Novemember 17, 2016 | Traffic Generation With Anik Singal

what's up everybody its Anthony how youguys doing say great in the chatbox Ineed to see lots of great break go towebinar for me to say I'm doing greatI'm doing great I'm doing greatcome on come on come on come on it'sThursday night okay I'm missing theSaints game so I can be here and teachyou Thursday Night Football justfootball Saints drew Brees Brandon cooksall my favorite players tons of grapeslook at that see that's like good energyto start off the night right good energyI see so many grapes now my gotowebinarit's freezing perfect awesomewell look I see lots and lots of peoplehere so so excited to have you guys hereif it's your first time I'm gonna cyclenumber one in the chat box if it's yourfirst time with us here okay Emiliowelcome Julia Paul Jennifer BrendanRobert David Joe Greg I see a few of youWalterlet's see Walters Taikan model numberonce Cody it is not your first time CodyTillman I know exactly what you looklike I know who you are it is not yourfirst time on the success connection myfriend you were just trigger-happyyou're just typing them I say ty do ityou got Khloe all upset all kinds ofstuff's going on look Cody's evenlaughing because you know this isn'tyour first time awesome well listen I amreally really excited about tonight whatI'm going to do is as I told you in theemail we've been going over a lot ofemail marketing stuff of course wealways do that and I listened to thequestions and the people have you beencommenting in the group and all this andso I've got a guest trainer that's gonnacome on tonight that's very rare as youknow I probably haven't had a guesttrainer since June I think so it's beena long time since we've had a guest onthe success connection because I'm kindof selfish with it I'm always kind ofrocking it myself by myself and I enjoythat so it takes a lot to pull me awayfrom my Thursday night trainings I'lltell you that right now used to I loveto bring guests on cuz it meant like ohI don't have to put together anythingthis week but now I'm so it's like I'msuch a habit of doing it that I I'm nota big fan of having a guest unless theguest brings you massive value and sothat's what's gonna happen tonight soyou're literallyyes you might see three maybe threetimes maybe four times a year max rightand and you're going to be able to seesee one tonight no I'll introduce somein a second so it's gonna be phenomenalbut what I'm gonna do is talk to youguys about a couple of things okay allright just a couple of things and thenwe'll all rock on so you can see theagenda right now in the bottom it saysfirst thing we're going to talk about isthe welcome message I think I alreadydid that welcome in a bunch of grapesalso when I talk to some of you youprobably saw this week in the successconnection group I kind of popped off alittle bit and got got a little bitangry at a couple of people who let someless than positive comments in the groupso I see some of you laugh and saying Ilove it yes I saw it you gotta rememberone of the things that that is soimportant it's important about tonightit's important about tomorrow and guesswhat it was important about yesterdayit's remain positive right to always beputting positive in so plastic comes outand when you look at a situation and andthe reason I talk about this is becauseobviously you all know we mentioned itlast last weekthere's just craziness going on in theworld right now right you got people youknow shooting people protesting talkingabout this and that side and thispresident that president people arecrazyyesmy right I'm entitled to a little bitof opinion it's insanity because I seeso much negativity and it doesn't matterif you're being positive about your sideof the equation guess what you're beingnegative about someone else's right whatwe need to do is we need to focus okaywe need to focus on being positive andkind of living inside of our worldsdon't let what's happening on televisionwith these people out on the streets andall this up doing influence you rightlive in your own world and be in controlof your own world right that's so so soimportant always be positive so when Isee people coming into my world rightinto my success connection groups andpoint seeing my students a bunch ofnegative stuff and they get the slap Iboot them out and that's it right sohopefully you all can appreciate thathopefully all okay with that figured I'mgonna dressit's rarely ever do you see me gettingon somebody because I try to giveeverybody the benefit of doubt but Idon't have time for protestors and allthis negative stuff it's just not in myworld it should be be in your world andif you leave it up to me I'm gonna allowit to be in your world so stay positivebecause that's the way that you're gonnahave massive success now off of my rantand on to what we're going to tonightwe're gonna have a phenomenal trainingon email marketing now inside of thesuccess connection gracereplies to my emails and our support boxpeople have always asked me how to putdifferent pieces of the puzzle togetherright and so you know sometimes itrequires a lot of the things you have anautoresponder gotta have an opt-in pageyou've got to have an affiliate offer orsome type of something to make moneywith right you've got a right emailright so there's so many differentpieces of the puzzle and I teach youwhat those puzzles are like I teach youhow to create each piece of that puzzleand for good reason because when you putthem all together it's it's literallymatter right email marketing is likemagic it's how it's it's unlike anythingI've ever seen use press a button youknow you start making money so it's it'san incredible opportunity but you dohave to put the pieces of the puzzletogether tonight what I'm gonna do isour guest is literally going to show youhow you could put all the piecestogether so I've taught you the Wyatttaught you the house if you want to kindof jumpstart and put all the piecestogether at one time you'll have theopportunity to learn how that's donetonight and before I go any further Iwant to address next week so next weekis Thanksgiving how many of you areaware that next Thursday is Thanksgivingjust say yes okay I see lots and lots ofguests well here's the deal like I saidbefore and I've said many times I'll sayit again I don't miss the successconnection so with that said we willstill be like 9:00 p.m. Eastern StandardTime on Thanksgiving for those of youthat are not from the United States youdon't celebrate Thanksgiving you all behere for those of you that are here I'llbe here for those of you that happen tomiss it I'll give you a free pass andyou'll be able to watch the replay onFriday Saturday and Sunday like alwaysbecause I know it is holidayI still think it's important right we'vegot the holidays coming up we've gotBlack FridayI'm not cyber monday coming up we've gotChristmas coming up now is the time tofocus on your business that you can getit live and have it ready so that youcan start profiting immediately fromthis holiday season right which is superbored how many of you feel like that'simportant just say yes right lots andlots of people saying yes it's importantto recognize the time of year right andthat your opportunity to take advantageof that into profit from that it'sWendling each day that you let ask rightso that's why I figured I would bring myguest on a my guests name is onyx andGul I told you guys this in the email onit is a great friend of mine on it andhis wife were at my weddingtonic and his wife came down to businessand Destin Florida I think I put somepictures and stuff on on on my Facebookpage when he was there he's helped metremendously you know I try my best withif I bring a guest on it somebody who'sbrought value to my life it's notsomebody that knows just here to take upan hour and a half of your time it'ssomebody strong value in my life andthis year I probably made an additionalI don't know six seven eight hundredthousand dollars something like thatbecause of my cousin some of the stuffAnnika stalking because of the thingsthat Annika introduced me to and forthat I think I think there's massivevalue in listening what he has to sayand listening to what he's teaching andthe things that he's got the things thathe's got going on so super superexciting I hope that all of youabsolutelytune in pay close attention listen andlearn like I said that he Annika I votethis is what we teach we teach emailmarketing right and and we love what wedo and we do what we love so it's it's agreat opportunity for you to hear fromsomeone else from their perspective fromtheir point of view and that you knowhow they do teach the same thing rightso super exciting moving on and getstarted in second also tonight I'll begiving away a thousand dollars fromsnapchat hopefully some of you arefollowing me on snapchat like I said I'mgoing to ask you one question in alittle while about what I snapped thisweek we ranthe bride first gets $1,000 don't forgetthe $4,000 work like I work giveaway isDecember 1st right how do you win thatleave comments and all my social mediafollow me be engaged we're just gonnarandomly select somebody and we'll begiving away cash tonight okay so howmany of you understand all that cashtonight$4,000 give away December first thousanddollar cash for snapchats and I am alsotraining with onic if you want to becomea part of onyx Network you want to havethe ability to kind of put everythingtogether all in under 20 minutes you'llhave that opportunity if you don't wantto do it that's okay there's stillmassive massive bounty so I want you toall do something for me okay I want youto all help me welcome on it to our livetraining because on it and does not dothese live very often so I want you toall say welcome on it for me in the chatboxall of you say welcome on it I therewere thousand people in Tennessee havethousand welcome onyx and you died on itto be excited only not to be bored ifonyx port is how you do a good jobprobably to lead hopefully you want soto say well come on it I see lots andlots and lots and lots and lots and lotsof welcomes listen I'm so so excited tobe able to introduce to all of you myvery good friend onyx in all onAbbeywood I am here man I am laughingI'm having such a ball we've not evengotten startedAnthony can I confess something toeverybody here guys I'm gonna make aconfession so I have I've done a fairshare of webinars in the last few monthsby far without a shadow of doubt I havenot had the honour of pleasure ofspeaking to an audience this active andthis amazing Paul says he has so muchenergy Paul it's because of this look atthe audience the response I'm gettinghow can I not have energy I'm gonna beshouting the whole time here I'm sopumped up this is amazing you've got agreat group of people here dude overover 1500 1500 comments already andpeople look all we do is we look at theattentive rate the engagement rate wealways have people really really excitedand hey at the end of the day it'sbecause we provide massive value to themthey know it and they know that all Iwant is engagement comments questionsall these types of things that help meto help them and so I know that it'llhelp you as well so youI'm really excited about it so whatwe're going to do guys I'm gonna letonyx start off his presentation in histraining I'll take a little bit abouthimself for those of you that don't knowhim it's got an incredible story anincredible kind of way that he gotstarted an email marketing kind of thewine which we all need to listen todon't say oh that boy I can go dosomething else and come pay attentionbecause the wine is what drives you tohave the success that you want to haveany success that you need to have and weall have a reason why you need to knowhis reason right so you can kind ofthink the way that he thinks so he'sgonna tell you a little bit abouthimself go into the training should beexactly what he's done and how you cando it I'm super excited about it I'mpumped I'm gonna cut my camera off sothat I'm not gonna be distracting youand you can focus but I'm gonna be hereand I'll be I'll pop my camera back onat the very end I'll make sure that Ihook you guys up with all the cashbonuses so with that said on it I wantto let you take it away man awesomewe'll listen everyone thank you so muchand Anthony thank you for having me hereI'm gonna take the screen here and yesif you can see my title slide it saysthe twenty-minute system to launchingyour own alright never mind I don't evenhave five seconds I am so pumped to behere thank you everyone's such a warmreception you know I have to start byfirst thanking and saying you guys areblessed beyond belief to have such anamazing mentor coach in your lifeAnthony let's all take a second toreally appreciate him type in hashtagAnthony if Anthony has made that amazingimpact in your life guys I can tell youand I want to talk a little bit I don'tbe teaching you but I would I cannotstart this webinar without first sayingAnthony was giving me some credit but hedoesn't realize how much he's impactedmy life you know he's one of the firstpeople I go to when I have a question orwhat I need advice or what I want tomastermind and I'll tell you right nowyou have a seven-figure coach and amentor who truly cares about you we areall blessed to have him in our industryto have them on our side so thank youAnthony for everything you do it reallymeans a lot and I think you can seeright there I don't know we have atleast 700 800 people that just said itso he wants people so thank you so muchI appreciate it I'm excited to have youhere I know the value you brought to mylife and I know I brought the same orhopefully the same close to the same toyours as wellat the end of the day man all I want todo is time just transfer that energythat knowledge that success and thatopportunity to all my students so I'mexcited for tonight absolutely all righteveryone let's get pumped let's getstarted now on your screen you see thetwenty-minute system to launching yourown or profitable internet business Isee I know you've seen these before andright now you're thinking on ik thatsounds a little bit high P alright tellyou what give me an open ear open mind Inever say anything without proving ittoday what's coming up we're gonna goover very quickly my jaw-droppingsuccess and failure story but with avery different angle I want to make apoint today that I believe couldpotentially change your life then I'mgoing to walk you through and make you amaster of the five steps that are trulythe quickest business model ever thatyou'll launch then you and I togethertoday are going to launch of business weare going to launch a business here howmany of you are pumped about launching abusiness lives and watching me do everypiece that we teach you and doing it inminutes typing yes if you're pumpedabout that I want to see it I want tosee tons of yeses porn because there's alot of fun Huff's if this engagement allright awesome thank you guys now then Idon't believe in just teaching I don'tbelieve in just theory you guys I wantto die they don't want to show you I'mgoing to show you case studies where Igive you I show you the sites I've doneand you have full permission a copy dowhatever you wantlast but not least we're gonna give youan amazing opportunity for a few of youwho would love to get your hands dirtywith me and have me roll up my sleevesand get in there with you and give yousome great help now listen I have totake a moment to really be blessed inthis environment that we're in today youknow we have this thing called aninternet business 14 years ago I startedand I cannot begin to tell you how muchI struggled listen I struggled Istruggled I struggled and there was noanthony morrison there was no onyx andgaul and there were no webinars thebusiness model the five steps you'regoing to learn today are exactly whattook me from absolutely zilch zero downand out almost ready to quit to buildinga company over ten million dollars andthen my youth kicked in you know ithought ithe golden touch I thought I could dowhatever I wanted I thought I couldconquer the world everything I touchturns to goldso I abandoned this five step systemthat dumbest thing I've ever done in mylifeand guess what happened within less thana year I lost my millions of dollars Ifell 1.7 million dollars in debt I'venever really alive I don't really talkabout this lot it's very tough but Idon't even know if Anthony knows thisbut lately I've been kind of opening upabout it there was a period of my life Iwas somewhat suicidal I was definitelydrinking a lot I was an alcoholicand I was struggling but luckilyfortunately I turned back I had that onenight I went back to looking at what theheck went wrong how could I have gonefrom being on top to the bottom I foughtthrough it and I discovered it was thesystem that I was missing I went back tothe system you're gonna master today andguess what within 16 months 1.7 millionpaid off within 21 back to 10 milliondollars a year and today I'm proud tosay I've sold over a hundred milliondollars worth of products on theInternet my company this year is gonnado about 23 million dollars between allthe companies I own all by following thesame steps I'm sharing with you todaynothing more nothing lessI'm building schools all over the worldI'm giving back I'm living the life ofmy dreams that's the truth I have greatfriends like Anthony I get a chance togo to his wedding meet his family I meanthat's my life see guys I want to have amoment of truth with you right now whatit takes for success let's really divein and let's really talk about thisbecause sometimes having success is notabout the steps it's not necessarilyabout that it's about what's in yourmind see 14 years ago I began thisjourney I wanted to make something ofmyself but if you look back in mychildhood I was never meant to be aninternet marketer trust me that didn'teven exist in my childhood see I thinkyou could tell from the picture thereI'm of Indian descent I come you know myfamily they're all Indian so how many ofyou know an Indian doctor type in theword doctor if you know someone who's adoctor who happens to be Indian I bettersave hundreds because I know everysingle okay everybody bunch of peoplepouring in I came in read the namesmargarita Gregg Mars Marcia ShanteSondra Brian Graemeno point everybody here knows someoneright that's what my family was full ofand every time I looked around twopeople with the biggest homes nicestcars best lives they were doctors so Ithought all right there you go I'm gonnago become a doctor I always tell peopleI was never the smartest kid in classbut I was the one that worked thehardest I hustled the most I faced myobstacles faced my challenges and inthat time in school I literally setmyself up to go into some of the bestmedical programs by the time Collegecame my parents were just glowing andpride telling everyone all my son'sgonna be a doctor I was excited but Iwas excited because I'm gonna make a lotof money that's all there was in it forme money money money moneyand then it began College kicked in andI had those mornings where I justrealized man oh man I am struggling Idon't want this is a life now I havenothing against doctors believe me Ihave been on my deathbed more than onceI've had doctors saved my life over andover I respect them there I have so manyof my family but it wasn't for me howmany of you type in me right now if youhad a moment in your life where you wokeup and realize you are not living thebest you you are not living to you thatyou're supposed to live Theresa Anaya toJodi Steve Aman Armando Carol andMichael tons of youguys you're in good company believe meI've been there I've spoken to AnthonyAnthony's been there we've all beenthere some of the best stories come frompeople who've been there you're in theright place listen I knew that and Iknew what was important to me wasentrepreneurship you know I was that kiddown the street that had the lemonadestand that you pay a quart or two to getlemonade but here's the catch I wasn'tactually at the lemonade stand I wasinside watching cartoons and I had kidsyounger them you know run the lemonadestandso the truth is I just never knew thatthat was my passion now what I reallywanted to do is I wanted to pave a pathI wanted to make my father proud that'sa picture of my father and I and aWashington Redskins football game sorryAnthony were we're skins