Master Traffic Institute Review of Product Launch

oh right welcome back my friend we arelive we are backalright simple freedom calm is where youfind all of the training simple freedominfo you go straight to the YouTubechannel however you'd like to consumeour content it's all good so simplefreedom calm the blog a little moreinformation for you there simple freedomdot info right to the YouTube channelsubscribe click the little bell getthose notifications never miss a videoso let me show you what's going on whenyou have a really cool funnel that's acontinuity funnel a professional directresponse continuity funnel which meansit starts your prospect on the veryfirst little free offer and it allowsthem without you doing any other brainsurgery on this thing the funnel iscreated so that it helps walk peoplethrough the other offers in the funnelnothing mandatory no obligation no riskbut when they see value it's right therepart of the funnel they're always beingreminded and invited and trained andeducated and informed when they seevalue they keep buying okay that's agood marketing funnel so you know wejust released master traffic Institutewhat I love about this from theaffiliate compensation standpoint isthat the same customers the sameaffiliates the same audience the samebuyers the same pipeline of people thatyou built with this marketing funnel toestablish your first sale the secondsale the third sale and all of thatmarketing work that's done on the frontend to create that first-time prospectthe first-time buyer that's the hardstuff right once they're in the funnelyou provide them with additional valueand your custom your happy customerswill keep buying that's the whole pointright so now they have an opportunity intheir back office to become a student orowners of this product release mastertraffic Institute I'm gonna review itwith you but the cool thing from acompensation plan affiliate marketingstandpoint is every single direct saleita thousand dollar commission to you it'sa thousand dollar commission the pricepoint is 1500 bucks it's $1,000Commission every single direct sale nopass ups the other thing that I loveabout it for you team builders is youraffiliates on your front line thatmarket into this and promote it they'regonna generate 1000 dollar Commission'swith every sale but every time they earn$1,000 the company is also going to sendyou an additional $200 override to youon every single sale your frontlineaffiliates close so there you go you'regetting thousand dollars for yourproduction you're getting two hundreddollar overrides on every single sale ofyour affiliates there are no pass upsthere are no monthly fees with thisproduct offer master traffic Instituteis a one-time 1,500 bucks call it unitslike 1495 it's 1500 bucks1000 level one two hundred level two letme show you so we're not even startedokay I haven't even really startedmarketing and promoting this the way Iam going to we just barely released itMonday it's Wednesday day it's been twodays and so there's a 10 day but there'sa 10 day like grace period that ourexisting power lead system members canbuy it within a 10 day time frame andthat is so that if any of theiraffiliate members in their organizationstep up and buy before they do theydon't lose the Commission where we havelike that 10 day grace period where youcan lock in your affiliate productionsales commissions even if they buy itbefore you do so you know give people anhonest chance to secure their ability toearn Commission's on it if they'rereselling affiliates so that's prettycool after that then it's just part ofour funnel it's part of the way we dobusiness and if you've gone to a few ofour Wednesday weekly overview webinarsyou know I've been teaching how to useone system if you want toand use the funnel power lead systemthat is designed to create $500 days foryou on the internet with one customer$500 profit on one day with one customerwell now it's good you're still gonna beable to do that of course but now youcan earn a thousand dollars in one daywith one customer that buys mastertraffic institute it's just gettingbetter and better as my thing let meshow you my email so over in the emailsection we're starting to get thesenotifications now and you see it says uphere at the top May 15th couple of themrolling in right two days that we'vereally not even a full two days sincewe've released this and I've got a powerlead system so far five notifications ofyou just earned $1,000 from power leadsystem how often how awesome is thatright and how cool is it that the thenotifications from my teammates makingsales are starting to roll in - so I'vegot one here where it says you justearned a two hundred dollar Commissionoverride from power elite system that'sbecause let me open this one up this isbecause one of my teammates hasgenerated a one thousand dollarcommission so I get a two hundred dollaroverride how cool is that so it sayscongratulations Franco you've justreceived a two hundred dollar overridefrom master traffic Institute beingpurchased below you and this is brandnew we're just launching we're justreleasing this product line in our mainfunnel there's a lot of technologyaround you know making sure every allthe accounting and the notifications theemails in the back-office reports andall of that stuff in your dashboard isgonna be a hundred