Traffic Generation

Perhaps the most difficult part of this process is finding traffic, but even that isn’t particularly difficult once you understand the various social media outlets and how they work. It’s actually easier than ever before to get traffic to a website!

It’s a good idea to have a presence on all of the most prominent social sites, including:







If you’re not very familiar with social media, it’s time to change that. If you’re going to be successful online these days, social media is an absolute must unless you’re willing (and able) to shell out big money on paid ads. Plus, the most effective paid ads these days tend to be on the social networks, anyway. Either way, you need to get familiar with all of the major networks.

If you want to get started learning how to use social media for effective website promotion, I recommend checking out:

This site has a ton of articles and tutorials to help you get started on social media. If you spend a couple of days on this site, you’ll learn the basics of all the major social media platforms on no time.

Don’t want to jump into too many new sites at once? If you only want to get started on a handful of sites, first, that’s okay. There are really three sites you should focus on in the beginning:

1. Facebook – This is the goliath of social media. It’s important to get a fan page created for your website ASAP.

2. Pinterest – There’s not many sites that can bring more traffic than Pinterest, especially if you use it correctly. Post often, post relevant content that is likely to be re-pinned a lot, and follow as many accounts relevant to your niche as you can.

3. Instagram – You may have been expecting Twitter to be the third site, but I’ve actually found Instagram a lot more effective than Twitter. There are no “secrets” to Instagram, really. Just follow relevant users, like and comment on their content, and post great images on a regular basis with relevant hashtags. It’s easy.

Twitter is probably the next one you should focus on, followed by YouTube, and then others like Snapchat.

Be careful to grow your social media at a natural rate. If you follow too many people, make too many comments, etc., too quickly, you could get banned.