fans in thisfamily as you know and my dad you knowhe is my rock he is my best friend he isgenuinely I get emotion when I talkabout him because without him I would benowhere today in my life and one of thethings you know I've had a chance tomeet Anthony's father and both Anthonyand I laugh so much because our dads areexactly the same andback then when I decided I wanted toquit this medical program and I wantedto go become an entrepreneur I wasshaking in my knees to go tell my dadthis and I'll never forget the day Itold him and he turned around and hesaid to me son it's your life he has todo what you want I have no problem withthat and I said really and he said I'llgive you one advice if you'd remembernothing else remember this don't everchase money don't ever chase money itwill never come to you it will escapeyou every time son build a life full ofwhat you want to do do good wake upevery morning spring out of bed and knowthat you're serving the world andserving people and changing lives whatdo you want to do with your life and youknow my dad you know when growing up hedidn't have electricity in his home sowhen he wanted to study had to walk amile down the street and study under alamppost so today when people say lookat onic he's achieved so much nothingcompared to what my dad achieved i ameveryone I am today I'm everything I ambecause of him he literally said to mewhat do you want to do with your lifeand since I was a kid I always wanted tobuild education I wanted to promoteeducation but those who don't have it Ibelieve education is the cure to povertyas a matter of fact my TEDx talk justreleased yesterday on YouTube where Iget to propose my cure to poverty mywife and I this is what wakes me up inthe morning this I want to serve over amillion children all over the world Iwant to pull a million children out ofthe slums so you know what there aretough days there are days Anthony facesit to where it's just hard but when Ihave a deeper why a deeper mission andit's not just about the money I'm ableto pull myself that heck up and I knowthat I have a million children relyingon me I'm so proud to be able to saythat today we have six schools we'rebuilding for more next year we serveover 600 children a community of over4,500 people we run entrepreneurshiptraining in our schools health clinicsdental clinics eye clinics we're servingthis community and that's what makes mewake up in the morning but you know whatall in the same time I've been able tobecome very wealthy isn't that isn'tthat the best combination typing yesright now if you would love to be in aplace where you get to serve the worlddo good hold your chin up high be proudof who you are and become wealthy at thesame damn time it's not bad to havemoney it's not bad to be wealthy it'sonly the wealthy people that you knowit's wealth that allows you to do goodin theworld as long as you do good with theworld so I've made so many of my dreamscome true I've been voted byentrepreneur as one of the topentrepreneurs in the country sorry byBusiness Week I was recently inLuxembourg spoke on the Ted stage I'vespoken on national television to teachpeople how to make money online I havespoken for Tony Robbins I've met RichardBranson you know my first book I everread Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosakimy mentor wrote the foreword to my bookand not just that we're businesspartners now I've been an entrepreneurmagazine I've been voted by in 500 twicetwo years in a rowI even had a piece done on my own byHuffington Post now am I saying all thisto brag no I'm saying this because neverdid I ever chase any of these things seewhat I went out to do everybody what Iwent out to do was serve what I did isuse a simple 5 step system that you'regonna master today and I've used it toserve people and it the accolades thewealth it comes see when I first startedI failed for 18 months again I saidthere was no Anthony there was no onicwebinars didn't exist nobody was thereto show me the system 18 months you knowI asked him in it I failed over 50 timesdo you know how hard it is to keeppushing when you failed 50 times and Ihit my brink by the way I had hit thefinal moment I'll tell you about that ina second but when I started my businessmy only goal was I wanted to create myown destiny but I had no resources nohelp I didn't know where to go I wouldspend countless hours on forums andevery single time I thought I figured itout boom fail againtruly truly was one of the hardestthings I've ever done in my life18 months wasted while trying peopletalk about success stories overnightsuccess stories well you know what howmany of you typing me if you've heard ofsomething called an overnight successstory you've heard that phrase beforepeople talk about it yes Darian KathleenDinesh Michael Ramesh Phyllis TrevorAnaya Tom Carolyn and tons more hundredsmore you've heard of it right I'm anovernight success story I admit itthe only catch is it took me 18 monthsto become an overnight success storyAnthony's an overnight success story ittook him and lots of months - so guysthere's no such thing as an overnightsuccess story you know I find I got sofed up guys I finally came to the end mywit's end and I went to the form that Iused to be at and I said guys thank youfor all your support over the last 18months I'm done I'm going to quit I givemyselffinal 24 hours and I'm done it's over Ican't continue doing this everyone islaughing at me how many of you havesomeone in your life watching you rightnow and you just know that they don'tbelieve in you and they are pressure andyou type in me right now if you havesomeone that is watching you and this isa stress in your life oh my godI wish you guys could see this the Me'sare pouring it you are in such goodcompany listen I understand exactly howyou feel I had that all around me peoplesay Nanak forget this crap you're doingthey'll get a job go get experience youneed experience before you start abusiness look what's happening in yourlife your grades are falling blah blahblahwell I always quit that night I got amessage from someone whose name I stilldon't know till this day he or she Idon't know they said kid I've beenwatching you for over a year and I wantyou to quit you've been hustling hardtoo I've never helped anyone today I'mgonna help you here are the steps youneed to do do these steps you'll makemoney by tomorrow I'll never talk to youagain I'll never help you again now it'son to you that night has sat up Ithought do I do this do I not I'm sotired I'm fed up and I thought what do Ihave to lose I worked for hours until3:00 in the morning I did what he saidor she said went to sleep six hourslater you know I have chills when I tellthis story I woke up I had made my first$300 on the Internet first $300 and youknow it's 12 and a half years ago sincethat day no matter how bad my life gotI've never had a single day on theInternetwhere I made less than $300 not one dayin twelve and a half years I've neverhad a chance to properly thank thatperson I've told this story on manywebinars hoping and praying that personwill step up and say who they were butno one has ever come through and I wantto say that today it is my dream andit's my goal to be that person for yousee I want to share with you what Ilearned back then is that there reallyare two things that you need to be ableto make an online business happen numberone is you need a system you need aconcrete system copy and paste no roomto think no room for error just do assaid secondly you need automation guyswe're in a technical age and I'm nottechnical as a matter of fact I didn'ttell Anthony I could I couldn't have acomputer to run on before I startedpanicking wondering about get on or notbut you know what we're so blessedAnthony and I when I first started wedidn't have this there are so many greattechnical solutions out there for you tojust plug and play and click and be offto the races and today I'm going toshare one with you but I I willI miss you I guarantee you is gonnaleave your jaw on the ground I'm tellingyou this because it's it's I left my jawon the ground when we built it even Ibuilt it I'm gonna guarantee you that bythe end of this session you are going tobe able to get your business up in 60minutes or lesstyping - number one if that gets youpumped if right now you are like I'llbring it on but I'm ready Darien JamesZ named Mark Roman Jean Joan CarolynMichael John Gordon Bridget who tons andtons of once guys I'm gonna prove it toyou I'm not just making this upsee now then people ask me okay on ifyou talk all this big thing about howthis business model how much money doesit really make see one thing people mostpeople don't know about me is I havemultiple businesses on the internet whatyou're seeing right now are samplingsfrom just each of them one of my listswhich I'll show you very soondid 1.1 million dollars in pure netcommission commission no expensesinvolved in one weeks now how many weeksare there in a year tell me how manyweeks are there in a year type it inright nowwho's gonna be the first one to get thisright all right first one is PatriciaJones Patricia Joneswe got a lot of people 52 weeks in ayear guys I have 51 more weeks to sendemails to that list now do I make 1million every week no no no that was abig promotion of one of those outlierssometimes I make 20,000 sometimes I make100,000 point is who cares who make alot of money for spending 20 minutes aday to send an email out then the nextbusiness you see next to 11 milliondollars here I use the same five stepsystem but I actually sell my owndigital products we'll talk a little bitabout that as well the third one you seethere is a list I having a personaldevelopment space 14 days of emailingthe Clickbank product a hundred andforty-eight thousand dollars now I'mtelling you I'm guaranteeing you rightnow none of you on your who are juststarting they're going to be able tomake this kind of money by next weeklet's be real okay I've been doing thisfor 14 years I have a couple of littletidbits of experience but let me ask youthis realistically if you could evenmake 10 percent of this over the nextmonths to come how many of you thiswould be a life-changing thing for youjust 10% over the next months to cometype in 10 type in the number 10 if thatwould be the biggest change that couldmake the biggest difference for you ohmy god I wish you guys could see thissomeone just said heck yeswho was that I already lost him too manyhump it's coming in guys you know I justrecently met Cain Cain is one of ourstudents this is baby two or three weeksago he was here we had a live workshopin Maryland he flew in he's one of hercoaches now just a little over a yearago just a little over a year ago he saton this very webinar that you're sittingin imagine you were Cain right now hesat on this very same training he usedto be a fixed income portfolio managertrading 50 billion plus dollars a daysaid it was boring him to death came tous and said onic please help me returnto my childhood passion energy workteaching this is what I want to do andyou know what we did we showed him whatto do after hit joining learn he madehis first sale within just three weekshe made over $2,000 within his firstnine weeks and last check two threeweeks ago he's now making over $30,000 amonth purely based on what he learnedhere at learn now I want you to type inthe word Cain type in the word Cain ifyou would love to be the next king evenif it is a year from now you're sittingexactly where Cain was a year ago howmany of you would love to be the nextking oh hitons I love it lots of you listen thisstory beats them all Nikko Nikko just alittle over two years ago was in prisonin Vietnam for being a political rebelhe was going against the current partyand the Norwegian government somehow gotin there and saved and they rescued himhe then went to Norway as a refugee youwould think that was a great thingexcept he says that's when his lifereally got hard he was living slammedinto a house of lots of people couldn'tget a job barely knew English definitelydidn't know their local languagecouldn't make anything work he wasmiserable finally someone returned tothe Internethe wanted to started making some moneyonline nothing worked until guess what alittle over a year ago yep Nikko was onthis very same webinar training thatyou're sitting on right now and in justa few months after taking powerfulactionhe built a subscriber list of over50,000 people and you know what it sayshe's making 9,000 a month I just spoketo him four days ago this guy by the waynow is backpacking through Europe livingthe life of his dreams sending moneyback home for his family he's makingover twelve thousand dollars a month nowhe's estimating next month he's probablygonna cross fifteen this guy is crushingit type in Nikonow if his story inspires youth listenguys Niko can do it believe me you cando I'm so proud of this guy he justhustled he worked hard he had the hearthe had the passion and he had the systembehind himlook at this 9001 account eight thousandanother account six thousand anotheraccount now let's have a moment ofreality really really quickly I'm notpromising you quick riches there is noget-rich-quick button here guys we'rebuilding a long-term safe business abusiness it needs dedication and timeand attention people ask me how long isit going to take for me to make money onit and I'm gonna pick on somebody hereso let me pick on Gloria Murdock GloriaI'm just picking on you for fun youdidn't ask me this question but let LoriI don't I haven't had a meeting you Ihave another honor of sitting across theroom from a table to see what you knowwhat you don't know how many hours youcan put in how hard you'll work guys Ican't answer that question and goodconscience and you know that but I willtell you this if you can dedicate thenext 60 days to me and give me at leastone hour a day if you can be a fighter Ican make an impact in your life listenlearn is here learn Nation this entirelearned nation is here to be yoursupport to be your mentors to train youto teach you to provide you with thetools to provide you with the coachingbut it's only you who can do it I can'tguarantee you success you must takeownership over your success and it'svery important to me right now thateverybody typing yes this is veryimportant everybody typing yes becausethey never ever ever want anybody to bemisguided I never want anyone to thinkthat I'm offering any kind of guaranteehere because I'm not all right tons andtons of yeses coming in let's keep goingall right guys how many of you believethat most of the world currently has anemail address maybe that's a sillyquestion let me ask you this type inemail right now if you believe thatemails are not going away in our futureI want to see a bunch of people type inthe word email poor hang in Anthonywe're gonna crash this I'm telling youin a crash go to one I promise you thisis amazing guys there are over 4.6billion email addresses in the worldtoday 4.6 billion we talk about Facebookwe get so excited oh my god look atFacebook 1.5 and 1.6 or whatever thenumber they're up tothere's 4.6 billion email 66% of peoplewith an email address who were surveyedsaid they have bought a product becauseof an email 72% said they prefercommunication from email not Facebooknot Twitter not Instagram not Pinterestnot LinkedIn email and check this numberout for every $1 invested into email 44dollars and 25 cents comes back out thisis ridiculous take a minute listen if wewent to the stock market put our moneyinto a mutual fund let's say we put adollar in we would be doing a backflipif we had made 10% the next year thatmeans we would end the year with $1 1010 tens I'm telling you in the world ofemail you put $1 and you're gonna endwith $44it's a 44,000 or whatever ridiculousnumber return now I thought this wasridiculous when I first saw this I canhear some of you thinking honey lostyour damn mind that's not possible I'mgonna prove it to you guys I went backand I looked at my business and Irealized holy crap they're not kiddinglook remember I told you about that 1.1million dollars I built I made that froma list of 68,000 people that's it withone week's of emails 68,000 now in mybusiness I take about one point twodollars per subscribers what usuallyends up costing me but I make that moneyback and plus that much more in likedays maybe one day or two days I have 51weeks left to go here check out thisemail is eighty one thousand eighthundred and seventy-six subscribers andI generated over three hundred andsixty-two thousand dollars with 14 daysof emails that's two weeks I still had50 weeks left to continue to send thememails man when I did the map I realizedholy crap this is true it really isworth that much a dollar does reallyturn into 44 dollars and 25 cents howmany of you are having a mind blownsituation type in oMG if you neverrealize just how valuable emails aretyping oMG right now if you're havingone of those on it you just blew my mindand now I want to build an emailbusiness even more than beforehaha that's so so let's answer thisquestion okay I know you guys understandemail marketing so we want to go throughthis a little bit quicker how exactlydoes email turn into profit alright sohere's the deal I want you to close youreyes and imagine the situation with meokay let's say you wake up in themorning yeah take about have a cup ofcoffee have your breakfast you know dowhatever you guys do play with yourkitten and then you send about fifteento twenty minutes that's it okay 15 to20 minutes so write an email now yourall right emails okay great I'm gonnagive you the emails I'm going to giveyou the template you fill in the blanksor I'll even give you the emails justcopy paste it and let's just say usingour system you've been able to build alist of 10,000 subscribers that's it10,000 subscribers okay nothing crazynow I'm telling you we've had studentsdo this in as little as a week we've hadstudents take you know a couple monthswhatever it is however fast you work butlet's say you have 10,000 guys itdoesn't matter if you have a million orif you have ten okay the time investmenton your part is exactly the same soyou're not trading time for money nowlet's say you blast out and link to thatlist with a little bit of text and it'san endorsement to a product that you areendorsing somebody else's product youdon't have to create the product youdon't to do anything you just have toget a link it takes ten seconds andlet's just say only 500 people evenbother to click on that link let's justsay even 500 people bother to click onthat link all right 500 visitors come tothat page now let's assume only 2% only2% of them actually purchase so 2% ofthe 500 decide right I want to buy thisproduct that's just 10 sales guys wewent from 10,000 to 0.1% which is 10sales let's say your average commissionis $50 per sale you know I and Anthonywe make two thousand three thousanddollar commissions but when you'restarting it's fair to say let's just say$50 you would have made five hundreddollars that day now type in me if fivehundred dollars a day would change yourlife type in me if five hundred dollarsa day would hold lots lots of peopleguys all I ask you to do if you want tobuild a business out of that is keepdoing this just do it five times a weekjust 10 five emails a week that's itnice and simple five emails per week andif all you even do is average just 50cents per month per subscriber all youdo is average 50 cents per month nowusually marketers say $1.00 in mybusiness yes if each email is actuallyworth four dollars and 20 cents a monthI promise you I guarantee you it'ssimilar in Anthony's business fourdollars and 20 cents a month that's over50 dollars a year per email subscriberdo you remember that math one dollarinvested gets $44 back we'll go figureit's working out right in front of youbut I'm going to give youmargin because you're just starting andI'm going to say even if you can justmake 50 cents at the list of 10,000people would mean that you're earningover $5,000 a month potentially now howmany of you find like that is well youknow I'm going to ask you that questionright now because I already know theanswer a 50/50 so now what I want to dois guys I'm going to quickly draw thewhole diagram I'm gonna draw how Igenerate 20 million in sales every yearhow I've sold over a hundred milliondollars with the products and how I'mmaking between