percent after thatfirst 10-day little grace periodwhatever so it says right here all MTImaster traffic institute all MTIcommissions will not be visible on yourcommission report in the back officeuntil after the ten days shuffle that'swhat they call that ten day period thatten days shuffle is over cool keep upthe great workpls support how awesome is that today'sWednesday - so it was payday for all ofour normal book of business gets paidtoday every week on Wednesday it justdrops right into your e-walletand I have mine my e walletwhere my commissions go in its I have itlinked to my pay Lucien debit card gotmy debit card I'm not gonna show you mydebit cardDoc's myself and stuff but you know soon my debit card right here they justput it right on there every week I'vegot my Commission's that's for the $400Commission's for the $100 Commission'sfor the six dollar lead lightningCommission's and for the residuals rightevery single month our membership ismonthly so it's $20 per member per monthresiduals plus the pass UPS roll-ups andall overrides and all that beautifulstuff 50% matching bonuses all of thatis in addition to this new product thatwe just released which is master trafficInstitute which gives you everythingthat you need to know to really becomeprolific at generating your own trafficwhen you switch over to this pagecollecting your own leadsfollowing up effectively with yourprospects using our tools usingautomation and personal direct sellingskills as well we teach it all we're atraining we're a marketing education andtraining company first and we happen tohave a comprehensive tool suite as partof our product line that we give peopleaccess to you can use it to sellanything you want on the internet andfor years literally for years now wehave been asking for pleading forbegging for demanding for to create ourown traffic generation educationalprogram a coaching program that peoplecan access 24 hours a day seven days aweekwhere they can master the skill setsthat we end up teaching them anyway butone-on-one are they asking a group orthis and that you know what I mean so wewant to have one place and why why notcreate that inside of our own in-housebuilt from scratch traffic generationcoaching program which we call mastertraffic Institute and give people notonly the toolsweet but the education and trainingthey need to take action and use thattool suite to generate become prolificat generating their own trafficcollecting their own leads following upwith their own prospects online offlineand closing sales better that's thebottom line so we wanted to have thatinside of our own family of productshere and we wanted to give ouraffiliates the opportunity with a highend educational product package likethatto earn $1000 commissions on their level1 direct sales and a $200 override ontheir level 2 affiliate team productionthat gives them the financial incentiveto stay motivated to help teach theseskills to their team because imagineyour team starts generating a pipelineof those thousand dollar commissionsyou've got 200 bucks coming in for everysingle one of those on top of all of theother compensation in power lead systemand that get back to my email so in myother email here where I had five ofthese notifications these are juicycheck it out this is what I want you toget to the point where you are receivingnotifications like this in your emailhow would you feel just imagine howwould you feel wouldn't be it would juststraight-up be cool I want you to bedoing this I want you to earn one ofthese a week one of these a day one ofthese a month whatever it takes put asmile on your face go and have fun withthe family have a you know enjoy life goout and buy some a good steak dinner orwhatever you're into you know go take ina concert go to a show in Vegas have funyou know relax live a little well youcan do that you can't do that withlittle peanut Commission's right onlineor in a home business you can do that ifyou're getting a big fat wad of Wappingthousand dollars per sale in a systemthat does a lot of the heavy lifting foryou and our funnel we I mean thehangouts the webinars the videos I'llshow you the sales page right now theteaching the education the strategiesthe traffic resources the funnels wealready give you done for you alreadydesigned for you all you have to do isget theout hey are you making money on theinternet yet no what is that how doesthat work what's that all about wouldyou like to learn a fun simple way tomake money online our training is freecome on in check out this video and theninvite him to free training put them inyour phone we'll follow up be a goodperson be a good friend follow up withthem you enter you're out Joe let's goman pour me another beer are you in oryou're out we're gonna make moneytogether we're gonna partner up or whatJoe come on Joe we're buddies right Joeyou know I mean you just have fun withithave fun with it and then you startcollecting $1,000 commissions inaddition to the residuals and everythingelse that we have that's pretty coolstuff so every time that your systemcloses a $1,000 sale or a a mastertraffic Institute sale for you yourcommission is $1,000 and so you get anotification the subject line you justearned $1,000 from pls power lead systemand it says congratulations first nameyou've just received a $1,000 commissionfrom one of