Traffic Generation Tips: Free Traffic Or Paid Traffic??

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hey what look I disagree look here fromMalaysia so today's video I want to talkto you about traffic source so there'sso many different traffic sources but tocombine everything there's only twotypes of traffic so the free traffic andthe paid traffic so which one should yougo after and which one is gonna be thebest for you that's what I want to talkabout in this video so remember when Ifirst getting stat out my own businessonline I used to have this question tooso I believe as you're watching thisvideo you're probably having thisquestion as I did so now let's firstaddressing the difference between freetraffic and a paid traffic so mostpeople they'll hook up for the freetraffic because it is free but the factis it is not right because it takes timeto build it up and grow even chilli soyour time is not framed right your timeis the most prettiest thing in your lifeyou could have more money but youcouldn't have more time so your time isa value it's just like what a job doesright so you work for X amount of hoursand your boss pay you X amount of moneyfor your hours so your time is valuableright so the difference between employeemindset and employer mysel is theemployee will work for on a job on anhour rate base and they get paper hoursright and but they don't get but whatthey don't get is they only have 24hours a day the only way for them tomake more money on their job is toincrease the amount of money per hoursbut for employer they are understandingthat they only have 24 hours a day sothey want to maximize their day theyhave time so they pay their employee towork for them to hire people to work forthem so they have more time to get morejob doneto make even more money so that's a hugedifference between the employee mindsetand employer mindset and the reason whyI want to share this thing with you andhere is because it will determine whichtraffic source you would choose at theend of the day right so free traffic andpaid traffic both are required your timemoney and effort builder skill but freetraffic is beautifulbecause it is free but it may be take alittle investment on tool and paytraffic is sexy because it allows you toget instant traffic and to ape allowingyou to skill very fast but if you are abeginner on traffic generation it mightbe will burn you out very quickly if youhave very little budget then pay trafficmay may not be a good option for youright all right Joey I got you freetraffic is great and pay traffic it'sawesome but which one should I go outthere which one is for me right so ifyou ask me what I would suggest is gofor the free traffic and here's thereason why free traffic allowing you toview the momentum to get good atmarketing and selling if you're not goodgetting good at marketing and selling byturning the visitor into a lead and turnthem into your customer now it doesn'tmatter how many traffic you have everyday by doing page traffic if you don'tknow how to convert themyou're not gonna make sell anyway rightbut with free traffic it might be slow alittle bit at the beginning but as youbuild a momentum by getting good andmarketing and selling along the way itis not gonna be slow anymore right sothat's the reason why I was suggestinggoing out going for the free traffic sonow you probably have another questionpops a knob which one should I go outthere should I do Facebook YouTubeInstagram or Twitter or Pinterest orLincoln or whichever right so what I wassuggesting you is to go for whicheverthat you feel comfortable with and startthere because there's no such thing asthe best traffic source the one youchoose the master is gonna be the bestright because I see people makingphenomenal result by using Facebook ad Isee people making good money by justusing YouTube and I see people just killsell anything but just using Instagramso there's no such thing as them that'sthe perfect or the best traffic sourcethe one you pick to master would be theone gonna be the best for you write itjust like me I'm not a big fans ontaking photo orediting photo or creating photo soInstagram is always not my first optionrightand I I doesn't know how to use and haveno interesting on Twitter so Twitter isalways not on my listright and I kind of like Facebook and Ilove YouTube so that's where I am rightnow i focusing on YouTube and bloggingat the moment right so you want to picksomething that you feel comfortable withyou enjoy doing and you start from thereright and so once you have master oneskill you can always jump to the nextlike maybe you're right now you chooseFacebook as your main traffic generationplatform then once you have masterFacebook then you can jump to youtubeand then you have muscle YouTube jump toInstagram you can always do this thingso what we are focusing right now is topick one to get start right so that'sbasically it or you can do combinationyou can use the data you get from yourfree traffic generation and getting intouse for your paid traffic generation andnow you know what people like you themostand what what gender are they are thefemale or male what a train are theywhat country they're in and what whatwhat the behavior is and with this datainformation you can put them in use foryour paid traffic generation so now youcan save tons of your cost ofadvertising because you now you knowwhat people like what people who takeaction on certain things so now I canput in your news and you call solo foryour paid traffic generation so that'sbasically what I want to share with youpick one traffic generation to startwith and focusing on master one skilland jump to the next you can always healyour business with paid trafficgeneration but if you don't know how toconvert people from code traffic to warmtraffic to heart traffic you you're notmaking any sales so that's what we arehave talking about today start with freetraffic start with building the momentumand getting good at marketing andselling then you can jump to thepay traffic so that's my suggestion foryou if you are a beginner if you don'thave a huge project this is the best wayfor you to get start as well so withthat being say I hope you getting valuefrom this video if you liked this videomake sure to give me a thumbs up ifyou're not just subscribe to thischannel make sure to subscribe to getthe latest make money online tips oninternet marketing strategy and some ofthe concepts I use on building my ownbusiness so I hope you're having anawesome day and I will see you in thenext video bye for now[Music]

In this video, I’m talking about 0:34 the different between the free traffic and the paid traffic, helping you to decide which traffic source will work best for you and which is the best traffic source.

2:45 Should I do free traffic or paid traffic

3:35 Which traffic source is for me (YOU)

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