two to three milliondollars a year in pure net affiliateCommission all right Jose says hashtagonic Thank You Jose now here's what Iwant you to type in I want you to typein Wow if you are ready for me to drawtype in WoW if you are ready for me topull out my whiteboard draw and show youthe exact five steps how I use them allright it's so fun to ask you guys to dostuff because I love the engagement Iabsolutely love it now what I'm gonna doreal quick is bring up desk scribble andlet's write email at the topcan you please type in yes if you cansee the word email at the top just typein yes real quick all right awesome oh Ijust crashed something here I go to itman all right awesome thank you verymuch everyone now let's get started solet's say you're building an onlinebusiness right you're building an onlinebusiness you need to have an onlinepresence I don't care what anyone saysif someone tells you otherwise runbecause they're lyingyou do need to have a presence so whatwe used to do is we used to buildsomething called a web site okay so Istarted to ask myself why do I build aweb site it's so complicated I needcoders designers I gotta keep itsecurity up to date and if I'm sellingmy own product the best-case scenario isI'm gonna get a 1 to 2% conversion wellwhat the heck happens to the other 98%they disappeared tomorrow when I want tosell something else or endorse anotherproduct I gotta fight hard to get thattraffic back but that doesn't sound veryfun so then I had this moment ofEpiphany and I thought what if I couldbuild businesses by just building a webpage not web sites so then what startedto happen is I would build this one pagemy entire site is literally a one pagesite we all know it what's it calledwhat's it called I want to see it in thecomment boxwhat's this one-page site called step inthe word step in the word step in thewords opt-in yes that's what I like totalk about opt-ins well guys 40% to 60%is the conversion rate you get suddenlyyou are capturing this many people andyou can bring them back at any giventime so I love this model now let's sayAnthony comes to our site okay let's sayAnthony comes to your site he sees youropt-in page you got a free report we'regonna build one together by the waywe're gonna build a free report we'regonna build an opt-in page we're gonnabuild all this stuff together todayalive in minutes you're gonna be blownaway so Anthony says I want it he fillsout your little email address field nowwhat happens guys two things are gonnahappen now okay two things have tohappennumber one Anthony needs to see thatsomething actually happens see when youfill out a form if the page doesn'tchange you think it didn't work so somany people will send their subscribersand say thank you for subscribing guyabout that well that's just silly that'swhy I created what I call the tip methodlet me ask you a question let's sayyou're given a 10 hand bags you're toldyou need to sell these tonight and youwalk into a room full of women and yougot a credit card machine hanging offthe side of your pants and the womenjust run to you say I want that bag Iwant that bag what are you gonna do ehare you going to whip back credit cardmachine out and start taking orders orare you going to be say no thank youI'll come back to you tomorrow talk toyou tomorrow A or Btype in a or B all right I know we got asmart group because they're everybody'stype of a a a yes a so why do we do bewith our opt-in pages no guys what I'mgonna share with you today what we'regonna build today shows you the numberone place the number one way to startearning an immediate income now what'sthe second thing that has to happen wellfirst of all that email address has toget put into an autoresponder right wedon't have to do anything throughtechnology for this but that emailaddress needs to go somewhere so it getsstored in one place all right it getsstored in one place now by the waysomebody'sthis this page that it goes to is not onyour website it's somebody else's we'rejust gonna use what we call an affiliateURL takes ten seconds to get one andboom forward them to this site now let'sget back up here there are two ways tomake money from your autoresponder andthat makes it a total of three ways tomake money from email you can doautomated messages all rightor you can do broadcasting so this isthe way that Anthony and I make ourMillions I'm sure you're broadcastingyou let's say I give you a bunch ofemails I'm gonna give you thousands ofemails that you can use very soon youcan just log them into the system andassign them a date okaybased on that it'll get sent to them onthose days all right now broadcastingthis is my favorite so this is you I'mgonna assume for a minute you come youcan take one of my emails fill in theblanks you hit the send button and guesswhat everybody in here everybody in heregets the email that you typed in doesn'tmatter if you have a million subscribersdoesn't matter if you have a hundredtakes you the same time the only thingmissing now guys is how do we gettraffic to get more Anthony's to oursite to opt in well there's really onlythree major ways and today I'm evengoing to give you free traffic by theend of this session how many of youwould love to get some free traffic toyour brand-new opt-in page that youbuild with me in a matter of minutestype in me if you'd like to be thatperson Oh pouring in pouring in alrightguys well I'm telling you I'll tell youwhat I don't like to just teach theoryokay I hate just teaching theory so nowit's time for me to dive in and actuallyshow you some businesses that I've builtin some some ways that have applied thisstrategy so number one is how to makeinstant money with the Thank You pagemethod I'm going to show you how I enterit into the personal development spaceand for any of you that happen to knowme you'll see very quickly you know I'mpretty big in the personal Roman spacetoday but it wasn't always like thatjust a few years ago I had no name in itat all but this is where I started seeguys I wanted to I basically wanted toenter the space and I found out thatsomebody I really loved his name is dr.JoeVitaliy was launching a product in thepersonal moment space now I wanted tomeet the guy I thought no better way tomeet him than to sell a crapload of hisproducts and impress him top of that hedeclared he had a $12,000 prize for theperson who sold the most of his productnow I wanted to do this but I had noemail list and I was literally in theplace of many of you right nowI had nothing zilch Zippo the only thingI had is my knowledge so I did thefollowing I built a simple opt-in pagewhich I'm going to show you in a secondI already had my affiliate URL because Iwanted to promote dr. Joe Vitale offer Iwrote three simple emails to be reallyreally quick emails you don't even haveto like them because they give you thetemplates and I even give you thousandsof emails to pick from you're gonna seeit today you're gonna see me choosingfrom those emails here's the page Ibuilt now here's the best part todaywe're going to build one of these inless than two minutes and it's going tolook better than this page so what wouldhappen is when I drove traffic to thisusing the same strategy I'm going togive you today for free you you put youremail address in right over there okayyou'd go there you'd put your emailaddress in and automatically boomyou'd be forwarded to this page now thiswas not on my website this was dr. JoeVitale site he built the site he builtthe product he built the sales video hedid all the hard workI just got a URL forwarded them to itand I would earn over seventy fivepercent commission for his hard work soagain remember I copied and pasted anaffiliate URL took me 45 minutes checkout what I was able to do over eightthousand eight hundred dollars incommission over $12,000 $12,000 prizethat was over twenty thousand eighthundred dollars in true income plus Igot a new list of 8,000 people I havestill been mailing that email list tillthis very day till this day I email thatthat list and make money from them istomato I've made easily over forty orfifty thousand dollars from that eightthousand person list so how many of youcan see yourself doing something likethis type in yes if you can see yourselfdoing something like this I want to seeyes is all pouring in right now becauseI know you can do this yes yes yes allkinds of yeses love it all rightI love the Wow that the GoToWebinarsystem keeps refreshing on me andcrashing but I can still see themalright awesome guys now let me talk toyou about number two making money withautomated emails now this story I'lltell you you know this is one of thosestories that has a sad part to it italso has a happy ending part to it Igrew up with a friend of my very closefriend of mine his name is Mike and Ithink I've known him since fourth gradeand you know we went through high schooltogether college together we were wewere great friends and well he gotmarried very early right out of collegehe had a beautiful amazing wife she wasone of the best people I've had apleasure of knowing in my life and theyhad a beautiful little girl very earlynow his wife was really the breadwinnersee my friend he loves what he does he'sa fitness trainer works at the small gymwouldn't trade it for anything in theworld makes about thirty five thousanddollars a year well a few years agotragically his wife passed away in avery tragic accident way too young forit and he was left alone with this withhis daughter and he came to me you knowof rid recently a year and a half agoand he said onic I need your help I saidwhat's up and I didn't even know he knewwhat I did honestly we never talkedabout work turns out he had been on oneof these webinars and he said I need tomake some extra money but I don't wantto work like you man he's like I don'tgot time every day the type of emailsand send emails every day I got I lovemy job I don't care if I'm a millionaireI will be at my job every morning Ispend time in the morning and theevening with my daughter the only time Igot is on the weekends she goes toplaydates I can give you a few hours canyou make it work can we do something Idon't need to make a lot of money I justneed to make a little bit so I can savefor her now traditionally it soundedlike a lost cause and I wanted to say nobut not to him so I said alright I'llmake something work let's try it let'stry it so you wanted to be a big Fitnessperson on the internet so we built apage that was like this now it's gone onto become much nicer than this but thiswas the first page we have a bill forhim now he loved this offer by dr.Charlie Livingston who happens to alsobe a friend of mine on Clickbank he hasan offer so he immediately chose thisoffer so if you put your email addressin here boom you'd be forwarded off thedark doctor Charlie's websitenow again dr. Charlie made that video hedid all the hard work it's herb hisproduct but 75% would go back to Mikeand Commission just for having sent thevisitors crazy wall so his goal was tobe a fitness brand we took a verylong-term approach we only took about 45minutes to set up his whole business andstill all we did was the followingopt-in page affiliate offer and we wrotethese three emails again he actually bythat time had my template and simplycopied and pasted them check this outguys over four to seven hundred dollarsa day as a matter of fact I gotta askhim to send me a recent one he told melast week that he broke his first $5,000week the guy is now making twentythousand dollars a month on completeautopilothe works for about three to four hours aweekend I think he's being lazy to behonest with you he bought his dream carhe moved up to New York works at a gymthere and he's saving a ton of moneyeverything's great lives in a superbarea with a beautiful condo and you knowwhat he makes more money in a weekworking three to four hours than he doesat his full-time job working full-timefor a whole monththat is incredible how many of you typein Mike if this is the kind of modelthat you would love to see yourselfdoing type in Mike if this is the kindof model that you could see yourselfdoing and you know you'd be able to makeit work and they would not take overyour life it would be something youcould do and still live your life my mygod the number of Mike's coming in rightnow Wow amazingso you know he said it and forget it themore emails you add to the back of yourautoresponder the more money you makenow my friend is up to 85 emails addedto a system over about the last eightmonths he uses the same templates thatI'm about to hand to you nothingdifferent he's been able to build thisentire business now last but not least Iwant to show you what I do how am I ableto scale this business into the millionsby spending the same 20 minutes a daythat everybody else does well guys justlook at my year so far in one of mybusinesses over seven point sevenmillion dollars and another one of mybusinesses inside of jvzoo four hundredand fifty seven thousand dollars in purecommission pure commission over threehundred and sixty two thousand dollarshere pure Commission not a single not asingle piece of expense therefour hundred and fifty five thousanddollars in this business again noexpenses this is all affiliate incomeanother one two hundred and fifty seventhousand dollars guys this is all thisyear this year and this is only probablya third of no not even probably onlylike one fifth of the accounts I haveall things to my email lists all thanksto my email list now I want you guys totype in a WoW type in wow if you aresitting there right now and you arestunned thinking man I could do this youcan do this you could follow the samesystem you can use the same technologiesand soft words that they are using thatI'm using to use I'm going to make itavailable to you today so people alwaysask me on it how does this become afull-time business in my life well guysthere's really only three steps to doingit right you gather that means you gotto build that page you got to get andready to attract visitors we'll do ittoday right now in like a minute we'regonna do it live you select there areover 20,000 programs out there pick oneof them out we integrate with so many ofthem but pick one partner with them andyou'll make a ton of moneythird you got to make sure you send atleast one email five times a day even ifall you're doing is copying and pastingthe email that I give you the send howmany of you can do this that's all Iwant you to do and you can turn emailinto a full-time business type in me howmany of you want to do this type in meif you want to do this right now come onI want to see the commitment everybodyhere should be typing in me because Iknow you can do this I know you can dothis oh my god Wow love it I love it Ilove the commitment thank you guys verymuch now here's the pointmany people say onic I get it I want anemail business I want to do it but manit sounds a little bit complicated itsounds a little bit complicated type inyes if you feel like you want it youwant to build an email business butyou're lost on how the pieces fittogetheryou're still scratching your head youknow you need an opt-in page you knowyou need a free report you know you needsome emails you know you need to pick anaffiliate program do you need hosting doyou need a URL you know how are yougonna do this see five steps can become50 very quickly five steps can become 50very quickly if you're lostalright so many people are typing in yesyes yes yes yes yes I'm getting aall across the board hundreds oh wellguys this is what I set out to do Idon't know what's happening here allright this is exactly what I set out todo I'm gonna give you a true story twoplus years ago you know we work withthousands of students in our program andI was wondering why aren't we havingmore students succeed why are we havingmore students make it happen I startedto call them I started to interview themand found technical technical technicaltechnical I think I don't know how toput it up on it I don't know how to dothis I said guys I've made videos whycan't you follow them well no it doesn'tmake sense I fall apart here it's allapart here so I put this plan together Ispent months designing the system and Iwent straight to New York I have afriend of mine who works at thisbeautiful amazing technology company Iwent with the idea in mind that I wouldbe willing to invest up to $1,000,000you know what within a half an hour toturn me away said sorry can't be donewhat you want it's gonna either take ahell of a lot more than a million or wejust can't do itall right I went to this one really bigfirm in India surely you could get donenope went to another firm in Californianopecalled one of my best friends who isvery good at technology he said I wasflipping mac says it can't be done thisis a true story so guys what did I dojust like every good entrepreneur andwent out I built my own team and we didit I want to give a shout out to Andrewelse Ted Andrew Lance you know ourco-director doesn't like his namementioned we invested over $300,000 nowyou might be wondering onic everybodysays every marketer says they investedthis much and that much but guess whatguess what I am going to alright I amgoing to prove to you by the by the wayyou are going to believe in this so muchthat you're gonna wonder how the heck Ibuilt what I did in just $300,000 allright we have gotten it down so that youare guaranteed to have your business upand running in five sorry in 60 minutesor less so how many of you are excitedto see me put myself through a challengeright now I am going to build a businesslive in front of you in less than twentyminutes tops 20 minutes tops I want youto stay here with me through the wholepart you're going to see every step ofthe process being implemented we'regoing to build a page we're gonna builda free report we're gonna build emailswe're gonna you know pick the offerbuild the page everything from start tofinish oh mywe've got tons and tons of people herePaul says break your record man I wouldtry so here's what we're gonna do endthe show here tons of yeses by the way Ican't even possibly give the software somany people but listen I'm just going togo over here to my blueprint login realquick let me take a quick sip of waterhere all rightI hope I'm keeping the energy up for youguys how's the energy field type inhashtag energy if I got you pumped upyou're sitting there right now you'rejust you're pumped up right now type inhashtag energy I want to see it alsolove you guysso I've logged into inbox blueprint hereand what I want to really see is why Ireally want you to see here guys is thatwe have all the training broken down wehave Launchpad access you have afull-blown community the calendar of allof our live training events scroll downhere you'll see that we've actuallypartnered with Robert Kiyosaki whobelieves so much in a program that heactually says it is by far the best andfastest way to become an entrepreneur intoday's market he recorded a tremendousamount of training that's just for usand then I want you to see here look atall of this guy's new member fromColorado new member from Bulgaria allover the world we've got a massivelyactive forum community where people arealready building their first funnels youcan see people talking about ourcoaching calls coming up now the partthat you really care about let's go tolaunchpad this is where we're gonnabuild the business this is thetechnology that took me over 300thousand dollars to build now what Iwant you to see is that I've got mystopwatch ready to go not yet okay I'mgonna hit start the minute we start andI'm gonna time myself and show you justhow long it takes for me to build anentire business now I come down here andyou'll see that we've got these videosfour minutes three minutes there thereare a series of videos you got to watchthese before you start using thelaunchpad but I've obviously you know Ibuilt the platform so I know how to useit it just shows you how to use it I'lljust click on launch pad here and it'sgonna pull up my whole dashboard hereokay it's gonna pull up my wholedashboard here we'll get into thedashboard a little bit later but firstand foremost are we ready because I'mgonna click this button but before I dothat are we ready to start the countdowntimer can I get a drumroll please can Iget a drumroll please if you are readyto see me do this let's see drumrolldrumroll do I have anyone sayinglet's