your referrals purchasingmaster traffic Institute and again letsus know in parentheses they're all MTIcommissions will not be available andwill now be visible rather on yourCommission report until after the tendays shuffle is over this is day threeof the shuffle two full days and it'sWednesday the third day so there we goseven more days keep up the great workright and I received one of these andthen I received another one of thesethen I received the third one of theseand then I received the fourth one ofthese and then I've received the fifthone of these five of them in a couple ofdays it's pretty cool guys this doesn'tsuck right this is pretty fun but I laidthe groundwork if if I'm anything I amNOT the best marketer I'm not the mostskilled I'm not I'm not I'm not buthere's what I am I'm relentlesslyconsistent and focused and on messagethe only thing I want to talk about ifwe're talking business not YankeesDodgers and all that stuff if we'retalking businessI want to talk about a fun simple way tohelp you make money online that's all Iwant to talk about a fun simple way tohelp you make money online are you in toget the free information or not and nowI'm cool with that either way that myjob is to get that invitation out to themasses that's all I do every day everyday every day every day I may share newstories with you where people aregetting laid off or people are depressedor getting fired from their job after 30years of service losing their pensionsyou know all kinds of crazy stuffshappening out therebut what if you had another option whatif there was another plan B doesn't haveto be a full-time Plan B but Plan B canhelp you make a couple of additionalgrand a month so if they get on yournerves that plan a you can take themtake them you can tell them to take aflying leap that's all I'm sayingchoices for you man I want to I want toput you more in more of a position ofstrength to negotiate life down throughthe rest of your days right I am that'swhat I doI help you position yourself in more ofa position of strength to allow you froma position of financial strength andoptions and skillsets opportunities sothat you can negotiate through the gameof the financial game of life that's allthis is about yeah every mean so manypeople get married to that one job titlefor like 20 30 years ago by they'remarried to like one did you have to comesince when did your DNA your being yourlife your consciousness become that onejob title no I can't do anything else isthat what you were thinking at sevenyears old I can't wait to get that jobtitle that's what I'm gonna be for therest of my life and I'm not gonna behappy in it and I'm not gonna besatisfied and I'm gonna be overworkedand underpaid and up to my eyeballs indebt but man am I gonna marryemotionally that job title and I'm gonnaignore all other better opportunities toput myself in a position of financialstrength in my life I mean who dreamtthat up not you know anyway so I'mlooking for people that kind of say youknow whylet me let me learn these skills let mesee how this is rolling because making athousand bucks per sale from theinternet setting the wheels and motionof a very specific message to a marketthat loves that message and buys thoseproducts and services right gate a legitmessage to a legit market that's beenbuying this kind of stuff for decadesput yourself in that stream of freeenterprise so that you can receive youcan reap the rewards of sowing thoseseeds that's all I'm a farmer i sowseeds of this concept into humans andmany people don't flow with me manypeople it's not for them whatever tinyprocrastination whatever hang-ups youknow whatever it's okay it's fine my jobis not to make sure that 100% of myseeds turn into an oak tree my job is tosow the seed and nurture it and water itand be there for people if they have anyquestions and all I do then is yeah it'sreal come on over to free training we'vegot the Wednesday overview here's mywebsite link here I am on Facebookhere's my text number text me anyquestions here's my email Thursdaytrainingeverything's 24/7 recorded go to my blogat simple freedom calm that's it that'sall I do pretty fun stuff so but I'mconsistent every single day taking thismessage out to the worldmost people say no I got over that along time ago long time I you have to Igot over that I'm most people are goingto say no to everything in life whocaressome are gonna say yes more importantlymost are gonna say what's that aboutthat's a maybe right we'll come on overto free training learn about it that'show I've been doing it for 18 years guysdon't overcomplicate this stuff eithersomebody wants to learn the mechanics ofa 1000 dollar Commission on the internetfrom one customer either somebody wantsto learn how that works what has tohappen to make that happen how did I dothat they want to learn that or theydon'tand that's fine that's perfectly finewho cares rightso anyway those are the notificationsyou find it in your back office adminarea in a power lead system well all ofa sudden we're gonna be slow my web okaymy internet okay there we goso when you log in you see that the MTIgrace period ends as I'm cutting thisvideo in seven days 20 hours 4 minutes42 seconds right so there's the the MTIa 10 day 10 day cushion right there andthen notice I own everything I mean Ilove this program so I own everything