the 75 best digital marketing agency resources for 2022

The 75 Best Digital Marketing Agency Resources for 2022

The last few years have been tumultuous for businesses, to say the least. In this new and very crowded digital-first landscape, you are challenged with helping your clients rise above the digital din, expanding their brand awareness, and improving conversion rates at a lower cost.

That’s why we compiled our very best and favorite Semrush resources for digital marketing agencies, including blog posts, free and subscription-based tools, courses, and more. Read on for the compendium of Semrush agency knowledge!

Semrush Blog Posts and Case Studies on Agency Growth

Our agency-focused blogs and case studies cover a wide variety of topics, from optimizing inbound and outbound marketing strategies, to making technical updates to clients’ blogs. Additionally, several of our case studies follow real agencies as they use Semrush tools to elevate their clients’ digital footprint. 

Here are some great reads to get you started:


Studies for digital agencies:

Agency processes:

Lead generation for digital agencies:

Client reporting:

Agency leaders’ stories:

Tools for digital agencies:

Tips and techniques:

How to strengthen your brand:

Digital marketing agency resources for Inspiration:

Case studies 

In addition to our blogs and case studies, we have a number of free resources that agencies can put to use when strategizing and implementing content for your own marketing needs or your clients’ marketing campaigns. 


EyeOn is a competitive analysis tool that allows you to track when competitors have published a new blog or have started running a new ad campaign. With EyeOn, you will receive a weekly report with information on any new posts or ad campaigns. All users can add up to 5 competitors. This is a great way to see what kind of content marketing the competition is focused on so you can inform your or your clients’ content marketing strategy. 

Semrush Persona

The Persona Tool is completely free and allows you to build highly customizable buyer persona templates. This is a great tool if you want to keep all of the valuable information you’ve collected about prospective clients in one place. The tool has no limits to the number of personas you can create for free, and you can add dozens of bespoke fields to really hone in on the types of clients and customers you want to capture. 


Content Ideas Generator 

The Content Ideas Generator tool is a fun and light-hearted way to come up with new and engaging content topic ideas. Just plug your intended topic into the search bar, and ideas drop from a delightfully animated tree. This is a great and free way to get the creative juices flowing. 


Surround Sound SEO

Surround Sound is an integrated brand monitoring solution. It can help you track all the places your brand appears or is mentioned online. This insight can help you: 

  • Increase your brand’s visibility
  • Dominate the search results for the keywords you care most about
  • Create a more effective organic strategy
  • Identify new opportunities for growth
  • Foster relationships with third-party websites

And more! You can even use it to get competitive insights and to benchmark yourself against your rivals. Use it to put your brand in front of your future customers and eliminate your blind spots.


Additional Free Access 

This article delves into the other features available to users with a free Semrush account. 

Subscription Semrush Products 

Our SEO solutions grow by the month! While our products are geared towards marketers of all stripes, we have a few tool kits that are designed to be especially useful to agencies. This list isn’t exhaustive, but these tools are great to add to your tool belt whether you’re a beginner marketer or a professional with decades of experience. 

Agency Growth Kit 

There is perhaps no better tool for agencies than the Semrush Agency Growth Kit. This dedicated Semrush add-on gives agency users access to a unique suite of tools, including: 

  • The Agency Partners Platform: A directory of agencies that prospective customers can access right at the moment they are ready to commit to working with a marketing partner. 
  • Bid Finder: A bid management tool where agencies can find relevant high-value marketing contract opportunities.
  • The Client Portal: The Client Portal is a feature of the CRM (Client Manager) Tool that allows you to create interactive, secure, white-label portals for your clients to access. The portal provides your clients with updated reports, tasks, and files any time they request them. 
  • Branded, white-label reports you can share with your clients 
  • Unlimited CRM access for agencies 

This is your one-stop shop for managing your client relationships from the very first communication to the end of your contract with them. 

Content Marketing Platform 

Semrush’s Content Marketing Platform was designed to make the job of content creation as pain-free for agencies and marketers as possible. This platform acts as a hub where you can research, write, and optimize content. It also helps you identify content gaps and opportunities to out-pace the competition, ultimately saving you time and money. 

.Trends is a competitive intelligence solution that allows you to track virtually infinite data about your competitors. You can dive into Traffic Analytics, Market Explorer, and other features that give you a 360-degree view of what the competitive landscape looks like so you can create highly optimized content and ultimately lower the cost of converting prospects into clients. 


No one wants to waste time managing too many aspects of client relationships. That’s why we created the CRM as your go-to resource. This tool is part of the Agency Solutions Platform where you can track client data and quickly generate reports for client meetings and pitches. 

Lead Generation Tool

The Lead Generation Tool is a custom widget that can be placed on your website that collects email addresses from visitors in exchange for a sample website audit (a 25-page audit using our Site Audit Tool). With the Lead Generation Tool, you will be able to passively gather potentially lucrative business leads for your online agency or service—saving time for other important marketing projects or campaign needs.


Marketing Calendar

As your agency gets busier, coordinating all of your ongoing projects and campaigns can be one of your biggest challenges. With Marketing Calendar, you can:

  • Manage editorial and project calendars
  • Share important documents and files for each campaign
  • Assign tasks and due dates to your team
  • Create a project calendar for each client (with a business subscription)
  • Share read-only access for increased transparency

With Marketing Calendar, you can foster a more seamless workflow for your team so that you can concentrate on what matters most: doing your best work for each client.

Marketing calendar for digital agencies

BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics

BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics is an influencer marketing and competitive intelligence app. With it, you can:

  • Find the perfect influencers to work with for your clients’ campaigns
  • Uncover your competitors’ influencer marketing strategies
  • Maintain up-to-date influencer lists for each campaign or client
  • See detailed statistics on influencers’ performance on the platforms you care about most

Try it for yourself! You can find it in the Semrush App Center.

AdClarity—Advertising Intelligence

AdClarity—Advertising Intelligence is a competitive intelligence app that helps you analyze a company’s display ads in real time. It can help you analyze a prospect or new client’s current digital advertising activity, investigate the competition, and more.

Use this intelligence to build a more effective advertising strategy for your clients. 


Find it in the Semrush App Center.

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring is an app in the Semrush App Center that helps you track what people are saying about your brand (or your client’s brand) online. You can use it to support your online reputation management, public relations, and marketing efforts.

With Media Monitoring, you get a high level overview of your mentions, including the amount, their tone, which websites, your trend over time, and even a complete list of recent mentions.


Semrush Knowledge Base Articles

We have a number of agency-tailored articles in the free Semrush Knowledge Base that can be useful as you are deciding what Semrush tools are right for your business, how to set them up, and how to optimize each tool and report to give you the most out of your investment. Here are a few of our best agency-focused pieces you can start with: 

Semrush Academy Courses 

Last, but certainly not least, is the Semrush Academy. We know it can be overwhelming to gain access to so many Semrush tools. Not to worry! We have an Academy where you can get lessons on our tools, hear industry insights from leading experts, and get certifications in a number of key SEO functions. You can check out the Academy’s homepage to see all of the courses available, but here is a shortlist of some especially helpful and relevant courses and certifications: 



Stay Up to Date with Semrush 

While we have created this list to be as exhaustive as possible, we are always adding new features, tools, and resources to our business. Our Knowledge Base and blog are two fantastic, evergreen digital marketing agency resources you can use to get all the Semrush news and updates. Check them out today! 

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