gonna say that first let's see buta boom okay I like this I like it I seesome burrs every going on starts allright so I come over here to the to thelaunch pad platform let me put away mywhiteboard here I click on create newfunnel now what you're going to firstsee is we have over 30 niches fully donefor you by the way this platform buildsan unlimited number of uniquedone-for-you businesses it isstatistically impossible for two peopleto have the same business exactly comingout of this platform even if you'resitting next to each other and buildingit so we go through this so you'll seewe have yoga women's dating advice wehave personal development marriagemeditation men's health law ofattraction internet marketing all kindsof I choose body building here ok I'mgonna go down here now what you'll seeis it says please name your funnel soI'll just type in BMX or viewing a fewBMX bodybuilding all right and it'sgonna immediately log in that you don'teven need to get a domain name if youwant one go for it type it in here butwill host your whole business for youfree of cost so I'm just gonna hit saveand continue all right I already chosemy niche already I'm ready with my ownlittle URL one minute in now weintegrate with the industry's number oneaffiliate auto responder you get a freetrial account I'm already logged in if Iwasn't and click here you have to fillin just your username and password codedone you'll never have to do it againnow I'm gonna go here and I just have togive a name to my list that's have beenBMX body building I'll type in onyxsingle and then you know I fill this outfor real but for now I just put a bunchof stuff in here then it says the launchpad would love to send you automatedmessages every given time period to showyou about your business to tell you moreabout your business so it's I'm justgonna say hey you know what every weeksend me a report on what my business isdoing now you can set up an unlimitednumber of businesses using this well thelaunch pad will track all of them all ofthem for you and send you thesebeautiful little reports say save andcontinue and we're already off to theraces 42 percent done and we're twominutes and now it says hey how yougonna make some money time to chooseenoughget over all right so I'm fullyintegrated with Clickbank or if I haveanother program some someone else'soffer I just click on use my own linkcopy and paste the URL right in hereboom done but for now I'll chooseClickbank so now I want you to noticethat we have something called saturatedscore hereladies gentlemen let me tell you this iswhy we can make it so it's statisticallyimpossible for somebody else to have thesame business as you we're monitoringacross the platform what all thestudents are using as their offers andwhen some offer starts to get used toomany times it gets pulled to the bottomso that we can keep everything fresh soI like this one here new abs VSL I canpreview it if I want but says 0% Pitthas a good gravity I'll pick that nowI'm gonna go down here your Clickbankusername let me watch this if I type ina bunch of gibberish it logs toClickbank we integrated with Clickbankwe're actually endorsed by ClickbankClickbank loves our platform and it saysinvalid we're protecting you by notallowing you to make that mistake soI'll type in my real one here boom itaccepted it save and continue now itsays hey we got to build your freereport all right you got to give areason to somebody to come and actuallyopt-in for your list right so if youalready happen to have a free reportyou're gonna simply click on here you'llbe able to upload your free reportyou'll be able to create your 3d ebookcover or you can upload your own coverbut type in the number one here if youdon't have an EI free report and youwould like to use this system to createone type in the number one if you don'thave one and you don't want to write ityou don't want to design it you don'twant to mess with it you just want onecreated for you okay great unlimited bythe way at any niche so here's we'regonna do affiliate offer description sowhat happens is at the end of everyarticle in your free report we're gonnaput a link in there that goes to youraffiliate link so you can make somemoney so here I'll just type in freevideo how to get flat apps now what weask is that you add at least as many asarticles that you have so I'm just gonnacopy and paste these I'll just copy andpaste this but what it'll do is the moreyou add if you make them different it'llactually round-robin and change them forevery article so it looks more uniqueit looks more authentic now it says heylisten can you please select at leastfour articles that we could put intoyour free report all right sure why notso we've created over seventeen thousandfive hundred pieces of content that havebeen hand written by our team of sixteenwriters in Chicagonow we don't outsource this for aquarter an article guys these are greatpieces of content it took us over a yearto put this together and a lot of moneyso you can see we have a saturated scorehere as well so if any article has beenused way too many times it actuallyfalls to the bottom of the pot we itbecomes red and we actually get anotification we take it out of thesystem rewrite it upload it again andyou got unique content again but hereI'll just go ahead and choose the firstfor 16% is good it's still green we canuse it now check this part out righthere I can move it around it canrearrange them I can add my own articlesI can edit these articles I can dowhatever I want okay if I edit this Ican make it bold I can add links hitSave Changes boom I can still move itaround so I'm done with this part Isimply go to save and continue alrightnow I get here it says hey can youplease tell us a little bit aboutyourself so it says enter some textabout yourselfso because you're gonna get all thecredit for this report okay not us notanybody else you get all the rights toall of the content 17,500 pieces ofcontent you can use them as you wishfrom this platform so let's just say Itype in a little bit about myself and Ihit save and continue now it says pleasegive us the title of your report so fortips to getting flat abs alright writeyour subtitle free report scientificbreakthrough author first name and lastname my name says please choose thecover layout so I'll go here and I'lljust use the first one here now youmight be thinking I think what the heckdoes a bunch of numbers have to do withlose weight losing weight or you knowbuilding muscle weight I have to stillchoose my background photo now we'veadded thousands of royalty freebackground photos for you to be able touseall right you can search through themyou can put your own photos in whateveryou want I'll just choose this one forsake of time click on preview your freereport check this out guys I can designmy ebook cover right here let's say Iwant to change the change the you knowthe the text to white make it a littlebit bigger I might want to make thisyellow so I just go there I want to makeit bigger I go down here to my name Isay I wouldn't make that part white Iwant to make it biggertake pi/4 look at this my free reportcover is now done I hit saveI hit close I hit save to continueladies and gentlemen a free report hasbeen finished our free report isfinished we are now moving on tobuilding your emails type in Wowright now if you're sitting there andyour jaw is a little bit on the groundyou're sitting there thinking holy molyshe literally just I'm literally blazingthrough this guy's I'm gonna show youhere real quick seven and a half minutesin so far seven and a half minutes inand I've already chosen my niche chosenmy affiliate program and I've written myentire free report it start again goback time to do emails same thingautoresponders free video how to getflat abs alright you would want tocreate four or five different versionsof this so that the system canround-robin through it and then it sayssolo ads now this basically meansendorsement emails see when you sendemails to people you're going to want toendorse things to them otherwise you'llnever get a chance to make any money soI'm gonna go down here and you'll seethat some of these are starting to get alittle bit saturated right 61% but it'sstill green means it's still good to gowhen it turns red we ourselves will waveit down and change it on your behalf sofor now I'm just gonna go ahead nowyou'll also see that these actuallyaren't fitting so I can type in herewait right and so get in shape so I canliterally search for articles in thecategory I want I hit save and continuealright so far now it says hey we can'tjust send promotions to your list we'vegot to also send out some good articlesso can you give us some good articlessure I go down here again 9%do you practice wave loading maybe Ishould that's a weightlifting Oraclethis is a weightlifting article it saidit asked me to choose seven so I'm justgoing to choose seven here all right nowsee this I can actually move thesearound I can edit them if I want boldlinks whatever I want to do move itaround again and I'm done the contentside of my email list is done hit saveand continue all right now what it'sdoing is it's going to ask me can youset the intervals between how how longbefore how long between emails do youwant them to come so I go to consistentintervals I type in one I want it tocome every one day then it says subjectline please so I'll choose one of thesesubject lines I can edit these parts ofthe email if I want and type in hereonyx and go I can type in here if I wantsomething get rid of that now rememberorange emails are my endorsement emailsblue emails are my content emails wellif I want to stagger them look at what Ican do I can just move stuff around hereright I can move this up here move thisup here so I've got two pieces ofcontent between every promotion I canchange it up however I want hit save andcontinue and now it's going to take asecond to basically plug it in to sendlane and tell send lanehey these are all the emails set upeverything that you want to do all rightwe're moving right along again I'm goingto take a second we're ten minutes inten minutes in type in one word that'scoming to your mind right now type inone word Roberta says Wow type in oneword that's coming to your Marcie saysthis is Wow david says awesomePaul says amazing awesome holy crap Ilove that Aniyah says holy crap and Ijust had my little niece was just bornher name they named her or Nile with abeautiful name alright so hit startagain go to launch pad now check thisout we're constantly adding new featureswe just added this new type of landingpage called an a quiz page but for nowI'm going to stick to a classic opt-inpage I stole my favorite I do that itsays please type in your company name soI type in my company name it says pleasetype in your email address so I'll typein my email address here and nowsays please choose one of our many manytemplates so I'm looking for aweight-loss type one and now there we gogot a couple here so I'm gonna choosethis one now look how easily we're goingto design our page if you ever thought Iheard some of you talking about some ofthe other solutions out there sayingthey're too complicated they'reoverwhelming what can you handle thiswatch thiswhole page is done okay I don't want thetimer on my page so I hit delete I don'twant their first name I hit delete allright this I want for tips to flat adsI'm just clicking and typing I don'tlike the color I want yellow that'snothing i want i want this yellow allright I don't like the font I want tochange it okay here free report allright download now all right I don'tlike that color either so I want tochange this to white I think it could bea lot bigger it would make it nicer soI'm gonna make it bigger here and thenI'm gonna change the font style againnow I got too big there you go ladiesand gentlemen just need to update thecompany name here all right I'm done I'mdone how long do I take a minute and ahalf and my entire page is done allright my entire page is done so I hitsaveall right view page boom I'm in businessnow I need to show you what I could dohere check this out okayebook cover look at that it's safepreview page there you goI am it added my ebook cover here justby clicking and dragging I can click anddrag a paragraph if I want bullet pointsI can do whatever the heck I want so nowI hit save I'm gonna hit exit builderand we've even built automated splittesting to help your business get betterresults all right here built in my pagesnot miss book testing is ready to gosave and continuenow it says hey what kind of Thank Youpage do you want do you want to simplyforward somebody off to a different URLor would you like to build kind of amiddle segue page now I'll tell you thiswe just added this I'm doing a lot ofbig things with segue pages this is abrand new feature but we're gonna sticksimple right now we're gonna timer soyou'll see how this works basically whensomeonehas just subscribed to get their freereport you better let them know that thefree report is on its way otherwisethey're gonna be confused why you sentthem to that video so I'll just say yourfree report is in your email but firstwatch this free video on how to get fiveABS alright and I want five seconds totransition them so they have enough timeto read that at save and continue'ladies and gentlemen congratulations weare officially done in 13 minutes and 13seconds my business is up and I am goingto now show you how it actually worksall right I'm going to show you its upit's running it's already live this isyour link that is your business let meclick it it's up and running I'll evenshow you watch I'm going to type in testat testing com hit free instant accessthere you go five four or three it's gotthe message as said and now boom it'sgoing to forward to your affiliate linkand when someone comes here and watchesthis video and decides to make apurchase ladies and gentlemen you willhave made Commission not learn not meyou will have made Commission now whatdo you think about that thirteen and ahalf minute half minutes and what do youthink right now what is coming to yourmind tell me what analysis freaking aTeresa says Wow I told you guys do youbelieve me type in the type in thenumber three hundred right now if youfinally believe me now you know why thissystem took three hundred thousanddollars for me to build you believe methree hundred oh yeah oh I'm getting allkinds of three hundreds guys look we canedit any part of this at any point I cango here click on edit I can edit mytransition page I can edit my freereport check out my free report here Ican even preview it look at how it lookslook at look at how the whole thing wasdone exactly as needed and there's thatlink ahead added if I click that linkit's going to take me off to my ownaffiliate site just look at all of thisguys it's absolutely amazing we evenintegrate with mobile opt-in right hereall you have to do is put in your littlecode right here enable this and it'sfullymobile optin integrated we did this justfor you guys to make it even easier foryouso right now type in yes if you wouldlove to be able to use a solution likethis to automatically build yourbusiness to get it up and running I wantyou to type in e yes right now if youbelieve that this investment I madecould lead to the biggest breakthroughin your business and in your life I wantto see a bunch of yeses coming in rightnow if you believe that this would do ityes yes yes yes all righttons of yeses well listen guys all I'masking for from you is a commitment of60 days I want you to work hard for 60days that's it okay I want you to workhard for 60 days I'm I am guaranteeingyou'll get your online presences in 60minutes I'm not guaranteeing asuccessful business in 60 minutes butyou will have your presence and if youaren't willing to commit 60 days andtest try rush me right out then no noonline business is going to look for youguys look there's only two thingsstanding between you and your possibleseven-figure business it's your actualbusiness right the five steps we did ittogether your page your free report youraffiliate programs your emails all donetraffic guys I'm going to give you freetraffic give me a few minutes and that'sgoing to be done for you as well andthat's it I'm not even done yet the truepower isn't actually the system see allyou have to focus on is doing thislet me handle all of the rest you focuson just doing this now here's how I canhelp you today the entire system fullvideo training millions invested intesting over 14 years done one pagewebsite we built them in a minute and ahalf you can build an unlimited numberof them done your free gift we built itin a fat matter of minutes done youremails I have thousands of them I ameven going to give you templates doneyour top traffic sources to start doneyour entire business up and running in60 minutes or less done proven beforeyour eyes live in front of you here'swhat you need to start listen you need aproven system tested proven step-by-stepbased on 14 plus years of results andmillions of email leads I've collectedand you need to be able to get thebusiness up you need the technology toget it up and running listen let's talkabout the proven system the trainingfirst real quick I've added over 4million Evo subscribers useexactly print that I've broken down intosimply eight modules literally one stepat a timecopy and paste videos baby step by babystep not overwhelming yet incrediblysimple and straightforward see I alwaysasked this question why do people openfranchises you go walk out the door lookaround your franchise franchisefranchise you'll see them everywhere sowhy do people open franchises it'sbecause they want the manual they wantto be able to know where to paint thewall what color where to buy theirequipment how to market but they don'trealize what cost that comes at over$100,000 per franchise and to add insultto injury they charge you a royalty of20 30 % well you know what it's said tobe financially free you'll probably haveto have a minimum of 10 franchises thatequates to over a million dollarsinvestment capital well it's funnybecause if I have a million dollarsinvestment capital I'm alreadyfinancially free what's the point so ourtraining system that we put together foryou I believe it to be worth multiplesix figures because we don't charge youlike that we don't take boil tea fromyou you get to make money for life fromthe system you just saw for free full ofvideo-based training unlimited accessassignment based training one step at atime live examples see our business isbeing built this is worth there were sixthousand nine hundred and ninety onedollars and then the second part thattook me 18 months 23 team members manymany many people including one of myclosest friends said it could never bebuilt the first system ever built thatbuilds unlimited done for you uniquebusinesses no technical skills orexperience necessary fully integratedand ready to launch when finished guyswe have over seventeen thousand fivehundred pieces of content we have overthirty niches we're going to be growing250 we're also going to be going to overthirty thousand pieces of content youget lifetime access and founding statusfounding member status unlimitedupgrades build an unlimited number ofbusinesses and as many of the niches youcould build 10 businesses in all of our50 niches that are coming up and wewouldn't stop you will host it for youwe'll cover the expenses you get thefull integration every piece of thepuzzle I can tell you right now it'sworth well over eight thousand ninehundred and eighty five dollars wellover because a franchise alone cost you100dollars but guess what Subway's notgoing to fly to your local town andbuild your business for you andcertainly not if you turn around a weeklater and say subway please I want tobuild another business so they're notgoing to fly back down and build it foryouwe will our F platform will continue tobuild for you as many businesses as youwant now here's how I can help you guystoday listen all the hand-holdingguidance step-by-step videos fulllaunchpad access done for you businessesopen office hours every single day youcan get on a tiny intimate environmentlike this very webinar and we willactually work with you answer yourquestions one by one go througheverything with you and show you exactlyhow to launch your business and reviewyour business you get the