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[Music]hey guys Chuck Jones here promotionapartment with the 4% and I want tocongratulate you for making it to thispage now if you are an affiliatemarketer or a network marketer or maybeyou are a consultant or maybe yourauthor or speaker maybe your life coachor maybe you have a ecommerce store ormaybe you're trying to promotecryptocurrency maybe you in direct salesyou just might have a marketing agencyand also if you a person who is tryingto personally brand themselves or maybeyou have a small business distrito thenyou should realize that traffic is thelifeblood to your business so what I'mintroducing to you here is the mother ofall traffic generation courses that willhelp you get unlimited amount of highlytargeted traffic truly truly fast sowhat I want to do is walk you throughthis this is only Cisco exclusively tomembers of the 4 percent so this isabout to be released to the marketplaceand they're ours right now twelvemodules and they're probably about fourmore mods there was three more modulesthat will be added in the next couple ofdays but to be able to get access tothis course then we're gonna give youaccess to a free three video trainingseries called mash traffic blueprint nowso this is it going to be a seven-figuretraffic strategies for 2018 this is afree course that we want to give awayit's really giving you the introductoryto the Internet traffic mastery coursebut this traffic course here for themanage traffic blueprint is going toteach you advanced traffic generationmethods you're gonna learn the theory oftraffic you're gonna learn thephilosophy of traffic and and thisultimately going to actually teach youhow to get traffic on demandman this has been given out as the thethe the the the King of traffic is VIPscrisis he's an a fig entrepreneur he'sone of the top traffic in and marketingexperts and created some of the thehighest converting sales funnels andbusiness training programs on theInternet so this course what you'regonna learn in this course this is themost powerful traffic generationstrategies that you can use today theseare up to 30 mega traffic channels thatyou can tap into right now to get lasertargeted traffic you don't like I saidyou're gonna learn that the languagetraffic how to demand trafficeight-wheel like a pro and dominate yourmarketplace unless well without trafficand conversions you no good well thatwe're looking for a lead and you'realways looking for the CEO so you'regonna learn how to turn all yourvisitors into mieze and then how to turnthose leads into paying customers sohere you click the button off somewhereon this page and you will be taken tothis page and then this will allow youto register here if you click thatbutton reddish to get on how VIPnotification and you will be able to getfree notification of when this coursewill be it will be released to you forfree and with no strings attached sowithout further ado let me dig into whatthis leads up to the mother of alltraffic generation courses Internettraffic mastery that you can get yourhands on after you can get into the masstraffic blueprint for free so the firstmodule is as you can see you have tolearn traffic rules traffic strategiesin a game of traffic so this is what youneed to learn before you even activateyour first traffic campaign you need toknow how to actually multiply yourresults is what this is going to be allabout okay so you're gonna learn twotypes of traffic you're gonna learn thethree levels of traffic andyou're gonna learn out the rollouts therollout strategy of how you roll outyour game plan for a winning campaignthis is it okay ma'ammoving on in module two this is heavyyou're gonna learn influencer trafficwith influencer traffic this is whereyou're gonna learn and modules how totap into people who have largefollowings on Instagram snapshot aTwitter Facebook YouTube okay and whenyou do you can put your offer yourwebsite in front of these influencersand this module will teach you exactlyhow to put yourself in other words let'sjust say you get someone on Twitter thathas 20 million followers well then youcan get your offer and contact them andwe'll show you exactly how to do thatthrough influencer traffic okay nextmodule module 3 is 24 hour traffic inthis module you're gonna tap into agoldmine they're massive amounts oftraffic already ready to give youtraffic within 24 hours or less ok sosome of these networks are trafficagencies email media buys and networksyou probably haven't heard about beforeso we're gonna let you tap intosomething like that okso this is 24 hour traffic media this iswhere this is where you're gonna getthousands and thousands of people tosend you clicks to your offer until yourlinks within 24 hours ok and module forsocial media traffic this is whereyou're going to tap into not justputting an ad together on Facebook orYouTube or Twitter we're gonna show youFacebook strategies okayand this strategy is how to do how toget traffic on Facebook through astrategy theyis very very very powerful so you'regonna learn how to siphon massive amountof high targeted traffic from some ofthe biggest social media sites in theworld okay and module four search mediatraffic this is where you're gonna beable to