wesell them a product of the product rightand then the newest one is mastertraffic institute and when you click onthis blue button to play the video forthe review of that it's gonna open upthe page that it sits on here okaymaster traffic institute discover how tomaster traffic generation by learningthe secrets from top income earners playthe video it's only five and a halfminutes guys right and pick it up thereboom you're done if you need more infowe want to review the product line it'sall right herethe number one need for people buildinga home-based business is to get moreprospects true or true true right goodstuff okay good stuff discover whymaster traffic institute fills that needand can help you achieve freedom all ofthese amazing courses are yours todaywith the master traffic institute wepoured our own heart and soul all of ourcontent training on generating trafficin a variety of different ways in-housefrom scratch this is our productcreation it is our coaching program itis our training product we're and if wewant to add to it we're gonna add somemore stuff to it it's all here we backit we support it if you have anyquestions we are here to handle yourquestions and help you understand thesestrategies these techniques theseconcepts these tactics and take actionin them in whatever you're trying tosell it's generic universal right so Iwereon this one traffic generation 101 willteach you the following and you couldread through this thing right it'll takean hour if I do the importance ofgenerating your own unique leads how togenerate ongoing free traffic how togenerate quality leads who buy moreoften how to easily determine whichtraffic sources produce best the numberone critical thing to do to convert yourtraffic into buyers and a lot more inthere I am right and then Sean Powellteaches on branding branding yourself onthe internet for success Rob Fraziercontent creation will teach you thefollowing right you can read throughthis why content creation is still Kingwhy this free marketing method should bea part of your daily business how tocontinuously tell your story to create afollowing of people addicted to you howto connect every piece of contenttogether for maximum search engineoptimization how to get engagement onyour content why you need it and so muchmore he is an absolute devil dog UnitedStates Marine Corps beast of a marketerRob Fraser right there then we haveManny Lopez on mobile marketingautomation and then we have a coursefrom Sean Powell again on Facebookmarketing Facebook marketing 60 plusleads a day how to make a huge list forfree with Facebook marketing how tocreate credibility to make momentum anduse momentum to make more momentum whatcan focus and belief do for you in youronline business all avenues to gettingout to people the importance of yourfacebook support and business groups howto use it properly and when is it theright time to make your own Facebookgroup I talks about some realhard-hitting ideas and concepts and howto use and leverage the Facebooknetworking platform to build yourbusiness so that's Sean and then we haveone of the legends in the gameeight-figure direct mail recruitingsecrets by Jeff Gardner create a killerpostcard that converts into cash set upan all done for you postcard marketingsystem for your team get instant accessto the freshest hottest opportunitybuyer lists usedcarts to create massive team duplicationfollow up with postcards leads follow upwith postcard leads via email marketingto get the highest conversions eightfigure earner dropping it down on DirectMail postcard marketing then there'sJeff Mills right here talking about hissales cyclone course how to build anautomated webinar or video sales letterfunnel to pitch any high or low ticketproduct how to automate text messages toclients upon opt-in in your funnel howto automate voice broadcasts to clientsupon opting in to your funnel itsfollow-up building trust deliveringvalue establishing rapport how toautomate your email messages to clientsupon opt-in to your funnel all kinds ofgood stuff there then we have referralmarketing by Mike price right therereferral marketing how to get anyone togive you referrals by meeting two simpleconditions how to ask for referralseffectively to get a lot of qualityreferrals so on and so forth we havesolo ads marketing training by RobFraserHere I am again with video marketingvideo marketing will teach you how togenerate hyper targeted traffic dailywith simple little videos on YouTube andFacebook like this one right here vowhispers secret become the video crisperby learning how to turn a simple littlevideo per day into a six-figure cash forno this year right I mean that's how Ibuilt my business communicating with mymarket every single day with a varietyof ways to do a little video everysingle day and when I first started Iwas introverted super shy didn't knowhow to do videos well my videos reallysucked so I said there's no way I canput that out there let me use otherpeople's cool nice flowing relaxedvideos you know when someone's doing avideo and they're all tense and nervousand stuttering and sweating and all thatstuff it makes you as a video watchereven if you wanttwo million videos it makes you kind offeel that way too you start feelingtheir nervousness that tension the oh mygod you know this person's having arough time yeah