Master Traffic Institute Review Product Release by Power Lead System

and we are live what's up guys simplefreedom calm so I wanted to review withyou this new product that we justlaunched so it released yesterday let'swalk through it really quick and I'llshow you what's going on for those ofyou that want access to review it it'salready in your back-office if you're apower elite systemGoldmember i'll bring you back to thispage right now but I thought this waspretty cool so I wanted to take thevideo and take some of the content fromthe sales page and just put it on theblog so you have an easier review of itand I can walk you through it right nowso anyway master traffic Institute rightwe've been waiting for that one itlaunched thousand dollar commissionsit's actually a pretty cool comp planit's got a two levels so one thousanddollars for those of you that directsell it on the front line on the frontend direct sales commission one thousandbucks and then when your affiliates sellit they get a thousand bucks you get twohundred dollar overrides that's prettygoodalright so let's go into the back officeof power lead system right here andyou'll see had a question yesterday whatis this grace period for and this is forpeople that already have teams alreadyhave affiliates in in your organizationand power lead system this means thatfor eight days for nine days right soeight days in 22 hours if anybody thathas bought from you anybody in youraffiliate organization buys this youdon't have to worry about losing theCommission up to your sponsor as long asyou make your purchase within eight days22 hours so you got nine days right it'sa ten day grace period where they willstill lock in your commission so and itaffects people that already have anaffiliate organization under them thatwas all in that are planning on buyingMaster traffic institute if you're superbrand new you don't have any affiliatesyet or anything like that you made zerosales don't worry about itbut it's gonna be available in yourback-office here you see that we added abutton so we have free add secretsthat's the diamond level social profitAcademy that's a platinum level and thenmasstraffic institute is down right here nowin the same spot so we're gonna keepselling it and presenting and invitingpeople to check it out we're gonna beteaching on it with all of the webinarsall of the hangouts all of the videosthat we make for you anyway to educateyour affiliates so they're gonna learnabout itand I'm gonna invite them to this videoquestion is do you want to get paid forsending people to a free video like thisalright that's the way it works andworks the same way with the diamondlevel same way with platinum level nowyou're gonna have access not only to thehundred dollar Commission you have thefour hundred dollar Commission withsocial profit Academy now you're gonnahave one thousand dollar Commission butpretty cool on the second level tooyou're getting two hundred dollaroverrides per sale no pass ups with thisor no passive so it works the same wayas platinum level okay so anyway whenyou click here on the blue button it'sgoing to open up the sales page reallycool sales page does all of the work foryou when you click after you have accessto it when you click on the actual greenbutton that's where you access thecoaching program so when you click hereit opens up this page with this graphicwhich I'm gonna copy this graphic to andput it on the blog post that's a coolgraphic to promote out there just take asnapshot of it right you could put it onFacebook or whatever your blog whereveryou promote so that's where you getaccess to it and when you click thereI'll show you the next video I don'twant to put that in this video butanyway you click there and you getaccess to the actual site where theproduct videos are at and you create alogin for that and you get in that'swhere you access all of the trainingplus a lot of all the bonuses there's alot of bonuses in there too okayso that's that let's get back to themain page when you click on the buttonhere that's gonna open up the sales pagethe sales page looks like this okay soup at the top master traffic institutediscover how to master trafficgeneration by learning the secrets fromtop income earners so the video isreally good it's only five and a halfminutes long so it's really quick butit's very very professionally producedit does the job of explaining boththere's two videos on this page to boththe product what you get with theproduct and also for you affiliatemarketersit explains the compensation structureas well for those of you that just needa video then we have it above the foldwhere you just watch a six-minute videofive and a half minute video and clickthe button and says yes I want mastertraffic institute you generate salesthat way for those of you that are alittle more analytical you want to readthe information go on down great littleheadlines here and then it just startsbreaking down the content this is theone where we created a lot of contentfor this product along with otherprofessional marketers inside of thepower lead system network the familyhere we created a lot of this all of ithas been created in-house by us right soyou get traffic generation 101 you getbranding education by Sean Powell youget content creation by the marine RobFrazier US Marine Corps you get mobilemarketing automation by Manny Lopezyou get Facebook marketing also by SeanPowell you get a direct mail recruitingsecrets by Jeff Gardner he's a master atdirect sale sale cyclone there's JeffMills with his course in here referralmarketing by Mike price hits solo ads byRob Frazier video marketing is anothercourse I put together here you getsocial media marketing by max Steinguard you get how to recruit and makesales effortlessly with email so emailmarketing training by Sean Powell yetmagazine advertising techniques by Boband Nicole Schwartz you get co-opadvertising by Jeff Gardner YouTubemarketing totally different than justregular video marketing techniques thisis YouTube marketing how to reallyleverage the platform Sean Powell getLinkedIn marketing by max Stein gardeblogging training by me I put thatcourse in there too and a lot of bonuseshere you can go through it I want to getdown to the second video so down here onthe second video talks about the compplan very simple two level compensationdirect sellers you get $1,000 per salethere are no pass ups that is greatthen when your affiliates create a saleand they earned $1,000 you automaticallyget $200 as an override on all of theirsales again there's no pass upswhatsoever on the level one or the leveltwo and this video in 1 minute and 20seconds explains the compensation so youcan just share that video as well I'mgonna rip this video down and put thaton my blog review of this coachingprogram as well and that's it guyspretty simple get master trafficinstitute now start marketing like a prothis is all of the training you guyshave been asking for forever these arethe main questions that we get so wemade a list right when we figured outwhat are we gonna train in this thing toalso give them the ability to mastermarketing strategies that we use anywayand the top questions the top requestsfor training that we always get arethese these were the top of the list sowe figured let's just take a surveylet's get all the questions that we getasked all the time make a list of whatstrategies people are looking for anywayand teach those and that's what we didso you have traffic 101 branding contentcreation mobile marketing automationFacebook marketing Direct Mail marketingsales cyclone training referralmarketing solo ads video marketingsocial media LinkedIn and then we addedemail marketing of course magazinemarketing co-op advertising YouTubeadvertising and marketing blogging andthe bonuses after that right so awesomevalue there's the price point one timeno monthly fees thousand dollarcommissions level one $200 overrideslevel two and the the easy thing aboutit is that you just keep inviting peopleto a fun simple way to learn how to makemoney online plug them into our trainingand as they flow through the levelsthey're going to see master trafficInstitute promoted and recommended fromwithin the back-office all of the timeon our training videos and trainingwebinars and that's how they're going tosee it they just log in click on thatblue button they're gonna get right overto it they're gonna order it and whenthey click to order it you get paid athousandwhen your team clicks to order it andsells it you're gonna get 200 bucksthat's as easy as it gets right so I'mgonna put this video on the blog under areview and you guys can learn all aboutit there click the button if you haveany questions you know where to find meI'll see you on the next video guys byefor now

Master Traffic Institute Review Product Release by Power Lead System:


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