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hi today we're going to be talking aboutInternet traffic mastery and the 4% andas you can see I'm logged into my backoffice of Internet traffic mastery andclicking on core products a momentall right so let's give it a move forthe loaderloading all right this is the problemwhat most people like they'll tell youto buy a product of stuff however mostof them they don't even own the productso how can you tell somebody else to buyyour product if you don't own it andthis is why so many people they end upfailing online because they're askingyou to buy something that they don'teven own and for me I everything that Iencourage people to invest in or to ownI own it myself so that the challengethat I'm going through I own itInternet traffic mastery that I'mteaching you about even in East Stateswhere you build your own website I ownthose products okand for most people they don't um I owna license to those products let meclarify that I own a license to thoseproducts so I have the right to use thembecause I paid my money I invested mymoney into these products so I caneducate myself and so like I'm talkingabout Internet traffic mastery right sogetting access to it logging in justgive it one moment to load up ok so thisis the back-office of Internet trafficmastery and give them one moment allright so as you can see it talks aboutthe rules to strategy to game plan theinfluencers the different levels ofInternet traffic mastery for us gettingaccess to traffic for your product orservice ok so this is my back office andanybody owns a product they all haveaccess to the same type of back-officebut again most people they're trying toget you to buy the product and Davethemselves don't even own the product ornot don't even use the product and so Iactually I use it because it reallyhelps me in my own business alrightwhich is a three way funding sothis Internet traffic mastery it helpsme to learn how to market my ownbusiness better that's the reason that Italk so much about it because it reallyhelps me and I think that if it helps megrow my business I believe that willhelp others grow their business okayokay so now talking about Internettraffic mastery explain and the benefitsof itfirst of all Internet traffic mastery isteaching you how to generate traffic toa product or service even if you don'town the product or service you can stillmake money because it actually teachesyou how to properly market that productor service so basically you being anaffiliate correct so by you being anaffiliate and you're promoting somebodyelse's product or service you're able tomake money so what internet trafficmaster does it actually shows you how tohelp and understand how to get yourproduct or service in front of thosepeople that are really interestedbecause you and I know that your productor service isn't for everybody and youdon't want it to be for everybodybecause then there's basically noinclusiveness you know you want to feellike people when people are buying yourproduct or service that they'reinclusive to they're feeling specialbecause they know this is somethingthat's gonna help them directly okay sothat's the reason that internet trafficmaster is so powerful because it'sactually teaching you how to find thoseinterested buyers in your product orservice now it also teaches you how toincrease your customers and doubleyourself and at the end of the day weall want to double ourselves because wewant to double our profits so thissystem actually teaches you step by stepin which I showed you earlier in a videoall the different traffic strategies youcan use to be able to get morecustomers to your product or service tosell more of your product or servicewhich increases your profits no anotherthing is going to do it's going to teachyou how to find promoters to promoteyour product or service this is anotherthing where you have joint ventures orjust social media and fluencies that arepromoting your product or service andwhen they're promoting your product orservice you know the hey these arepeople that have very good ratings thepeople respond to them strongly thepeople believe in their message and sobecause they're influencing those buyersthat are on their list to buy yourproduct or service you have a higherchance of making more cells thansomebody that's just going out trying tolearn social media trying to learn howto interact with people youautomatically know how to go to thoseinfluencers that already done thegroundwork to help you sell your productor service much easier so it doesn'tmatter if you are real estate in a realestate agent a dentist a constructioncompany a law firm this program actuallyteaches you how to find those peoplethat are qualified to promote yourproduct or service and one of the biggerthings that Internet traffic masteryteaches you is how to increase yoursubscriber base so basically once youfind those influences that have thoselists of customers and buyers on theirlists and instead of them sending themto your website where your product orservice is you want them to send them toa landing page where you can get theirname and email and you can startbuilding a relationship with thesepeople to help you nourish your businessor products so that now they're buyingmore of your productservices for their own benefit so youdon't want them just going directly toyour website you want to be able to sendthem to a landing page first and thenonce they're at that landing page nowthey put in their name and email andthen it goes over to your product orservice that you're offering so now ifthey don't buy you're able to send outan email introducing yourself and letthem know hey I see that you wereinterested but I you didn't buy let metell you more about our product orservice to get them more interested nowbecause you're reaching out to them theytrust you more and they're willing tobuy from you okay that's what Internettraffic mastery is it's helping youactually grow your base of customers andsubscribers and to becoming buyers ofyour product and services and it's allin one program versus your scouring overthe internet trying to find these peopleto promote they have all these databasesalready built in where you can just goto that database and say I want to findsomebody to promote my dentist company Iwant to find somebody to promote my lotlaw firm this system actually has itbuilt in where they teach you where togo and just find those people to promoteand make it much easier for you even ifyou don't have a product or service andyou're an affiliate of somebody elsethis system again will show you how toget people to buy products and servicesthat you're promoting even without youactually owning that product or serviceand putting more money in your pocketwhich is the end of the game you justwant more money you want more sales andmore money and that's what internettraffic master is going to help you doall right so I hope that this briefvideo helps you understand why internettrafficmaster is so important because you don'thave to do all the grunt work you don'thave to do all the hard work it puttogether a system where you literallyjust going clicking a link finding thepeople that can promote your product orservice or promote your business andreaching out to those people and sayinghey I have this product or service Iwant you to promote it and so youbuilding a relationship with them aswell that's what this internet trafficmaster is about now if you haven'tsubscribed to our YouTube channel clickthat red button below and also click onthat bell so whenever we upload a videoyou'll also have notification of thatnew video as soon as we upload it andfor those of you that want to learn moreabout how in an attractive master we canbenefit you your product or service withyour business click the link below thisvideo and if you would please share thisinformation with the rest of thecommunity my name is Houston withthreeway funding thank you