not I'm just gonna behonest we did not too good for closingsales it screams fresh newbie amateurkinda you know did their program mightbe great the comp plan the product mightbe great but you know I might not buyfrom that person right so there there'ssome psychological things we have totalk about when we talk about videomarketing for effective video marketingfor sales okay and we talk about thosethings and I would get around it becausethat was me and so I couldn't even makea 30-second little video for a leadcapture page I mean I was that bad and Iknew I was that bad and that was my keyto successI knew my weaknesses I knew my strengthsand I knew what I didn't know yet and Iwas able to get other ways to do itright and use other people's cool videosand I would share that with my littlecommentary on a post and I began to doit that way until I got a little bitbetter a little bit bit a little bitbetter a little better and then as youdo more and more you become moreconfident and you become better I justflowing no notes no you know stuffwritten on the wall and outlines that'sgreat all that stuff helped me in thebeginning but after a while you justbegin to flow you learn how to usePowerPoint a little bit and you justlook at your PowerPoint and talk aboutyou know those bullet points and justflow just flow the more you do you getbetter so do we talk about that in avideo marketing course inside of MTIand then we have social media marketingby one of the pros Matt Stein guardsocial media marketing course and thenit's more guys and then we have how torecruit and make sales effortlessly withemail marketing Sean Powell comes backhe's a beast to teach you how to convertmore sales with a daily little emailthat you can writesend with 15 to 20 minutes in themorning or at night one time a day youjust email one email a day and create afull-time income doing that he coversthat in that course email marketing thenwe have magazine advertising trainingthen we have co-op advertising trainingJeff Gardner the eight-figure monsterprofessional marketer comes back to talkabout co-op advertising how to generatemore traffic leads and money using coopsYouTube marketing Sean Powell's back totake you through the YouTube marketingjungle and give you some concepts andideas that can help you become aprolific video marketer on YouTube wehave LinkedIn marketing max Steingartenyou about LinkedIn I come back and Ijust you know what I do here bloggingthis blogging training that I did thisis a course in and of itself I give youeverything everything that I do on myblog so that the next time you get to myblog you see the way on marketing on thedifferent ways that I blog you don'tjust blog one certain way right there'sa couple of different things that I puttogether on anybody's blog to make itmore successful as a marketing and salesgeneration tool and I talk about thoseconcepts that I've put together in myblogging so that I can create a videolike this put it on my blog talk aboutit on social media and then always comeback to it periodically right in a monthand in 3 months and a week and whateverand those pieces of content on my blogare always informing adding valuegetting people to know me a little bitlearn a little bit of something whateverI learned I teach and then through thatyou build up trust you build up arapport relationship with your readersand they find very easily the breadcrumbtrail into your offers of your productsand services and programs and then allof a sudden they're in your funnels andthey're buying stuffit's a pretty cool way to set up a bloga lot of people set up a blog and it'sjust a blog it's it's not a blog it's aBL OB it's just a blob of content anddata that doesn't really work togetherright blogging is different it's notblobbing most people just have blobsthey don't have a marketing blog so Iteach you the difference and I just giveyou everything that I do so that you canmodel it if you want to and then there'sthe bonuses the network marketinglifetime membership to network marketingmagazine and then right here of coursewe talked about the affiliates I'd writetwo levels of compensation very simpleno pass ups no monthly fees on thisspecific product it's very clean it's14.95 one-time it pays $1,000 per salefrom every personal referral that'slevel one and it pays a two hundreddollar override from all of theirreferrals that's your level two and Ishowed you the emails on how I'mgenerating commissions already multiplefrom both of these levels of payoutsthat's pretty awesomethat's the way I can teach people toearn full time income quicker by havingthem be a part of our team and havingmaster traffic institute in theirproduct line a thousand dollarcommissions man that that is never a badday when you make a thousand dollars persale in one day with one customer on theinternet with a system doing almost allof your heavy lifting for you there yougo right so how do we get the ballrolling so that you can be on thereceiving end of the cash registergetting your thousand dollar commissionsand your $200 overrides as we teach yourteam how to make a thousand dollars aday online well you just you become amember you plug into the training youtake our promotional training in thiscourse and you take action and it worksit got you here right it worked on youargue one of those five people I boughtfrom you