Simple Traffic Solutions 2018 – How To Get Free Traffic

peer traffic versus free traffic whichis best will come with me and I willshow you exactly why free traffic is theway to gojust give me one second just lock myfront door okay so we're gonna get inthe car and we're gonna go for a littleDrive into the office so let me just getin the car so and they said Piedratraffic versus free traffic and I wantto start by telling you a little story Ihave tried all of the PIO traffictechniques out there just about everysingle one and sometimes if I was luckyI brought a van sometimes but most ofthe time I lost money and and then onedear Google decided to ban me overnightthe night this happened it actually yeahit happened when there was a lot ofmarketers banned literally overnight andI'm sure you've heard of girl slaps andbasically that's what happened yeahsimply didn't want internet marketerstype of business they didn't want him onour business or two things happened youeither got banned or your PA per clickcampaigns were priced so high that youjust simply couldn't Pia for the clicksyou know clicks went from something likefifty cents to ten dollars per click itjust wasn't worth doing and so Googlefor me has never really worked and Ihaven't really found anyone who made asuccess of Google AdWords any internetmarketer or anyone who does what we doand haven't really found anyone who'sgot that to work consistently and forthe amount of time and effort you haveto put in a set Campion's up testingsget ads approved you know is it reallyreally worth it and it's a sim withFacebook and in fact I predict the bigFacebook slap coming it's getting harderand harder to get ads approved and theFacebook ad system if you've ever gonein there you know you you're looking atyour Facebook account and Facebook willtell you yeah make money promoting yourpH and you go okay I'll have a look andit's crazy it's crazy how complicated itis so peer traffic for me was not anoption because for one Google banned meand for two Facebook were making itabsolutely impossible so I'm going toshow you when we get to my office I'mgoing to show you why free traffic is aweird ago and how free traffic hasgenerally basically enabled me to earnmillions and millions of dollars onlineso when we get to the office I'll showyou exactly how I do itwelcome to the office and Before we jumpon the computer and I just want to stopand explain what happened after Googleban me and basically I could no longerpay for traffic because back then whenit actually happened Facebookadvertising wasn't really as big as itis now so I literally had to startlearning how to generate traffic on myown and the thing is this was a blessingin disguise because had Google not bindme I would have kept trying to find waysto media traffic work so I basically hadto learn how to drive my own traffic allmy business was going to the field andthat is exactly what I did so when wejump on the computer I'm going to showyou exactly the sort of results I getdriving my own traffic okay now we areon the computer I just want to show yousome various traffic stats from some ofmy websites now the stats we are lookingat here are for my domain John Thornhillcalmmost of these visitors are going to myblog not all of these visitors but mostof these visitors are hitting my blogand you can see youmorse months it's quite consistent apartwithout a little you know Ronnie we'renot all the way through September butyet it's a Morse months it's usuallyaround the the twenty thousand visitsper month mark so I mean that's aboutwhat that was six seven hundred visitorsper tear all 100% free traffic I hitsyou know a lot of that hits my blog andwhen people get to my blog obviouslythey read the content I've got todistribute and you know the articles Iwrite except I put a lot of the stuff Iwrite does Conti and affiliate linkswhich then goes to affiliate relatedoffers and also I promote my ownproducts and services there so obviouslyall of this traffic is highly highlyvaluable traffic and a lot of thattraffic turns in to sales and I alsowant to show you the traffic stats forsimilar traffic solutions calm the siteyou are on right this minute you knowyou know you are one of these visitorsthat's showing up when they status rightnow and again and this is quiteconsistent around the five thousanddollar mark we had a big spike in AugustI'm guessing and we had a lot ofaffiliate traffic that month but thething I want to point out here is I donothing to get this traffic nothing atall and this traffic just comes in andobviously a lot of our traffic is turnedinto sales again it is 100% free trafficokay and I do want to show you thisstuff as well this is from a full ofproducts I've been promoting for anumber of years so here and this is forday nine hosting and it's a hostingcompany that I use and I recommend nowbecause of my recommendations I you knowI drive traffic to day nine from variousplaces obviously my gonna discloseeverything on this video because that'swhat you have to do that's what you'lllearn once you get inside simple TrafficSolutions but um you know there'snumerous locations that I'm sendingtraffic from on on autopilot I don'tlift a finger and you can see I sentseventeen thousand three hundrednineteen clicks to day nine and Imanaged to get one thousand four hundredtwenty five customers after near pointtwo or three percent conversion and theimportant thing you need to see let mejust I don't show you everything herebut damn you know thirty six thousandfour hundred seventy dollars incommissions that I have been peered okayagain this is from 100% free trafficand remember this is just one of themany many officer time promoting and Ialso want to show you my seals on jvzoowalk here and this is my the talk ofsales admin on jvzoo and I've been usingjvzoo for around three years now and youcan see we've done over half a milliondollars in saleswe drove eight hundred and sixtythousand visitors that have generatedover thirty thousand seals again I muststress this is 100% free traffic and ifyou just look down the right-hand sideyou can see you know the amount of moneya lot of this traffic is making or careand you know silly amounts of money thatobviously adds up to over half a milliondollars and that's just as a vendor onjvzoo also as an affiliate on jvzoo i'vegenerated over four hundred and fiftythousand dollars so i've actuallygenerated over 1 million dollars intotal sales on jvzooagain three hundred and seventy seventhousand visitors so I've drove wellover 1 million visitors through the govtzoo platform again our 100% free trafficand again if I scroll down and see youknow lots and lots of things and I youknow I promoted and sold over the yearsok so remember the thing I want tostress here is and all of the trafficthat I generate is 100% free ok insidesimple Traffic Solutions you will learnevery single traffic generationtechnique that I use ok you learn howI'm driving traffic to govt zoo officeyou'll learn how I'm driving the trafficto and the d9 affiliate offer you'll seehow I get their thousands and thousandsof hits per month to my websiteeverything is revealed inside similartraffic solutions so hopefully this isgoing to convince you to jump on boardand hopefully I'm going to see youinside the simple Traffic Solutionsmembers area

Simple Traffic Solutions 2018 – How To Get Free Traffic

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