smallestassignment by assignment training youcan imagine so it's baby steps youunlimited done for you businessesworldwide expert access everything youneed guys over fifteen thousand ninehundred and seventy six dollars in realvalue absolutely everything needed tostart when box move from being theone-stop resource starting today youwill be able to finally overcome thesebarriers that have been holding you backdesigned to create your first Commissionin just days now let me ask you how manyof you believe that my $300,000investment can lead to your personalbreakthrough type and yes if myinvestment can lead to your breakthroughtyping yes right now oh my godjust pouring in Italy I love this butone thing is for joining can notpossibly give the solution to not manypeople that are talking well listen overthe last so many years we've had thepleasure of in time working with over22,000 students and having createdhundreds and hundreds of success storieshundreds of hundreds of them we've hadthe ability to transform our system mycurrent plans have me investing aminimum of two hundred thousand dollarsevery year just into the softwaresolution so one thing I knew was forsure we had to remove every singleobstacle every single obstacle so aftertwenty two thousand students here arethe major breakthroughs that we hadfirst major breakthrough was peopleasking us on account of I get mybusiness up and running how do I get itlive I'm not technical how do I buildthis business that's why we designed thelaunch pad for you we eliminated atechnology we get made it so you can getyour business up and running in 60minutes or less notechnical knowledge needed no contactand creation needed look at the stepsthat you have to go through this is itthese beautiful simple click click stepsI built the business live in front ofyou typing yes if you saw me do it andyou know it's real typing yes right nowif you saw me do it and you know it'srealyou have just clicks away before you canget your business up and running we aregetting hundreds of yeses yes exactlyso we resolve that problem now we hadanother major breakthrough afterlistening to our students our studentswould say onic I don't know what niche Ishould enter and that's true becausethat's a big risk point if you choosethe wrong niche you'd be failing fromthe beginning so type in the word metyping me if that's a fear of yours ifyou're sitting there wondering God whatniche do I get involved in I don'treally know what niche is big for emailmarketing Oh hundreds of me is coming inwell I'll tell you what we took care ofthat for you as well we're creating ourfirst bonus that you get for free calledseven-figure niches niche detective wehave created over twenty-seven nichereports that took us weeks if not monthsto create we've dissected only the bestbest email marketing nicheshere's what it looks like you're goingto come to our platform you're going tosimply choose one of these four nicheshealth and fitness dating andrelationships money and successself-help and it'll break down into subniches within that category once youchoose that sub niche you're gonna get abeautiful report that shows you the topproducts it shows you the audience sizethe gender breakdown the top fivekeywords the locations in the worldthat it's the best it'll even show youthe top top products on Clickbank orother networks it'll even show you theaverage funnel so you know exactly whatyou're making and we cover every nicheyou can imagine from internet marketingentrepreneurship paleo diet everythingthat's worth it guys this is easilyworth over seven hundred and ninetyseven dollars right now alright so typein yes if you feel like I literallyaddress that objection that objection isnow gone rich Richard Kofi says you gotto be kidding I'm not kidding and I'mgonna get close to done yet alright ournext major breakthrough next majorbreakthrough as people would say onicI'm not good at writing well listen Ihave a confession to make you know I wasa good student I had good grades inevery classes in my high school the onlyclass I nearly failed out of was writingI'm not evenmy teacher actually told me don't everwrite for a living you stink she saidthose exact words well joke's on her 100million dollars in sales later I think Iwrite just fine even though it'sromantically completely nutstyping me right now if you'reintimidated by having to write typing meright now if you're intimidated byhaving to write and you just that's onepart of email marketing you so you haveto write these emails I'll tell you whatwe've addressed that as well becauseyou're not alone we got a lot of that sowe've created my three million dollaremail formula that starts with me givingyou the only three kinds of emails youever have to write I will give you threetemplates for each of those three that'sa total of nine emails here's what's socool you can literally fill in theblanks and just rotate so you'll go onetwo three four five six seven eight ninethen go back so on day ten you'd go onetwo three four five six seven eight nineand on day 30 or 20 or whatever we're upto you but 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 fill in theblanks that's it now my best next myfavorite part next my team actor reallyconvinced me to do this I was notwilling to do itpeople say that list Academy might bethe best course I've ever created it isthe most advanced email marketing courseI've ever seen it shows you how I maketwo three thousand dollar commissionsI've originally sold thousands of thisat 1997 dollars before I retired it fromthe market the truth is I got scared I'mjust going to be honest with you todayif you want to buy list Academy youcannot buy it right now this is theprogram that shows you how I promote mylow ticket offers mid ticket offers highticket offers exactly how I'm out therecreating over two to three milliondollars a year just pure affiliateCommission you master these simple rulesI'm gonna give you both my templatesanalyst Academy for free today that'sover a one thousand nine hundred andninety seven dollar value typing yes ifI just took care of their if I just tookcare of your concern about writing youdon't have to write any more we and bythe way we created thousands of emailsthat are already in the system that youcan just take I don't even talk aboutthat all right now more breakthroughs wecontinue to work with our students andanother big breakthrough we got was onik how the heck do I get people to mywebsite type in me right now ifthat's a concern that you have you canbuild the business we built that live infront of you took me thirteen and a halfminutes you could be four times slowerthan me and still have your business upin less than 60 minutes but how do youget people there oh my godthese are boring in more for this nativethan anything else well ladies andgentlemen I am going to give you freeadmission into my first day trafficLeague number one you will get aneight-week traffic boot camp now thatsays a hundred it's supposed to sayfirst thousand that's a typo your firstthousand subscribers you are gonna watchover our shoulders as we build a brandnew business live in front of you I'llbe there our head coach Willie Laney ourdirector of Education Dave Lovelace areanother one of our lead coaches BobCostello and our director of contentAndrew Lance we are all going to takeyou by the hands we're gonna build abrand new business and you are going towatch us do it and rinse and repeatexactly what we do but we're not doneyet I'm now going to throw in a thirdcourse of mine for free called trafficAcademy so now you're getting inboxblueprint list Academy and trafficAcademy I'm going to show you how tomaster eight different trafficstrategies four of them which are freetraffic and the other four thatliterally can go a lot faster and arejust pennies but specifically will focusin on the three that really really makean impact immediately you've got emailmedia Facebook ads and forum commentingwe're gonna really dive in deep butagain I'm giving you this entire coursefor free plus I'm not done I have asecret traffic Network that's generatedover 1.7 million visitors in the lasttwo years let me repeat that I have asecret traffic network that I nevertalked about that's generated over 1.7million clicks four people in the lasttwo years I will give you a 20 percentboost in that network and up to $500 offree traffic so that you could get thatkick okay up to five hundred dollars infree traffic I'll give you a 20% booston what you put in so now in our entirefirst day traffic league you are gettingover two thousand nine hundred andninety seven dollars in value typing yesif I have officially wreckand resolve your entire traffic concernwhile you type in yes I gotta take aquick sip of water here all right yesyes yes Wowtons and tons of yeses coming in tonsand tons of yeses Michael says youdidn't rock the house all right guyswe're not done I had yet another majorbreakthrough and that was what if I needmore help listen here's the truthI have great training I have amazingvideos I have amazing written contentbut sometimes we need the human touchsometimes we have questions type in meif sometimes you just wished someonewith just friggin answer your specificquestion type in me right now typing meif you've been there done that type ofsituations well I want to introduce youto our four pillars of elite supportladies and gentlemen we have unlimitedticket support we respond to all ticketswithin 12 hours it could be a marketingquestion a technical question doesn'tmatter we have a support team of over 10people we work around the clock 24 hourshift we have teams all over the worldspecifically to cover time zones youwill get its answer as fast as possibleright now during this time we're runninga response time of between three to fourhours okay and the max it ever gets is12 we also have an active forum with metwith all of our successful students inthere our coaches in there you can actit's been up for a year many of thequestions you have I bet you you canfind an answer within literally 30seconds and then next my favorite forthe next 60 days every single day MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday wewill be on live our coaches will beavailable through this GoToWebinarsolution and in a very intimate smallgroups where you can have us review yourbusiness look at what you're buildingand we'll give you direct feedback nowlet me ask you this next question myselfsomebody who has sold over a hundredmillion dollars worth of products on theInternet somebody who's built over 4million subscribers been doing this for14 years how many of you think myinfluence might direct involvement inyour business would make a difference inyour life typing yes if you feel like myinvolvement in your business would makea difference in your life oh my god yespouring in thank you so much that'squite an honor to see so many peoplethink that but listen guys I will giveyou that every week I'll be availableonline giving you the light latest andbrightest and greatest training I'llmake sure it's never a Thursday nighto'clock okay I'll make sure it's neverat this time but that's worth over threethousand nine hundred and ninety sevendollars right now that we're giving toyou so we have rectified as we've beenworking on our support team between ourcoaches and support staff over twentypeople full-time working at learn takecare of youthat's twenty people we've dedicatedjust to provide because at learn nationherewe believe that supporting you and beingthere to answer your question as soon aswe can is by far our number oneperogative that's what we have to dothat's how we're gonna have a change inyour life happen now my nextbreakthrough people have called me crazyfor doing this alright I've been readyif you're ready to see my biggestbreakthrough yet type and ready ifyou're ready to see me do something nutssomething crazyokay something crazy I've been ready Iwant to see a bunch of righties come inbecause I literally have showed this topeople and said people said why wouldyou bring this up during a presentationwhy the heck would you ever do that onyxpeople have genuinely called me nuts forthis alright here's a question that youmight have here's a fear what if I faillet's address the elephant in the roomwhat if you work 60 days what if yougive me everything you've got and whatif you failtype in me right now if that issubconsciously a fear you have come onTheresa IVIS Gary Ryan Nancy KimberlyAmy Dinesh Gordon mark Cindy MichaelTahir Roberta Carlos Lorie Edie yo RickRichard Dorian Steve Nadine I mean tonsof me is pouring in guysI understand how many of you okay knowmy type in the number one if you've everyou know invested in a program and givenit your best you got overwhelmedoverloaded and you quit type in thenumber one if you tried this and youjust quit you quit you couldn't do itand nobody was there to support youthrough it so many ones pouring in Iunderstand how you feel well guess whatwe just introduced literally just amonth ago our profit plan B no studentleft behind here's how it works60 days after you joined the program youwill get an email from us automaticallyand if you do not confirm that you've atleast made your first $5,000 you willreceive auto enrolment into ourprofit plan B for free not a single dimeout of your pocket where we will getpersonal with you we will extend yoursupportunlimited beyond the 60 days we willgive you additional training two times aweek one of those will be with our coachone of those will be with me directlyintensive small workshops where you'reguaranteed to get whatever you need tillyou earn $5,000 a month you will getpersonal training listen you're notgoing to be allowed to fail as long asyou don't quit we won't let youwe'll look at your site we'll look atyour traffic we'll look at your businesswe'll roll up our sleeves and dive inwith you here's the truth I know whyyou're joining us today I know you wanta new life we want you to have thatlisten when you quit that program didyou want to quit is that what you wentin to do did you go in saying I'm gonnaquit you know I don't care if I don'tsucceed no I understand that you'redoing this because you won't want a newlife you don't want I don't want youquitting I don't want anybody herequitting all right so as long as youdon't quit we're gonna stick it out withyou so let me just explain this here thefull training a full system work therewere six thousand nine hundred ninetyone dollars the entire automation yousee over there this is proof it saysbuild ten businesses up to a week agothat was a limitation on our platform Ijust changed this to build unlimitedbusinesses I forgot to change it on theslide you have over 13 inches already 50coming over 17,000 five little pieces ofcontent there's going to grow to 30,000you get our seven-figure niches plusniche detective you get my three milliondollar email template plus list Academyyou get first day traffic league plusfree traffic you get a four pillar elitesupport our profit plan B no studentleft behind over twenty seven thousandseven hundred and sixty one dollars inreal true value listen with inboxblueprint you get hands-on helpexclusive access on the limited allbusinesses full system 14 years testedand running over 27,000 and real valueguys we've put 22,000 guinea pigsthrough this 14 years to make it so it'sthe one-stop shop the only place youneed we have removed every obstacle youcould face withconsidered every situation imaginableand here's your official application Iwant you to type in a yes right now ifthis is the program you've been waitingfor this is your official from this isyour official application type in yesright now I want to see if you don'ttype in yes right now you will not beconsidered to be a part of this programMichael Lanigan says happy yeah JoDurham says give it to me he we have somany people I will warn you on right nownamib Anthony is listening but we cannotpossibly take everybody right now who isasking we cannot possibly take everybodywho's asking see I know when I started14 years ago I guys my goal was to makethis system accessible I remember when Iwas starting but I also had to recovermy investments so type in fair right nowtype in FAI art I've been fair if youbelieve it's fair for me to say lookI've got to be able to recover myinvestment I cannot do this and you knowgo broke it's fair right so my currentplan show me investing two hundredthousand dollars a year to go there soone thing was for sure I was soconfident now I'm gonna give you a bigsurprise here but I was real confident Ihad to do an annual investment meantthere would be a monthly charge or anannual charge so first and foremost westarted a four thousand nine hundredninety seven dollars a year we cut itright there we said no no because Ithought well that's great forty studentsa year and I'll be breakeven but thatwas pretty selfish I don't want to dothat I thought I could do better becauseyou know fourteen years ago I couldn'tafford that so we came down to threethousand nine hundred ninety sevendollars a year we didn't like thateither then we came down to two thousandnine hundred and ninety seven dollars ayear and let me tell you about aconversation I had with my father thatchanged everything my dad wanted to seewhat I was working on so I logged themin I showed him inbox blueprint I saidhere's what i'm doing here is thelaunchpad platform my dad said this isbrilliant good for you son you reallygonna help a lot of people I said yeah Iam I hope sohe said what are you gonna charge forthis I said two thousand nine hundredninety seven dollars a year he saidthat's very fair it's a great price doyou mind if I give you some advice Isaid no please he said I want to I wantto propose something different why don'tyou do something different than whateveryone else does everybody charges forsoftware there's only software companieseverybody charges for training what ifyou treated this more like a partnershipwhat if you invest on behalfof your students what if you make it sothat they can go out and make money andyou know what you'll make money lateranyways because when they make moneythey'll come back and they'll buy yourmore advanced programs I thought wellheck that makes a lot of sense right howmany of you type in yes if you promisethat once you start making money you'llcome back you'll buy our more advancedprograms and we can make money at thatpoint so my dad said why don't you treatthis like a partnership why don't youstick your neck out for them supportthem and carry the cost you know what Idid I immediately removed the a year Isaid that's it not gonna be 2997 a yearwe brought it down to one timeinvestment and still it didn't feelright so now I was talking aboutcreating one single payment that wouldgive you unlimited access for life tothe platform forever to build as manybusinesses to get as much on the limitedcoaching training and help that youcould want so here was the crazy momentI had this is a testament to my father Idid this for him I did this for hisadvice I was advised against by everyteam member they said don't do it you'recrazy you're nuts you guys ready I wantyou to type in you're ready becauseyou're not gonna have a lot ofopportunity to get into this I'll tellyou right now we are going to run out ofseats very quickly because it's thatcrazywe have limited seats but I'm gonna dosomething right now that I don'thonestly even know if Anthony would wantme to do okay if he was looking out formy best interest but I want to do thisI'm really want to make this the bestpossible deal for everybody what I'mgonna do right now is today you can haveeverything I mentioned all the trainingall the coaching inbox blueprint listAcademy traffic Academy my software myemail templates my you know all theniches you can have my support openoffice hours everything and all you haveto do is make if you want to start youcould do it today by making your firstpayment of just 597 it would be 3payments of just 597 or save two hundredand ninety-four dollars that's the smartthing to do and just make one payment ofone for 97 and never have to makeanother payment again for life we'llcontinue to support you and help you aslong as you need guys right now go toinbox blueprint comm forward slashAnthony go to inbox blueprint calm forclash Anthony our team is there live weare there live right now now I want totell you we have very few sileft we are coming