already it's I mean we expectedwhen you have a good marketing funnelyou're a professional what you do youexpect routine sales every week I expectsales in this thingwhy because it's part of our productline and if we doour job well at inviting people to whatwe do we're gonna have customers buyingany of the product offers we have insideof our store power elite system is ourstore and we have product line insidethe store and they go to the shelf andthey get social profit Academy fourhundred dollar commission they want tolearn about marketing co-ops that's onehundred dollar commission they want thetools suite that's a twenty dollarresidual per person per month recurringmonthly residual Commission they getlead lightning that's six bucks rightthey get master traffic academy mastertraffic Institute that's a thousanddollar commission it's in the store yourstore has products on the shelf and youinvite people to your store to learn anddo and become prolific at what we do afun simple way to make money online weteach them how to use the tools and weteach them the concepts and thestrategies they do it they love it theybuy everything on the shelfing you makefull time money I mean that's what we doright so get master traffic institutenow it says start marketing like a proyou get all of this with master trafficinstitute so that you can make a lotmore money now you get traffic 101 youget branding you get content creationcourse you get mobile marketingautomation you get the facebookmarketing training you get eight figureDirect Mail recruiting secrets you getsales Cyclone program you get referralmarketing coaching you get solo admarketing coaching you get videomarketing training you get social mediamarketing including LinkedIn and aweekend retreat it's worth nine hundredninety seven bucks you get how torecruit and make sales effortlessly withemail email marketing training okay I'mgenerating traffic I'm getting all theseleads in my list what do I do now youget really good at email marketingfollow-up is what you do nowthat's what you do now we teach you intheir magazine marketing co-opadvertising YouTube marketing advancemagazine techniques blogging marketingtraining the network marketing magazinelifetime membership bonus courses and alot more to come that we have in apipeline we'll be adding to this as itgrows but even just like that we've gotI mean put a price on that value put aprice on that valueit's 1497 one time guys and it's $1,000Commission and $200 level to Commissionit's pretty awesome that's what the pagelooks like and again you can see in yourback office you just click right here toget it when you click on the box itopens up the master traffic Institutethat's that's where you actually getaccess to the training so it's all rightthere what I did on my blog too I'lllink over I'll link over to it so thatyou can see a lot of people listening tothe boss podcast right now just kind oflisten in that's what we've releasedthis week it's really exciting but ifyou're interested then I would pop offof the podcast and go to my blog atsimple freedom dot-com and once you getto my blog hopefully it's not too slowas I do this video but let me wait untilit pops up hold on their podcastlisteners my computer is a little bitslow right now so I'm waiting for myblog to open up let me open up my blogsimple freedom calm is the blog when youget there on the right-hand sidebar theeasiest way all of these reviews I puton special pages on my blog and the wayyou find every single page is if you payattention to the right-hand sidebar andas you scroll down my blog there's asection under the banners and littleintro videos that I have on theright-hand sidebar you'll get to asection that says training and coachingthat's the name of that section a widgetand it's got links to different pagesthe title of the page is clickable rightand it's alphabetical go down to whereit says master traffic Institute thereit is right under another page I highlyrecommend personal growth master keysystem by Charles Hannah but anywaymaster traffic Institute click on thatand that opens upthe specific review page with a coupleof the videos that I put on here thatgive you a full review of the mastertraffic Institute before you even buy itpretty cool right so as you can see thisis why I do my blogging by the way tooso there it is right there and I've gotmy review video there and then I bringover the actual sales video of thecourses right there some information andcontent and images about it and then Ihave the compensation plan video underthat that's like a minute and a halfthat just breaks down the comp planpayout for you right it's all rightthere master traffic institute $1,000days online more cash flow no dramathat's what it isthousand dollars a day on language justone sale and two hundred dollars persale override on every single affiliateteammates sale from your frontline armyof affiliates well I don't have any wellour training teaches you how to createsomething let me teach you how to createsome right so it's right there mastertraffic institute review if you'realready a gold member if you're alreadya gold member of power lead system allyou have to do is log in log into yourgetting started page for power leadsystem and in your very first dashboardgetting started page at the very bottomof these boxes here you'll see it