get your offers or your websitein front of people who's looking forexactly what you have and so some ofthese search networks then we're gonnateach you about is it's gonna besomething like Google Adwords and beingads so we're going to show you how totap into that traffic and get your ad infront of people who are looking forexactly what you have to offer throughsearch engine traffic okay alright andmodule six this is media traffic mediathis is where you're going to be able todeep into this play media traffic okaythis is where you're gonna be able toget in front of targeted people dailywithout virtually no competition so someof these networks that you probably mayhave heard of how to get traffic fromClickbank marketplace jvzoo marketplacebloggers and then major display adnetworks that's probably never heard ofwhich is advertising calm imbecilles calm so with this module you're goingto be able to create display ads and putyour traffic and get traffic that wayokay so in module seven retargetingtraffic media this is a major okay thisis where you're going to learn Pacificmarketing strategy on how to put certainpixels such as a Admiral Network orusing Facebook retargeting if you have avisitor website before and you didn'tbuy something and then you you went backon Facebook or another website now youhad that had the same and following youall across the Internetwell this is retargeting and it's reallyanother word for remarketing this iswhere we teach you that every personthat ever visits any part of yourwebsite has is being remarked remarketedto or retargeted for over six months soyou can send an ad back to them thatthey have raised their hands but guesswhat you can market to these people anddominate this market for pennies on thedollar okay all right so in module 8this is big boy traffic this is whereyou're going to learn CPA traffic mediaCPA stands for cost per acquisition orcost per action this is where you'regoing to make it and army full of superfeel is to send you up to 50 to 100,000visitors in a day okay so this is thisis this is a big boy traffic right herethis is where everything will change foryou so for instance with a CPA trafficyou only pay for what you get so if youwant to actually pay for a sale thenthey will you will only be charged forwhen someone buys your product or let'ssay you wanted to you wanted to getleads you will only be charged for theamount of leads that you get okaypowerful powerful powerful trafficsource all right in module nine this isa strategic syndicate traffic media okaythis is where you're gonna learn anadvanced strategies they completelychange your business you're gonna learnstatistically how to get thousands ofbuyers to your website withoutpersonally running a single campaignokaypowerful powerful powerful okay so inmodule 10 perpetual traffic machine yeahI've had my mentor set up one of thesebefore I've actually run one of thesethis is a very powerful traffic strategyand very powerful traffic source so hereyoulearn in this module how to get massiveamount of fresh targeted traffic dailywithout spending a single dime onmarketing and how you can create asmooth of hungry successful peoplethat's interested in exactly what youhave so you're gonna have peoplepromoting exactly what you already haveokayall right going to the next modulemodule eleven traffic media X and thismodule you're going to learn how tostrategically uncover new fresh trafficsources so this is where you want to doyour research and we we dive intoresearch channels that's going to showyou how to pretty much what we call aclone or a model or siphon what yourcompetition is already doing so we havesites out there that you can modelexactly what they're doing already andfind out where they get made trafficfrom and model the same thing they'redoing so this is a strategy type oftechnique that we're teaching you inmodule 11okay the last module the come up is theultimate traffic media this is whereyou're going to learn how to get the thesingle most powerful traffic soldiersever okay so how about if you want toopen up a floodgate of never-ending thehighest converting type of traffic everthis is where you're gonna pretty muchlearn how to own this traffic okay thisis traffic you own alright so that'spretty much it guys I want to give youinside the the major course of Internettraffic mastery and to beba to getaccess to this all you have to do isclick the button somewhere on this pageor below this video and you will betaken to this page register for free toget on the VIP listto get notifications for mash trafficblueprint that will be released to themarketplace soon and then once it isthen I will seeing you your freenotification link and you would getaccess to this and watch and get trainedthrough this 3 video training source okso that's pretty much itget on that page make sure you registerand I look to see you on the inside Ihope you found this helpful and this canchange your life alright this is ChuckJones thank you for watching and takecare[Music]

Master Traffic Generation Like A Pro – look Inside Internet Traffic Mastery –

Get Mass Traffic Blueprint FREE – Master Traffic Generation Like A Pro – look Inside Internet Traffic Mastery

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