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Multi Stream Traffic Generator and Analyzer

Multi Stream Traffic Generator and Analyzer (PXG108) is a hardware based Ethernet tester with the ability of generating multi-stream Ethernet website traffic of varying packet size as well as likewise examine the loopback traffic. This tool discovers itself specifically valuable for end-to-end testing of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps WAN (Wide Area Network) links. It is presently available on GL's powerful examination platform – PacketExpert 10G ™, that sporting activities twin 10 Gbps optical and twin 1 Gbps optical/electrical ports.

As depicted in the network diagram above, the generated streams can be defined according to the designated application kind such as Data – HTTP, FTP, ARP, ICMP and a lot more, VoIP – RTP streams (over UDP) carrying Voice codec payload like G711, G729, AMR and so on, and Video – RTP streams (over UDP) with H264 codec.

The examination results consist of Framework Loss, Frame Delay and Framework Delay Variation metrics for each stream. Easily keep an eye on the transmission capacity performance making use of online throughput consolidated visual view for all the streams (16 streams over 1G/ 10G ports).

The Port # 2 on PacketExpert 10G ™ deals Smart Loopback capability on both 10G/1G to loopback the incoming traffic back to the resource in the network. Loopback option aids in simple test arrangement, especially in end-to-end testing, when the other end remains in a remote area. In such situations, one PacketExpert ™ 10G can be placed in continuous Loopback at the remote end, and also examinations can be regulated at the local end.

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