proven steps to getting started with abm 6

Proven steps to getting started with ABM

proven steps to getting started with abmproven steps to getting started with abm

Anyone can argue that the popularity and successes of account-based marketing (ABM) are unmatched. Lately, marketers looking to get started with ABM are often flooded with terms like “strategy,” “thought leadership” or “best practices.” Thus, many B2B marketers are eager to implement the core tenants of ABM but are unsure of where to begin.

If you find yourself in this dilemma, join Jodi Cerretani, senior director of demand generation at RollWorks, for a refreshing ABM session. You’ll learn the steps you can take today to drive results tomorrow, including three tried and proven ABM plays to drive quick wins, the must-have ABM tech stack and the number one secret to getting buy-in from sales this quarter. You’ll also receive a copy-and-pastable ABM performance funnel.

In addition to these tactics, Cerretani also explains RollWorks’ three pillars of ABM:

  1. Identify high-value targets
  2. Engage buying committees through coordinated marketing and sales programs 
  3. Measure the impact against shared goals 

With these proven tips, the right data and the right mindset, marketers can easily drive full-funnel impact against their targets, using the technologies they already have in their stack. 

Leveraging a robust ABM tech stack with many channels can aid marketers with attacking and impacting every level of their funnel very precisely.
View the session and build your framework so you can start to realize the actual value of ABM.

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