to a close this isalmost done we're actually almost filledup our entire first enrollment and weare going to be shutting down very soonbut for this webinar I saved about Ihave maximum 25 or 30 seats it's notgoing to be more than that and I canalready tell from my team letting meknow there are a ton of people rushingover there so right now if you are onyour way I need you to type in thenumber one if you're on your way type inthe number one right now if you're onyour way to the page so I can okay AjayAmandaGiuseppe IVIS sandy roberta ryan richardharry safar Ania John Richard oh godit's gonna be a challenge I can't evenbegin to tell you guys how many ones wehave right now go to the page now here'sthe thing if you have a question if youhave a question my team is their life goto the bottom right side click on itdon't don't make an uninformed decisionask us we will give you the true honestanswer ok you have just a simple bitlisten I think you should save thatmoney do the one pay guys what do youpossibly have to lose we won't let youlose save that money put it towards yourbusiness get traffic alright get trafficlook at everything that you are gettingright now the training and full systemthe automation done for you theseven-figure niches I'm giving you inboxblueprint list Academy traffic Academymy $300,000 software the seven-figureniches my email templates eight-weektraffic bootcamp up to five hundreddollars in free traffic the four pillarelite support profit plan B I can't eventalk but that's how much value wereproviding right now to you but it's onlyfor the first view that take action it'sreally only the first view that takeaction right now over twenty seventhousand dollars in real value and I'mgonna do something else really big butyou gotta take action right now I'mgonna let Anthony come on for a minutebecause the thing is guys we're doingsuch an amazing we have I don't know howto put this Anthony I'm gonna give it toyou because I know you've got somethingincredible for them as well and I'm noteven done yet I've got a big bigannouncement but you might miss it ifyou don't take action right now soAnthony did you want to take over for asecond just like just a couple ofseconds with everybody first of all howmany of you have enjoyedjust raining just say yes all right Isee lots and lots and lots of peoplesaying yes very very good good awesometons people all right well that namelots of people enjoyed it first of all Iwant you guys to understand somethinghow many of you are okay with and coolwith Onix offering you the opportunityto get in box blue right in other wordsthis is not like oh my gosh I can'tbelieve somebody's on here and hassomething for sale it's rare if everthat I ever have anybody on here thathas something but type the number 10 inthe box right now if you can see howthis truly makes sense with what we'vebeen learning just type covert in itokay so that's why I brought on it gaanas you can see so many of you are askingme how do i hook this up I don't know ifthat up how do I write these emails andI've taught a ton of it right but at thesame time if you just want to like skipthe line and just get it done then youcan just get it done right here withinbox blueprint very simple now here'sone thing that I am gonna do for you ifyou get inbox blueprint from on it andyou get it through my link now I'm gonnaask you something upfront right now Iwant you to type the number five in thechat box if you have already got inboxblueprint but you got it somewhere elseon a different webinar okay so I see alot of people typing in the number fiveso here's the thing I have to be ahundred and ten percent honest with youthe bonus that I'm giving right now isonly available if you purchase this fromme right here tonight or if youpurchased earlier in the week fromAdrienne because I know Adrienne broughtAnnika on earlier and so we do the samething here's what I'm doing for you ifyou get inbox blueprint through my linkthat you see on the screen and you'llsee why you have to get it through mylink in order for me to give you thisbonus here's I'm going to do for you oneof the things that I've found with mystudents is that once you get a productonce you get a training once you get asystem okay and you got everything thatyou need you're ready to rockone thing that I've seen that causes alittle bit of a problem is spendingmoney on advertising how many of youwould agree that that creates a littlebit of a problem just say yesit's like you'd love you'll buy theproduct but by the time you get to theadvertising part it's like you freakedout so here's what I'm doingif you get this product through my linkokay because you all know I will get youknow I look this is a business I makemoney doing this all this stuff right soI have to limit this to people that getthrough my link I am going to give you a$100 Facebook advertising coupon nowhere's how this workspay close close close close attentionhere's how it works okay number one youpurchase right here through this linkokay that's the first thing you have todo now if you purchase from Adrienne'slink earlier in the week you got thatbonus right if you've purchased fromsomeone else's link then I can't likethe only thing you can do is ask onyxteam to switch your your account over tome and I'm gonna be giving the listthese bonuses away when onyx sends me alist of everyone who's purchased throughmy link does that make sense just sayyes if that makes sense so if your nameis not even though you're a successconnection remember and you know Ialways take care of you guys but I'mactually going to pay for youradvertising so in order to do that youabsolutely have to have purchasedthrough my link you can't just be astudent you have to purchase through mylink so if you've already bought thisfrom someone else I think you can emaillearn and then they can switch yourcommission they can switch your accountover to me whatever if you don't want todo that that's fine too but what you dois you get in you set up your accountokay so you basically set up a businessnow this is gonna require you toactually work you set up your businessyou get it done once your business isset up meaning you have a landing pagesetup using inbox blueprint you have anautoresponder setup using inboxblueprints you have the emails in theautoresponder of course using inboxblueprint once you have everything doneyou have offers that you're promoting inthose emails once you've got everythingdone and it's completed and it's readyjust boom ready right okay once you'vegot that completed we will cut we'regoing to give all of you an emailaddress that you can write us to soagain on a on an inbox blueprint youknow this will be you'll basically sendus a list I know you've got a lot goingon you'll send us a list of our buyersby like Tuesday right Tuesday of nextweekyeah absolutely and Anthony can I justsay we've already got 20 seats gone soI'm willing to extend this maybe to 30but we are I can't keep it going for toomany people I just want everyone to knowokayand obviously me neither I haven't evenhad a chance to finish so I can't dothis I can't give every single person mymoneyso listen listen closely okay don'temail my support staff about where's myhundred dollars what's gonna happen isonic is gonna send me all of your namesnext Tuesday I'm gonna send you apersonal email and say listen when youset your business up send me an emailwith a link to your business when you dothat then I will go through and I'llcheck it make sure it's legitimately setup and then I will PayPal you $100 tospend on your Facebook advertising howmuch how many of you like that just sayyes okay so you have to purchase thisthough through my link it that's theonly way that your name is gonna show upin my system and if your name is not inmy system then obviously you're notgonna be on the list if you're notlisten obviously I can't honor thatbonus so it's very very important thatyou do that for those of you that havealready done this seeing this whatever Idon't know what to tell you other thanI'll ask onic what to do about itbut most the time if you want adifferent bonus all you've got to do isjust simply ask to have your accountswitched switch it over to my accountyou'll show up on me and I'll be able togive you a bonusdoes everybody understand that just sayyes okay I see lots and lots and lots ofyeses I want to make sure we're supersuper super clear everybody's a hundredpercent understanding before I let onyxfinish I see lots and lots of people nowthis is not something I'm gonna slamdown your throats okay onic has someother slides he has some other bonusesall of those good things this is notsomething that I'm going to email you 42times and tell you to purchase all rightI want to get on with my training andall of that good stuff and by the waylet's see Joshua no if you purchase fromAdrienne Adrienne already gave you thebonus so Adrienne and I did the exactsame bonuses so if you've alreadypurchased from Adrienne do not emailonyx team asking to switch yourCommission or anythingswitch your accounts only do that if youhave signed up from someone else and youwould like to switch it over to usthat's how it works are we all clearall right so it doesn't matter where youpurchased it earlier as long as it wasnot from Adrienne and I you can simplyreach out to them have them switch youraccount over and boom we will take careof your so I want to make sure that'sclear tonight is probably the only nightthat I'm gonna you know even mentionthis stuff to you guys because as youall know we've got Thanksgiving comingup next week we've got a lot of trainingthat we want to get through I'm givingaway $4,000 on December 1st so I wouldlike to make sure that I get some goodFaceTime and some good training with youguys so I just want to make sure I wantto make sure that you guys that you guysare on board but then also that we moveon we get our training going you know Idon't like a big pitch fest on my on mywebinars but you also realize how manyof you see the value in this just sayyes yeah exactly there's a lot of valuein it there's a ton of value in it andI'll be honest with you I am super superprotective of the success connectiongroup now I do other webinars where Ihave and I'm just always protective ofmy students because I know that at theend of the day once you purchasesomething like this it's on me because Ireferred you there I said hey this isgreat go do this go buy this this isgood I'm very very protective like Isaid we've had maybe four people on thesuccess connection that I can rememberall year most of the time we're justteaching so if this is your first timewith us this is very much out of thenorm for me to have anybody on hereoffering anything to my students butI'll tell you this I think is a verygood friend Hanukkah is a very smart guyI've been working with on it for God Idon't know ever since I started creatinginformation products and teaching onlinea funny story and I know I'm gonna seguea minute and onyx gonna get really madbecause he's got all these other bonusesthat he hasn't been able to tell youabout but when I first got startedonline the veryfirst and I'm talking about the firsttime I ever thought about creating anonline course you see I came from the TVworld I wrote books and I sold books andthe first time I ever got inspired tocreate an online course was literally Isaw onyx program it was called affiliateclassroom now this is many many yearsago I saw affiliate classroom and I waslike what is this because the city had20,000 studentsI said 20,000 students how do you get20,000 students and you're not ontelevision like who are you and so Ireached out to on it and on it seeingonyx ad about affiliate classroom isactually what got me in to the I to theentire space of teaching and creatinginformation products so you can all sayin a roundabout way you can all saythank you to onic that the successconnection even exists because if Iwasn't paying attention to him and tohis product back then I would have nevercreated information products I've neverdone webinars I would have been justcontent writing books and being ontelevision so we can all say thank youto on it but I say that to tell you thatI trust onic immensely his product isgreat I have this product I know exactlywhat it does how it works I know howgood it is and that's why I want tooffer you guys the opportunity to get itand I also want to make sure that youget an awesome bonus so I know frompaying attention to all of you thattraffic is the key and that at the endof the day that's also the linchpinright that's what what keeps you fromfrom doing what you're doing right andthat's why I'm gonna buy your firsthundred dollars of traffic now I amlimiting that to 50 people okay on itjust text me you can see you you can youcan see you also you'll also see that mymom is texting me about my sweet wife mymom's dog is very sick so I hate tosegue for too much but she's very sickso if you guys keep her in your thoughtsand your prayers that would be thatwould be phenomenal she's 13 years oldlittle four pound Yorkie and she'sChloe's best friend and she's reallysick right now very sick but on excessand you can see he's keeping me up todate because Iget to the point we have 39 look 39 sothere are 11 spaces left for my for mybonus 11 spaces so once we get past the11 that's it I'm not gonna do any morebecause you guys understand obviouslyI'm spending money right how many of youunderstand that I'm investing in youright I don't get anything for thatexcept for grad gratification knowingthat you guys are gonna be successfulyou're gonna actually be doing somethingand that's all I care about you knowthat I give you money every week I'malways giving you money but this I haveto I can't give away$40,000 this week I have a wedding atshe'll hear me so anyway we have 11 moreslots left for this okay for my hundreddollar bonus very very important thatyou take action you do it right nowAnnika I'll let you kind of go throughsome of your bonuses you know how I amand once I get started at the end of theday I probably won't shut up one inningone other thing because I don't thinkyou mentioned itthis product is integrated with mobileopt-in so there is actually a buttoninside of inbox blueprint for mobileopt-in so if you are using mobile opt-inthis will be your desktop opt-in pagecreator and mobile opt-in will be youryour mobile so mobile opt-in basicallydoes the same thing that inbox blueprintdoes is just for mobile right and wedon't do the the secondary part of itright we don't set up yourautoresponders and all that but we buildthe landing page we collect the opt-inswe let you build the entire page butit's all for mobile well a lot of youneed a desktop solution this is thedesktop solution and it's 100%integrated with mobile opt-ins so we didthis earlier in the year for you guys tomake sure that we did not have anybodyleft behind that couldn't figure out howto connect things so let's click abutton and it'll connect your mobileopt-in account with the monks blueprintso if you have mobile opt-in it worksjust fine so should be something supersuper simple so again on ik if you couldkeep me up to date on how close we getto 250 because obviously 50 is going tobe my maxmy on my bonus I'll let you go ahead andand take over and show them a couple ofother things that you have and then I'llpop back on and we've got some insanecash giveaways to do tonight I'mprobably gonna give away a thousanddollars tonight just because I know thatyou guys sat through a little bit of asales pitch although there's a ton ofawesome trainings so instead of givingaway a hundred bucks I'm gonna give awaya thousand dollars we'll probably do itin the next 10 to 15 minutes max plusI'm giving away a thousand dollars forsnapchat so lots of cash prizes justbecause you guys rock on it take it awayhuh Anthony we are 42 gone well here'sthe deal I want to say welcome to allthe members it's just gonna take foreverbecause I wasn't anticipating this now Ihave something I want to do foreverybody and I'll tell you this isgoing to be by far the biggest bonus Ihave ever done in my entire career howmany of you are pumped up type in typingme if you want to see this now if ofcourse you already made your decision noproblem you're gonna get this okayyou're gonna get this type of me rightnow if you want to see absolutely by farthe biggest bonus that I've ever addedbut it's going to come with a little bitit's going to be coming with a littlebit of a catch here's the catch okay I'mgonna first tell you about a little realquick I'm gonna tell you about somethingI learned from Tony Robbins it changedmy lifeTony sat in front of me now you knowTony's a big guy sat in front of meacidotic none of what you're telling meis what success is made up that's nothow you succeed and I said what are youtalking about he said you got to decideto succeed he said make a decision rightnow and many of you right now aresitting in a place where's eight seatsleft this is a moment for you to make adecision you know you've been waitingyou know we've got hundreds of people onhundreds you know you've been waitingfor this you know this is precisely whatyou've been looking for it's thatopportunity to make a decision right nowgo down by Luca not come forward slashAnthony and to help you do this here'swhat I'm gonna do we're gonna do a giveand take you are going to agree to makea decision with me here in the next tenminutes okay type in at number ten ifyou believe that's fair make thedecision for in the next ten minutesokay in the next ten minutes and if youcan do that I'm going to throw in themost ridiculous bonus but if you can'tthen it's gonna go away and what I'mgonna do to time us is I'm gonna go backto my handy-dandy Google timer here I'mgonna type in ten minutes all right I'mgonna start this right now the URLshould be on your screen so should Istart right now say start typing startif you want me to start this right nowtyping start start it's ready for thechallenge all right here we gostart it did inbox blueprint comm fourslash Anthony listen guys you can eitherdo save yourself to two hundred andninety four dollars and just do the onepay that you'll never pay again you'llget unlimited support unlimited helpunlimited everything unlimitedbusinesses but here's the big bonus hereit comesI'm gonna throw in my one hundredmillion dollar map I have done over ahundred million dollars in sales and I'mgoing to give you the exact formula thatI have used the ultimate businessbuilding formula it's literally step bystep its assignment based training it'seasy to follow the key here is buildingyour own digital products that's the keybuilding your own information productsnow the program I'm about to hand youlook at just look at my business forjust a minute okay month number one fourhundred and fifty nine thousand dollarsmonth number two six hundred and eightythree thousand dollars month numberthree 1.2 million dollars then here onthis business month 142.2 month to fivepoint two million dollars that's noteven my record have been able to do morethan five point two million dollars in amonthlisten type in yes right now this kindof income is the kind that you go to beddreaming about and I'm telling you it'sliterally just a click away this yearone of my companies January to onehundred sixty seven thousand that inApril did 1.9 million in May did 2.5million the program that I want to handto you ladies and gentlemen is calledpublish economy now Anthony can tell youthis because he was there he helpedendorse it we sold this program for overtwo thousand nine hundred and ninetyseven dollars per seat if you bought thefull package two thousand nine hundredand ninety seven dollars right now Imeangive it to you for free so this meansyou're getting inbox blueprint listAcademy traffic Academy publish Academymy $300,000 software you're getting thetop niches to launch your business inyou're getting my three million dollaremail templates you're getting theeight-week traffic bootcamp you'regetting up to five hundred dollars infree traffic from me and a hundreddollars in free traffic from Anthonyyou're getting my four pillars of elitesupport which includes daily coachinghours every day includes weekly accessto me it includes around-the-clockticket and community support and on topof that you're getting our no studentLeft Behind policy there's literally noway for you to lose in this