also spin any of this contentso if you've got a spinner that you useis the best spinner you know or whateverand one that happens to be you canactually spin your content here as wellpersonally I'd find the need for it whenyou're going to different sites but youcan do that you can use normal spin textto do that and whatever whatever spinnerthat you use you can integrate into thisnow once we're done with this we cancreate and that's going to distributethis out to all of those web sites thatwe set up earlier the YouTube the vimeosthe daily motions the V owes and it'sgoing to put those videos out there foreverybody to see in all those differentcitiesso for instance in this case I don'tknow how many cities we actually hadthere but let's say that we had tencities which I think we had more two ofthem might go to of those videoswouldn't go to dailymotion two of themmight go to the next one two might go tothe next one - it might go to the nextone until it reaches all ten okay andthat's going to get things out there inall those different websites and so allwe have to do for that is hit create andyou'll see in just a second here it'sgoing to create our project here and nowwe can choose which video sites we wantto send it to okay so in this case we'vegot a couple of daily motions a photobucket a tumbler a vo and a couple ofYouTube accounts as well and so now whatwe can do is we can simply hit publishand you'll see it's going to give us apublished starting date you can choosein this case I'm choosing today's dateand I'm gonna choose seven o'clock p.m.for our start and we're gonna spread itout over seven days so it's going topublish equally over seven days so thatdoesn't look all spammy and then we'regonna hit yes publish now you'll noticehere that it says we don't recommend yousubmit more than five spun videos perone video channel and I did this onpurpose because I wanted you to see thiswhat they're talking about here is inour case here we've got a lot of videosand we've got two YouTube accounts inhere which means that each of thoseaccounts would be taking more than fiveof the same video and they don'trecommend you do that just because whenwe spin the videos the more videos wespin to the same YouTube account themore of a possibility that two of themmight be identical and might getrejected now if you do five to each oneit's gonna be it should be perfectlyfine you shouldn't have YouTubecomplaining that it's duplicate contentyou start doing more than five andthere's a possibility that the algorithmcould repeat itself a little bit and youhave that issue you may not but so wecan just hit OK for this and you can seethe publishing has successfully startedand so now you can see our videos arescheduled out over the next few daysto all of our different sites you cansee it's going to go to YouTube multipletimes Vimeo vo tumblr Photobucket indailymotion because we have two dailymotions you can see there's a lot morethat are gonna go there and so over thenext few days these videos are going tostart to go out to each of these sitesnow when they do so if your descriptionhas a link back to your website it canhelp you with SEO it's also going tohelp you to get phone calls if you getyour phone number in there and the basicidea is that you're going to be put outeverywhere on the Internetmultiple times for different cities andwhen people start to search they'regoing to find you they're going to makea phone call to you or they're going tobuy your product now this is how thisworks in this case locally of courseanything that you want to do withselling a product it works exactly thesame you may not be targeting cities butyou might be targeting different typesof people you might be targetingdifferent locations you might betargeting slightly different productsanything like that can be put into thesystem so that you get a lot of videosout there that are going to lead back toyour sales sites well there you gothat's traffic trigger and as you cansee it is very easy to set up projectsand distribute your videos out to allthe major video sites multiple times sothat you can get backlinks sales phonecalls and whatever it is that you needfor your business if you have anyquestions of course please feel free toask us and we'll be glad to answer themfor youthanks for visiting the demo review King

Traffic Trigger 2 Review and Bonus | Lazy Way To Rank and Generate Traffic- Traffic Trrigger 2 Bonuses

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