righthere master traffic institute click onthe blue button for the play video it'sgoing to open up its own sales page andthat's where you can review all of theinformation right there guys mastertraffic institute because $1,000commission per sale and every singlesale and $200 overrides for you teamplayers that teach like this to teachyour team how to be prolific how do youteach your team to make sales with powerlead system how do you teach your teamyou invite them to our training i dothem we all do them there's a lot oftraining plug them into the trainingprogram we will educate and train youraffiliates to become prolific atmarketing promoting networking buildingan email leads list building a book ofbusiness a pipeline of prospects prospects on paradecoming through the information we'regoing to teach the value of what we havegoing it's a special situation that wehave here really is special we careabout team building we don't hype orfluff or blow smoke up any bud but rightwe just give you the information thatyou're gonna need anyway if you want toget successful at marketing andpromoting and selling stuff on theinternet you're going to have to come tothe day where you have to sit down focusand learn the skill sets and then onceyou do that you're gonna learn that youneed to put a certain couple of toolstogether to get things done in abusiness on the internet well we knewthat so we don't bother with any otherfluff and nonsense we just get right tobusiness and we teach you how to use thetools and we teach you strategies on howto generate traffic collect leads followup with prospects effectively and closesales on line that is what we do that'sthe product it's digital which means youget paid more high your profit marginsit's just common sense economics 101 welower the cost so that our good firmvalue great price points contain ahigher profit margin for you theaffiliate anyway and that's why we areable to pay you well to sell and tobring us more clients and members youget paid well as an affiliate ok it'sjust good economics business 101 takingfull advantage of the digital marketfree enterprise online that's all thisis ok so anyway I wanted to give youthat update it's gonna be on my blogit's gonna be on my facebook if you haveany questions you know where to find mebut it's really simpleoh access to master traffic Institute isonly available to existing power leadsystem customers you got to be a memberit's like an internal you know at Costcoyou got to be a member to go in thestore and buy more stuffsame thing here we're like an onlineCostco it's called power lead systemokay you have to be a member and as amember you get to go to the back officeand you see all of our product line inour store like a Costco like a Sam'sClub right it's a membership and you'repart of the membership Gold levelmembers there you go you log in to yourback office and you see our otherproducts right on the dashboard here youcome in here right you're a member ofthe club like Costco like Sam's Clubright you pay your your monthlymembership dues and you get to come inand you get to go to training and thenyou see our product lines all right herewe have the diamond level free addsecrets we have social profit Academythe platinum level and then this new onemastered traffic Institute and if youare a member a gold member of power leadsystem you have access to any and all ofthese how do you become a memberlet me show you - let me give you mymain funnel for this so I'm gonna takeyou to Franco Franco lead system calmFranco lead system comp go there it'sthe main funnel no height no nonsenseit's just it is what it is that's whereyou see the the video and thepresentation on how to become a memberyou can start as a 7-day free trialmember if you like the way we roll justkeep it and you're good to go I juststarted doing a video and it just getsslowed so annoying let me load it up soyou can see it now I'll end the videothere it is Franco lead system calmnotice no hype it's just very basic youknow it's I don't want to have to pitchin like trick you or use tactics or whatI mean I'm looking for people that werealready looking for me I'm looking forpeople that like this approach no hiddeninformation no tomorrow I'm gonna giveyou the secret only if you upgrade I'llgive you the real secret than the realsecret then you know little littlecarrot on a stick kind of thing I don'tappreciate that let'stalk about it let me just show youexactly how its laid out and how I gotyou here what kind of marketingmessaging strategy promotion what did itwhat did I do to get you this far in myfunnel already and you're watching thisvideo what did I doand then here's the funnel let me helpyou set something like this up so thatyou can make money online and live abetter life that's all it is I want youto get $1,000 in a day on the internet Iwant you to have that feeling ofaccomplishing something like that rightnobody can take this skill set away onceyou have it down I want to teach it toyou I want to share with you what I doso anyway create your own cashdone-for-you system creates daily cashflow even for beginners watch the videothat's all this is watch a video andjoin bet I mean if you really want toget down to brass tacks watch a videojoin our club that's it that's what wedo designed for serious busy people whohave no time to waste500 and 