program nowsome people like to ask onic are theregoing to be any upsells or things thatguys here's a confession I have nothingAnthony can back this up he's been myfriend for years he knows over the lastfour to five years every program thatI've been working on and I have thrownall of it into this we know why becausethis is the only time and the last timewe're going to do this this program inthe course of this the next couple ofdays is going to double in price andbecome an annual investment so right nowI'm putting it everything I got to getas many students in as founding membersbut it is going to go away this is itit's the final opportunity now to getover thirty thousand dollars in valueagain the full training the fullbusiness builder seven-figure niches mythree million dollar email templateslist Academy first day traffic leaguewhich includes the eight-week bootcampand up to five hundred dollars in freetraffic and Anthony's hundred dollarsfour pillar elite support profit planbeing no student Left Behind policy andnow my hundred million dollar map that'spublish Academy but here's the deal Ihave put everything on the line I expectthe same from you I need you to make adecision and I need you to do it nowlisten Richard dah year Jodie whiteMartha flake LJ max mark Montana MontanoJohn TurnerHova Hannes Tahir Virgil Harry DavidMorgan Darian Clark peony Gandalf I'mreading the names now cuz I'm proud ofyou guys RameshRobert Jeff close Julia ChristmasMichael MoriartyAllen mudan Harry I'm sorry phone I knowbut your names this is what I do I'mreally sorry Anaya guy Gale ChristineRichard Feldman Boris Robert DevinChristopher Daniel Debora Marc Giuseppegeez guys right now go to the URL typein WWE inbox blueprint comm forwardslash Anthony type in inbox blueprintcomm forward slash Anthony and just putin you do whichever one you want I stillbelieve that you should do the one paysave yourself 294 dollars but I'll letyou do whatever you choose but you gotfive minutes left to make the decisionand we are running out of seats last Ichecked I heard we have four seats leftAnthony we have four seats left allright and if you are going to want tochange and claim Anthony's bonus supportat learn comm that's the email addresssupport at learn comm you know Anthonyfive minutes to go man what do you whatdo you think we got a few seats leftwhat's the power here of makingdecisions what's the power here you knowdoing something well you know what thisis what I uh this is I'll tell you thisand this is kind of one of those thingsthat uh I think that kind of goes alongif by the way guys I brought you to myliving room because my office is so hotand I figured if I wasn't gonna have tobe on my big computer drawing andeverything that I would just Here I amsitting on my couch it's a little morerelaxing you know here's the thingdecisions are what obviously the firststep to creating success and I think Ithink you know on it probably has toldyou that you've probably heard thatbefore when you when you make a decisionthat's the first step to having successbut here's why I've offered you thebonus that I've offered you is because Ihave seen plenty of people make adecision okay so they've made a decisionto purchase a product or training butthen they don't make that secondarydecision to actually use it how many ofyou're guilty of this just say yes nowthere's probably going to be far lesspeople guilty of doing that with myproducts because I stay on your butts tomake you do something rightso it's literally what I do to make surethat you are using the products that youpurchase you're not purchasing a bunchof crap I guarantee you if you just showup to the success connection every weekif you quit getting on all these otherwebinars but buying all this crap yousee in your email and focus on what I'mteaching you and focus on the peoplethat I bring on here at the end of theday here's what's gonna happenyou're going to have more success you'regoing on more success because I'm gonnatake you down the path to that successand I'm gonna allow you to makedecisions that are intelligent makedecisions that are logical how many ofyou feel like you should make in alogical and intelligent decision thereyou go see lots and lots of yeses I'mnot bringing anything on here that's notlogical and I'm not bringing anything onhere that's not going to help you trulymake and have more success in yourbusiness okay so you got to make thosedecisions but I know that a lot ofpeople are going to be upset abouthaving to spend money on advertising andthat's why I wanted to give you thisbonus because here's what I found andonic you can you can support this we arerunning our very own campaignsgenerating leads right now on Facebookand what we figured out is that with ahundred bucks we can generate a ton ofleads we can make a lot of money we cando a lot of stuff with a hundred dollarsright now once you use this hundreddollars that I give you all the suddenboom you're hooked you're addictedyou're not scared you're happy you'reexcited you're ready to rockthat's why you get my bonus now thatonic mentioned it while ago how many ofyou have already purchased this fromsomeone else but you would like toswitch to me just say type the numbertwo in the chat box if you've not fromAdrienne okay not from Adrienne ifyou've perched okay see I see Brigittesaying canonic put me under your teamDarcyBraden okay here's what you need to doall of you right now you need to emailsupport at learn calm I put it in thechat box okaysupport at learn comm you need to emailthem and ask them ok to put you under meso make sure that you ask them say putme under Anthony alright don't get madat me if you don't get my bonus becauseyou have to have your account under mebecause at the end of the day I'm payingfor your advertising how many of you areok with thatjust say yes ok so very very very goodgood now somebody just said somethingDarlene said guys you are failing tomention that you must have enough moneyto move forward with your productsDarlene I would like to help you helpyourself ok I want to help youhere's the deal you don't have to havemoney to move forward with anythingother than with obviously with inboxblueprint right I'm not being a completedenial of the fact that it cost money topurchase onyx software that's been indevelopment for years but here's one youare not selling and having to developyour own product unless you choose touse onyx hundred million dollarblueprint which is basically what I useuse is this what we do and that's agreat second step right that's a greatkind of thing to work towards but whenyou want to launch your business inunder 20 minutes can you explain to mewhat you have to purchase if I give youa hundred dollars to pay for your firstadvertising you're using an affiliateoffer to promote that doesn't cost youany money to obtain you are buildingyour landing page right inside of inboxblueprint you are hosting your page withinbox blueprint you are getting yourwritten articles and written emails frominbox blueprint you are getting yourfree report from inbox blueprint what isthere that you actually have to spendmoney on to actually move forward beforeyou can do this I don't I you know Idon't i aughtta respondent yeah you getsin lane so you get onyx on responderwhich we talked about sin Lane all thetime right you get access to sin Laneand I think it's free for 30-days so Imean again you're not gonna give you sinLane free forevercosting money but for 30 days you don'tpay for it right so again there's okayso Darlene says advertising Darlene I'mout there's got to be a timeout buttonthat there was a timeout a referee onthe success connection right now deadtimeout I froze the timer so we canaddress these questions that stopped itI've got the white flags and I'm wavingthem like this for you the whole reasonthat I'm giving you advertising dollarsis so that you don't have to spend yourown on your advertising because I knewthat you would have that exact thingright you would say oh my gosh I'll buythis but then I have to spend all thismoney on advertising and that would beyour excuse an excuses kill success letme just tell you right now when you makean excuse you're basically saying I'mnot going to do this now again if it's afinancial thing totally completelyunderstand we can't we all can't we allhave we're all in different positions inlife rightand we can't do the things that we can'tafford to do financially you have tomake a good decision for yourself foryour business and for your family 100%but if you can afford to do this okay ifthis is something you can't afford to doand you're saying to yourself well I'mnot going to do it because of X whenyou're making an excuse and excusescreate failure action create successright and so what you've got to do isget your mind wrapped around why you'remaking those excuses and then of coursethe solutions to those problems that'swhy of course I already knew there wouldbe people to do this hi guys I had askedon it for permission by the way becausein our industry it's not really lookedup it's not the best thing in the worldto basically offer money okay becausesometimes that can be looked at and seenas like a rebate that's not what it isthis is not a rebate you don't just buythis and get a hundred bucks I mean howit works you buy this you build yourbusiness you set it up you use what onichas given you you put it together youlaunch it you then have to send it to meI will review it make sure it's rightand thenI'll give you $100 coupon to spend onadvertising on Facebook right so I ampaying for that advertising so that youcan start off now Darlene now says sowill $100 get me going forward foreverDarlene early I'm gonna write a songabout you I'm not very good at writingsongs but write a song about youlook $100 gets the ball rolling if youcan take $100 and you can turn it into Idon't know $200 then you can take that200 next month and turn that into 400 oryou can turn it into 275 $100 gets theball rolling okayit pushes you to do it so that you'renot left behind so that you're notbuying something and making excuses sothat you're not making a super super youknow big decision okay that you aren'tusing logic to make so very veryimportant I wanna be very clear witheverybody this is not me pounding you toby that is not what I'm doingwhat I'm actually doing is telling younot to buy it I'm actually saying to youguys don't buy this program if you'regoing to sit on your ass because ifthat's what you're gonna doI don't want to be the reason that youdid it you see what I'm saying I don'twant to be the reason that you fail Idon't want to be the reason that youspent fifteen hundred dollars onsomething and didn't use it I don't wantto be the one that you're mad at I don'twant to be the one that you dislike Iwant you to love me I want you to comeback next week I want you to listen tome as I spend my Thanksgiving night notwith my family but right here becausethis is where I'm committed to beingbecause that's what you need you need tosee that I'm willing to give up anythingand everything in my life to help youhave success so that you will be willingto give up just a little bit a littlebit of your time a little bit of yourcomfort a little bit of your you knowthat the things that you do outside ofwork right so in other words what aboutyour hobbies and things give up some ofthat time and spend it with me so I'mgonna make the biggest sacrifice as Ican to show you that I'm serious aboutyou being successful all right supersuper super important to me that you aresuccessful so I do not want you to buythis if you are going to make excuses orif you aregoing to actually use it everybody sayokay if you understand that alright Isee lots and lots and lots of bouquetscoming in very good now onic has onemore thing that he wants to share withyou and then we're gonna throw up atimer and when that timer runs out Onixtime runs out and then I've got to giveaway some cash prizes and I got to talkto you guys about next week because thisis still the anthony morrison show on it[Laughter]a lot of fun we'll listen I gotta be I'mgonna be honest with you guys we haverun out of seats but you know I love theenthusiasm I love how excited everybodyis so I got a chance to talk to my teamhere and we're gonna open a few more upbut what we're gonna do here guys is I'mgonna basically pull another maybe sevenminutes I'll just renew this to sevenminutes and during that time I do wantto talk to you about something this isit this is the last chance listen I havethis saying I say if you do today whatyou did yesterday if you do today whatyou did yesterday tomorrow will look thesame as it does today think about thatyou have an opportunity right now tomake a big big change in your life bymaking a small decision but if you don'tmake that decision if you don't take astep forward listen opportunity doesn'tknock every day opportunities barelyever come by your door and right now I'mtelling you we have seen the lives ofhundreds and hundreds of our studentsturn around and change from students whoor you know we have our students Ainewho came here from Iraq Baghdad wholiterally came here he escaped from Iraqhe struggled in the corporate world foryears so he found us in the middle of2014 by early 2015 he was all timemaking money online now he's living thelife of his dreams we have that studentnico we have another student whosuffered right through the greekeconomic collapse it literally collapsedhe had no jobs that the whole economyhad no jobs he found us he was on awebinar just like you right now but hetook action and go figure he was able togo out there and build this businesshe's now making between 10 to $15,000 amonth whereas his friends barely havejobs and if they do they make $500month so right now what I want toexpress to you is that you have anopportunity to really take charge ofyour life you're getting inbox blueprintlist Academy traffic Academy publishAcademy my $300,000 software thatliterally you saw I've used to build abusiness in thirteen and a half minutesyou're getting my 27 top recommendedniches for email marketing you'regetting the you getting my three milliondollar email templates you're gettingthe eight-week traffic bootcamp you'regetting up to five hundred dollars infree traffic from me plus the hundreddollars in traffic from Anthony you'realso getting my four pillars of elitesupport which includes a daily coachingoffice hours daily every day you getcoaching office hours with us will betheir life to answer your specificquestions and you're getting our nostudent Left Behind policy which meanswe are going to extend our supportunlimited to you as long as you staycommitted as long as you stay with usand you stay committed we will staycommitted back and return to you you cansee you have less than four and a halfminutes and when this closes down I amgoing to shut it down it will be it wewill be removing those bonuses Anthony'sgonna stop it the biggest guys we'redone it's it's literally over there arejust four minutes left to go to makethat decision Anthony anything you'dlike to say to everybody kinda like thatlast opportunity to really have thatepiphany that moment for them to realizethat they need to do this my my studentsand they they know the the great thingabout the success connection is it's notabout selling that's just way it isit's about empowering them and helpingthem to have success and so they are toknow that no matter no matter what I'monly gonna do what's best for them sothey're making their decisions becausethey know it's smart I see a lot ofpeople over here saying that that I'm inI mean I man did I get the bonus so letme just instead of me pushing you guysto take action you already know you needto do this if I tell you do it so it'sjust kind of I'm not gonna lead you inthe wrong direction that'd be crazy solet me just tell you kind of some of thesome of the things I see coming in ifyou got enrolled you got the bonus yougot my bonus okay do not email mysupport staff about this bonuswe'll be emailing you about this bonusit will not be until next Tuesday whenon it tells me the list of all of my ofall my students now againOnix some of them say this is one thingwe probably take care of like Bridgetsays I've emailed the support teamawaiting their reply we need to makesure maybe we have some might supportchecking that and moving people oversimply because we are gonna have toclose that down that's not something Ican keep doing because as you guysrealize I'm giving away a lot of moneybuying a lot of Facebook advertising foryou guys right so it's super importantto me that you understand if you missout on my bonus it's not because I hateyou I still love you and hopefully youstill love me but it's not something Ican do for everybody for those of youthat are trying to change your uh youryour bonus over to me or your accountover to me if you email support at learncalm and tell them to do it they willreply back and let you know that theyhave and then you'll be listed for me somy suggestion for all of you is this isa phenomenal system it goes right alongwith what I teach or you wouldn't beseeing it you've seen me talk about allof this stuff you know like all of thisstuff rightthat on it you showed you I mean you'veliterally seen this for me already andso what's great is now moving forwardwhen I'm talking about landing pages orI'm talking about emails but you couldjust be in one place doing right andimplementing itand I think that's what's really reallyreally awesome about this Jeff said Ienrolled I've been sitting on the fencefor far too long I don't have anyquestions at the moment I'm lookingforward to using inbox blueprintthis will help help with a lot of myroadblocks Jeff that is awesome that isa very very very intelligent and logicaldecision and that's again what I toldall of you logic based decisions wedon't buy things off hype we don't buythings with promises of billions ofdollars we buy things because they'relogical right they're logical for ourlife for a business for our family andfor our future that's why we make apurchase of anything that's why youshould make a purchase of anything rightand that's why you hear me telling youdon't do it if you're not gonna use ityou know what I mean why waste yourmoney you know what I'm saying makes nosense Lin says I just enrolled I'mnervous but I'm super excited Bridgetsays this is awesome I've been switchedto your team Thank You Anthony soBridget that's awesome I'm glad to seeyou on board I'll make sure that I uhthat I check and make sure I see you inin the system here so it's very veryexciting for you guys it's exciting forme Annika it was exciting for me to beon here with you as we kind of closethis out and and we bring it to a closelet me just ask you is there anybodythat's still trying to enroll type itnumber one in if you're actually stilltrying to enroll I see a lot of peoplethat are already Mike see you got allthese ones coming up man now you're hereall the time so yeah Mike David let'ssee Jean if you guys are still trying toget enrolled make sure that you do itright now please everybody pay closeattention because I see lots ofquestions coming in and I want to moveon and give away my cash on its timer isrunning out so allow me to answer theseone more time okay if you purchasedinbox blueprint how do you get yourbonus you wait and on Tuesday of nextweek I'll email you and tell you how toget that bonus so that's step one okayall right step two all right step two Iwill be giving you $100 but only onlyonly only only only after you havecompleted setting up your business thatmeans you actually have to have thisbusiness set up so I'm gonna review itmy eyes are gonna be looking at it cuzhey I don't want to give you $100 to gobuy advertising and it just tail cuz youbuilt a crappy page rightsometimes we need guidance that's whatI'm here for okay all right if you arepurchasing later on you will not get mybonus period that's how it works okaywhy because I can't I'm not going togive everybody in the world $100 Ireward the people that are here that arewatching the successconnection I'll reward the people towatch my success connection replays andstuff like that but that's it okay Idon't reward you if you go give thisvideo to somebody and all this stuffthat's not the way it works okay soright now if you have enrolled youqualify for my bonus if you have emailedlearned to switch