Material of Internet Traffic Proficiency
Internet Web Traffic Proficiency Videos
Net Traffic Proficiency program is a 12 module Video Program that will certainly teach you everything you have to understand regarding Web Traffic. Produced by Vick Strizheus from the 4 Percent. Vick Strizheus was programmer of the previous web traffic training course "High Web web traffic Academy"

1. The future of social networks as well as instagram. This is where the future is going, specifically for advertising and marketing and service
2. Interaction, Influence, Celeb
3. Website traffic generation and also monetization. Instagram is a excellent cars and truck to drive web website traffic to any kind of product whether its info thing, e-commers, solutions, there is no limitation
4. End Up Being an Effective Marketer


Internet Web Traffic Mastery Program is designated in the direction of the sticking to Services:.
1 – Associate Advertising and marketing.
2 – Multi level marketing.
3 – Details Advertising.
4 – Consulting.
5 – Writers.
6 – Speakers.
7 – Trains.
8 – ECommerce.
9 – Crypto Advertising and marketing.
10 – Online Organisation.
11 – Straight Sales.
12 – Marketing Agencies.
13 – Personal Brands.
14 – Professional Sales.
15 – Local business.

What You’ll gain from Web Web Traffic Mastery Web Web traffic Training Course.
• Full Internet Proficiency A-Z.
• 12 Elements. Intro here.

Web web traffic Proficiency Modules.
ELEMENT 1: Traffic Policy & Tactical Strategy.
Web Web traffic Guidelines & Approach. To win in the video game of internet website traffic, you ought to comprehend the rulse of the game as well as talk the secret language.

In this component you’ll learn exactly how you could rise your outcomes with much less task along with the techniques you should comprehend before triggering your very first website traffic campaign ever before. We discuss web traffic laws, 2 sort of web website traffic, 3 levels of traffic, rollout methods, tactical strategy for success along with even more!

MODULE 2: Influencer web site web traffic media.
Influencer website traffic media. Ways to reach 100’s of numerous individuals as needed and get floodings of website traffic to any type of internet site you wish.


In this module you’ll learn the best ways to obtain your website before various individuals on-demand with influencer advertising techniques.

ELEMENT 3: 24-HOUR web traffic media.
24-HOUR web traffic media (Rapid internet site traffic media). The deserted found ruby of substantial instand targeted internet website traffic.


In this module we’ll testimonial the (practically) deserted goldmine of huge amounts of internet site traffic prepared to be guided to your internet site in 1 Day or much less!

MODULE 4: Social media website traffic.
Social network web site traffic. The very best methods to rapidly in addition to strategically siphon huge quantities of targeted site traffic from the bigges social media networks on earth today.


In this module you’ll discover ways to strategically & efficiently siphon mass amounts of extremely targeted internet website traffic from the most significant socials media on the planet.

PART 5: Search media internet site traffic.
Surf media web traffic. The most effective ways to enter front of substantial quantities of depriving leads desperately searching for what you have.


In this element you’ll discover the best ways to enter front of considerable amounts of starving leads seriously looking for specifically just what you have!

ELEMENT 6: Existing website traffic media.
Existing website traffic media. Ways to tap into significant pool og targeted traffic with virtually no rivals.


In this component we dive deep right into display screen media and also talk about methods to reach many targeted individuals everyday with virtually no competitors!

PART 7: retargeting media.
retargeting media. How you can be almost everywhere, reach millions and dominate your market.

1: AdRoll Network.

In this component you’ll discover specific advertising and marketing methods for retargeting as well as methods to be almost everywhere, reach many individuals, in …

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