1,000 dollar days online noexperience required it's nice if youhave it but it's no experience requiredtraining is included I'll take you stepby step watch this all right so you gothere Franco lead system calm that'sgonna get you over to my mainpresentation page that's got a couple ofvideos and just get started that's all Icould say let me pause the video realquick does it play automatically stillvery cool right there right so you gethere you see the headline and just gothrough the information go through theinformation if you get stuck if there'ssomething you need to understand moredetails you have some questions find meon Facebook text me reply to any emailsyou're getting from me it's it's rightthere I mean all of the info you need isright here just take the time to gothrough it and that's if you think it'sa good idea to make five hundred dollarsper sale or one thousand dollars persale if you think that's a cool idea andyou'd like to get a couple of those aweek then you know I mean just like Idid you're gonna sit down and take thetime to go through every single syllableof information on this website you'rejust gonna do it and you're gonna getstarted that's how I did it there'snothing different everybody goes throughthe same process everybody had their daynumber one out one day - I was a newbiealso I had my first day I had days whereI was brand new I didn't know what I wasdoing right I plugged into training Itook it one day at a time and then Ijust always continued to work to getjust a little bit better than I wasyesterday and become better tomorrow alittle bit a little bit and so anywaythis is what you're gonna see there's acompensation plan video right here Imean everything is here that you needyou don't have to reinvent the wheel youdon't have to rewrite copywriting orimages or video production websitehosting website design you contentcreation psychology of a salespresentation you don't have to reinventanything it's it's just right here okayand again you can go to Franco leadsystem comp to get started if you'realready a member then it's it's reallyeasy all you have to do all you have todo is log in log into your back officeand click right here where it saysmaster traffic Institute right there andthat's gonna open this page for you andthat's it so if you have any questionsyou know where to find meand I will be out there talking aboutthe only things I talk about as far asbusiness I talk about power lead systemI talk about easy one up I talk abouteasy ways for you to earn a high levelof Commission profit per sale becausewhy not why not 500 a day versus five adaya thousand dollars a day with onecustomer versus ten dollars with onecustomer how many customers do you needat ten bucks per sale to make a thousandbucks that's what I'm saying I mean Iwant to work with adults man I want towork with people I want to make somereal money and the marketing is the samenothing changes in the marketing justintroducing them to a way that they canstart small and scale up with growth orthey can jump right in at a high leveland be earning five hundred and onethousand dollars with one customer onthe internet and then we show you how tofind a lot of prospects a lot ofpotential customers so you can find thatone customer a week one customer a dayone customer every two or three days youknow however hard you want to work itit's up to you part time yeah full timeabsolutely I do full time for me a videoa day an email a day a couple of blogposts one blog post today a couple ofFacebook posts a day that's what I doyou see what I do that's what I do I'mjust but I'm here I'm here every day andthat focus and message that focus inbeing here presence and accessibilitythat consistency is what the marketbuilds trust in it it is what it isthat's that's what it is so I can helpyou build that I can help you do thatbut the rest of the stuff thistechnology stuff you don't have to donone of this it's already done for uslook at I didn't have to do any of thisand all of this is created for me andall I have to do is like invite you toto walk you through it that's all I haveto do I didn't have to do I don't knowhow to create a website like this areyou kidding meeven the copywriting and it would takeme years to figure what do I say herewhat do I say there you know but it'sdone it's been given to me I'm a buyerof the praat I'm the product of theproduct but the marketing messages thetools the pages the videos have beencreated for meall I have to do what uh what is theonly thing I've done here I made youaware of it I took the message to youthe market that's itthat's all I've done and I can show youhow to do that so anyway master trafficInstitute I love it you're gonna love ittoo I want you to get thousand dollarCommission's ASAP let me know whenyou're in and I'll plug you into trafficset up your funnels let's roll let'slet's get you going that's all this isokay let's take action massive actionthat's really the secret so anyway I'llsee you on the next video Franco atsimple freedom calm tonight is Wednesdayso I'll be doing the weekly overviewwebinar today and I'm gonna walk youthrough master traffic Institute as wellas the full overview of power leadsystem in general on tonight's webinarso I'll see you then I'll see you on thenext video bye for now

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