your your account overlike I seeAngus just did that I will make surethat I take care of it okayand that you get your that you get yourbonus as soon as they switch youraccount all right hundred percent easyeasy easyalright so that's it on it you haveanything else you want to say before wewrap up and I start to give away allthese cash prizes I've promisedeverybody oh no so I just want to saylisten it has been so so so awesome tobe here you guys were and I don't saythis lightly and I mean this you were byfar the best audience I have ever hadthe opportunity to present you it was somuch fun so thank you for being here Ihope I was able to provide value I hopeI expanded your mind I hope I taught yousomething and for those of you for manyof you who have joined us I cannot waitto begin working with youI really can't we're gonna change livestogether okay we're going to changelives together so guys thank you so muchand Anthony thank you so much I willtalk to you guys soon and again all thebest everybody Annika leave your leaveyour screen up for me okayalright leave your screen up for mebecause I'm gonna give away my cashprize for snapchat real fast and thenI'm gonna ask you to do something for meif you can because I'm on my laptop andI'm not on my desktop and so I mightneed your help if you don't mind itmight give me just say first of all letme give away my cash prize for snapchatokay so here's the dealwhile I am giving away cash prizes ifyou get enrolled I'm gonna give you mybonus so if you're listening for cashprizes and stuff whatever that's fineI'm still gonna give you my bonus aslong as you get enrolled before I inthis webinar okay so you've got a chanceright now tobe able to take advantage of this goahead do it here's my question everybodyget ready to put the answer in the chatbox if you're following me on snapchatyou'll know the answer to this all rightwhat is the answer to this question onsnapchat this week I was watchingfootball and I said screenshot thisright here if you think the blank aregonna win the game who was itlet's see keep them going it's so funnybecause so many people are so manypeople are typing it in alright so thethis is the silliest stuff right butlook if you're paying attention to who Ithink's gonna win a football game Ithink you're probably going to paymassive massive massive attention whenI'm talking to you about things thatactually matter not just who wins gonnawin a football game alright so ourwinner the very first person that I sawput this in was Michael Thompson MichaelThompson you win $1,000 if you could putyour email address in the chat box forme Michael Thompson you won the thousanddollar snapchat weekly contestboom boom boom everybody say congratsnow remember I'm also giving awayanother thousand dollars right now okaybecause I'm crazy and insane and becauseyou're still here right a lot of peopleleft some people just probably got inboxblueprint and said back what I'm goingto use this software I'm not listeningAnthony ramble all night legitimateconcerns I guess excuses whatever butthey're gonna miss out on this thousanddollars I'm getting ready to give awayokay on it can you go to my facebook fanpage I don't even know I can give youthe link I can tell you how to get therecan you possibly get there for me yessir one second while you're doing it Ican move over to my actual computerwhere I have this and I are all set upon my stream where I have it real fastAnthony Lawrence in type in yeah justtype in Anthony Morris and you shouldsee my fan page come up because I wantto show everybody what I need them tocomment on real fastright here let me see sir I'm actuallylooking at my screen yep that's it okaynow scroll down on it for me just alittle bit until you see the video thatI did or I'm sorry that picture rightthere scroll back up that picture withthe M let me see what it looks likeyep that right there okaythat picture guys go to my Facebook fanpage and leave me a comment 1 through 10how much did you love tonight's successconnection how much did you love thesuccess connection I go right now to myfan page leave comments on that photoright there on that post when you leavecomments on that post I'm getting readyto select a winner now how do you getthere you can simply go to Facebook andtype in Anthony Morrison and find it oryou can use the link that I always giveyou but I'm gonna put in the chat box togo alright let's see it's go dot d SCcomm port slash Facebook alright go t SCdot-com Ford / Facebook so go there nowgo there and leave your comments becauseI'm going to be giving away alright inthe next few minutes five hundreddollars so one person who leaves acomment on that post five hundred bucksso go there now go d SC comm Ford /Facebook I see lots of people that aregoing there and I am just pulling up I'mgonna pull up the Facebook group in justa second so you guys go leave yourcomments again one out of ten how muchdid you love tonight's successconnection what did you think about ityadda yadda yadda go there and do itokayalright let's see go PSC calm and I'llstill the screen in just a minutealright and then I'm gonna ask you toleave one in our group I made the samepost in our group so if you're a memberof the group already you can find thatpost in the group I'll be giving away$500 to somebody in the group alrightlet's see give me just a secondI'm just actually typing this up for allof you so hold tight because there'slots of cash to give away let's sayalright snapchat and I'm gonna say getinbox blueprint which would be this linkall right I'm just making up that nicepretty text file that I had on my othercomputer I'm making that for you guys soyou can see these links because I wantyou to be able to win some cash rightsuper super important cuz I'm givingaway 500 bucks so this is no no slouchtonight right this is a big deal againif you want to get in marks blueprintyou will get my bonus as long as you doit before we end tonight and if you havealready purchased inbox blueprint butyou want my Burness and you want to loveAnthony instead of other people whichselfishly I want you to love Anthonyinstead of other people you can emaillearn and get them to swap over yourcommissions and tell them I love Anthonymore make me Anthony's student sorry onik I know people are gonna love that butbut at the end of the day I spin everyweek with my students man they love me Ihope anyway it's it's debatable I guesssome of them don't love me but most mostat least care a little bit about me Ithink all right let's see I'm justpulling up my facebook page onyx saidthat I don't have to keep yoursor keep you on the hook for this alrighthere we go I can I'll be able to stealthe screen here in just a second on itand we have lots of comments flying infor five hundred dollars why wouldn't weall right on ik I am at this particularmoment sir going to attempt steelwaiting back give me one second and Iwould do this Anthony isalways the best that gets a webinar guysI gotta find you like alright on occultsite I'm stealing it make me presenteralright here I amboom I'm presenting I love to presentnow I'm presenting but I forgot to holdthis upalright guys check it out here all yourlinks I know it's not as pretty as theother file but at the end of the dayit's still good if you want to go to myFacebook page this is the link alrightyou need to join the group right now I'mgiving away another $500 in the Facebookgroup how can you win super super simpleall you've got to do is actually go tothe Facebook group which is right overhere Anthony needs to move go to webinarout of his way there we go alrightFacebook group I showed you the linkwhen you go to the Facebook group let meget let me show you guys what's up inthe Facebook group we've got the successconnection group right here looks likewe've got eight people that want to joinwhen you get in here you will see thatthere are just tons and tons and tons ofpeople leaving comments because that'swhat people do in the success connectiongroup so you may have to I don't evensee my post be honest with you so I'lljust have to randomly pick somebody oryou can use this right here check thisout says follow me on Instagramso you can leave comments on this postif you'd like so just leave commentsright here on this particular post andI'll be giving away five hundred dollarsso let me approve everybody real fastall right so to join the group you justsimply go to the link that I just sharedwith you I see lots and lots of peopletrying to join let's just minimize andmake this bigger make this a littlesmaller and move it over this way youcan actually see what's going on therewe go alright now Facebook takes a whilefor me to be able to approve you ofcourse as you can see JerryTravis welcome welcome welcome welcomealrightPeter welcome everybody welcome theperson I added is already a member Idon't know what happened there alrightso keep leaving your comments herealright so just leave comments we gotlots of them blowing upright here we are giving away fivehundred dollars a pieceso $500 in the group and we are givingaway $500 on the fan page all you got todo is leave comments tell me what youlike tell me what you don't likewhatever I don't care just tell me whatyou're thinking about the successconnection tonight and I'm gonna startjust blowing through this I'm gonna giveaway two cash prizes each one $500okay all right everybody good all rightnow remember before I give away the cashprizes let's go over to something superquicknext Thursday we will still be liveright here on the success connectionwith our training it'll be aThanksgiving special if you want to joinus great if you don't I'm not going tobe super mad at you I'll make sure Igive you guys a replay so again bewatching for your success connectionnext week whether it's live or thereplay $4,000 okaythe work like I do give away some of youdon't know what that is the work like Ido give away is simply me giving awayyou literally I'm giving away a fourthousand dollar prize that essentiallycan let you work like I do giving you acomputer giving you an iPad giving youthe Apple pencil giving you all thestuff that I use to run my businessthat will happen okay that will happenon December 1stall right so Denver is December 1st allright so December 1st we will be givingthat away so not next Thursday but thenext make sure you make a note of thatbe here because I'm giving it away liveand you got to be here live to win youwill not qualify to win if you are nothere live okay December 1st mark yourcalendars now that's pretty a killerChristmas present that was the idea wasto make sure that I'd give you guys cashprizes make sure that I give you guys anawesome prize that I can hook you upwith right here before the holidays nomatter what holiday you you know thatyou celebrate it's still an awesomeprize for the holidays okay so with thatsaid we're also giving away $1000 everyweek on snapchat you got to follow me inorder to win so I'll show you the screenhere with my my snapchat informationpretty soon but let's go ahead and let'sgive away cash prizes alright so ifyou're not in the group you need to joinoh wait gosh guys I wrote the wrongthing down here for the group I'm so badI'm sorry look great that's how you getto the group my apologiesthat's what happens when you do thingsthat's what that's what happens when youdo things on the cup right alright solook if you want to join the group thisis where you go I'm sorryone is the fan page one is the group oneis the fan page one is the group okay sogo ahead and make sure that you join thegroup okayand of course Michael McDonald all ofyou see him posting right there Michaelwill I'm a hundred percent sure to beputting up a nice big replay or reviewof tonight's event so always good tohave Michael in the house Michael isalways doing awesome stuff for us anddoing some great things for the blog andreview so thank you so much again toMichael so here we go time to give awayour first cash prize all right now it'sgoing to be 500 - gosh we have athousand comments guys 1000 comments howincredible is that here we go let's giveaway our first $500 cash prize to helpyou guys have massive success alrighthere we golet me just pull it up hold on them I'mloading it it's loading as you can seewe kind of had a lot of comments tonightso $500 it's a good bit of month you cansee I up the game if you're gonna sitthrough something whereby we're actuallygonna sell you something which you allknow me I I don't care if you buy it ornot it's good for you great if but Iother than I don't care but I like tomake sure that I reward you for sittinghere you've listened you've learned alot of you took action congratulationsto those of you that did and we'll makesure that we hook you guys up with someawesome cash prizes so there we goand here it is alright everybody gets achance you'll be able to watch it happenlive right here here we goalright there it is here we go we'rescrolling through I'm not even lookingokay I can't tell where my mouse isgonna stop wherever it stops somebody'sgonna win $500 which will be epic and ofcourse I'm going to ask you for youremail address and then I'm gonna payparty alright here we go guys here we gohere we go here we go here we go here wego wait turn it back the other wayall right here it is hands up where arewe landing we are landing on ivisramirez ibis ramirez are you here we gotto make sure Ibis is here I have thisramirez are you here in the house justsay yes if you're all right let's goahead and put your paypal address in thechat box for me now unlike what Inormally do I am gonna have to pay youafter I get off because I don't have myother computer and I would have to loginto my PayPal account and showeverybody you know just can you put youryour PayPal address in the chat box Ihave us there you go alright I'm goingto take a quick photo all right I havethis you're gonna be paid in like 10minutes as soon as we get off of hereboom you're gonna you're gonna lose areyou gonna get your cash Lea parrot Lisanot fair you had the wrong link so Imiss joining Lea everything is fairbecause I'm giving away money for noreason so there's really no way for itto be unfair number two is I actuallyjust gave away money on the fan page thegroup is where I had the wrong link andI haven't given away any money in thegroup yet so if you go to the group andyou leave the comment where I told youto there's still a fair chance that youcould win guys it's it's a contest it'sjust for fun it's not fair not fair it'sit's just for fun it's I don't know it'sto keep you guys excited right so it'sto I don't know it's you have two placesyou can comment two chances to win Idon't know the group is right here seelots of people in theI'm glad that didn't set off thoseimplants and Anthony anyway thought it'sit's somebody else it says I can't addthat person I don't know what's going onthere I guess Josh isn't here probablyhaving people all right let's give awaysome money in the group Hey look we gotpeople at commenting on both of these sothat's gonna be toughcuz that was the one I was looking foryou to comment on it first so tell youwhat Lee you're definitely not pinningin the group man look there's there'snobody pending in the group see nopending so you're not pending all righttell you what I'm gonna do is everybodyokay if I give away 250 dollars on thispost and then 250 dollars on the otherone that has my Instagram that I can'tfind anymore but I know it's there areyou guys cool with that if I pick twomore winners all rightso 250 on each one because I told you tocomment on this one but then I also toldyou to comment on this one so I'm gonnago with this one first right here I'mgonna pick a $250 winner right now allright right here I will have to bancommenting while I try to pick winnersit's virtually impossible all right herewe go picking a winner as soon as I canload some of these comments if at allpossible we're picking a winner righthereall right here we gohold tight hold tight no no we wouldn'tsayin amounts of time if this did nothappen with the tank with the Facebookgroups there we go there we go now it'ssticking for me okayhere we go we're gonna pick a winner onthis one right here okay guys $250winner coming up right here on thisspecific post here it comes and thewinner is it's going to be Dennisslaughter Dennis put your Facebook orput your PayPal address in that's goingto be $250 for you from this post allright looks like Dennis put his inDennis Congratsyou won now let's go with the next postall right guys we got one more cashprize to win $250 it's going to be on myother post that I no longer can find Ihaven't figured out why the groupschange I understand it there we go thisone right here okay so we're gonna giveaway $250 right here there we go let meload it up get it to load Kathy says mytraining Rox Thank You Kathyhopefully you love the successconnection hopefully everybody does heyby the way guys you should follow me oninstagram because i'm giving away cashon instagram too that's part of thewhole that's part of the entire processof the $4,000 work like I do giveaway Imight pick my winner from Instagram andsince I never put my Instagram link onthat's why I did these posts so if youlook you can follow me on instagram byjust clicking the link click the linkand you'll have the opportunity to topossibly win so here we go alright sofollow me on instagram you can see it onboth of these links that you guys havecommented on by the way how many of youare gonna join us next week for thesuccess connection live just said yes ifyou will be cool so we got some peoplethat are going to spend a little time onthe success connection next weekcongratulations I'll be here hopefullyyou will be too alright here we go let'spick a winner on this post righthere here we go it's always fun to pickwinners and have things going rockin androllin and all my mouse gets frozen andthen we do some stuff and I don't knowwell just it by the way my mouth justfreezes up where it freezes upDennis you can't win twice you can'tit's not fairnobody has luck nobody has that kind oflook I know Dennis I'll just pay you$500 I'm picking another winner untilDennis doesn't win okay what the heck soDennis I'm just gonna pay you 500dollars okay I'm picking somebody elseto win 250 because it don't make anysense for you to win twice and it's justcrazy all right here we go let's tryagain everybody's leaving comments andDennis just keeps winning it here we gohere we go wait what happened the groupjust is very difficult all right here wego we got lots and lots and like now mymouse is just scrolling on its own itspreads oh gosh now it lands on KathyKathy put your PayPal address in thechat box I'm gonna pay you $250 - it'sfor the heck of itKathy diplomKathy dimmler put puts your emailaddress in the chat box your paypaladdress for me if you're here there wegoKathy is here let's pop Kathy's emailaddress all right - all my winners wellfirst of all everybody's a winner but toeverybody that won cash prizes I'll bepaying you guys in literally in the nextfive minutes so just watch your paypalagain if you want to get Onix inboxblueprint there's the link all the linksto follow me on the social media areright here make sure that you'refollowing me that's how you win the$4,000 work like I do package it's goingto be picked from one of these places soif you're not following me on Instagramthen you might not win so it's supersuper important to be on the fanpage thegroup Instagram snapchat andstay engaged not just on Thursday nightsbut all the time like be engaged withwhat we're doing and with the processand comment on mypos like them and sharethem that's going to give you an equalon a better opportunity of actuallywinning okay so listen everybody it'sbeen a blast I've had a lot of fun Ihope you have - thank you so much forbeing here it's always a lot of fun eachand every Thursday night again thank youmuch have a safe weekend have a greatweekend I look forward to seeing you allnext weekfor those of you that aren't going to behere on Thanksgiving have a happyholiday and I'll see you the followingweek on December 1st when we give awaythe four thousand dollar work like I dopackage simply because I want to empoweryou educate you and motivate you to havemassive success so take care everybodyhave a great weekend and I'll see younext week bye for nowhey guys

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