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how to master traffic generation use anInternet traffic mastery to get salesbetter hey many of you are not awarethat a lot of the traffic gurus dareusing this type of program and I'mtelling you why they're using it it'sbecause this program helps them gethelps them find customers and getcustomers fast that'll buy theirproducts and stuff however once they'restarted using this product what they dothey'll create a generic type of productand sell that product off to you becausethey know hey you're newbie and againyou don't know that much about trafficyou don't know that much about how toget a customer and stuff so they'remanipulating you and to buying theirproduct which they're not even usinginstead of actually showing you whatproduct is actually helping themgenerate sales and to get customers sohi my name is HoustonI'm the founder of the three way fundingprogram where we teach you how to buildup your business credit how to getfunding for your business and personalneeds now as I was saying a lot of thesegurus are using the Internet trafficmastery program right and so they'regoing through this program and they'repicking out bits and pieces of theprogram to use for themselves to drivetraffic so for you as a newbie or asmall business owner or entrepreneur soyou know that you're trying to sell yourpart of a service and you know it'schallenging for you to get thosecustomers well the thing about it is alot of those gurus again they're usingthis here service to get defyingcustomers and products and sell theirproducts and stuff well they're creatinga generic type of products and stuff toget you to buy into their program nowone this Internet traffic mastery showsyou how to get customersanother thing is going to do is teachyou how to build a brandis one of the biggest problems for a lotof new people coming online and tryingto market their products and servicesand hard for them to get a customersbecause they don't know how to build abrand okay and a brand is basicallywhere you are talking about your productor service and you telling people aboutthe benefits of it and there may be acompetitive product out there howeverbecause you have so much knowledge ofthat product or service in itself andyou're sharing what your experience iswith that product in service you startbuilding your brand that way and so withthe Internet traffic mastery program isactually going to show you how to dothat now this is the biggie that a lotof these so-called gurus are doing thatthey're not telling you okay how they'reusing this of Internet mastery programtraffic program to get their products infront of a large amount of people realfast and to get sells real fast most ofthe time you're getting traffic within24 hours as well as sales within 24hours okay and the reason the waythey're doing is they're findinginfluencers people that already have alarge amount of people in their networkokay and all they do is say hey I gotthis great product I want you guys tocheck it out right and because they'rethe influencer then they automaticallycan encourage people to get them tocheck out your product or services andso how do you get influence and stuffwell there is a manual way for you toget those influencers and if you do itthe manual layer to be a much harderbecause you don't know who's good andwho's badhowever there are systems that actuallytell you who's the best influence areout there to get your product or serviceto help drive traffic now once you findthose influencers and they agree topromote your product or services totheir group one of the big thingsthat a lot of these gurus are not alsonot telling you is that you shouldn'tsend them direct to your product orservices what you need to do is sendthem to a lead capture page and thereason you want to send to send them toa lead capture and page because you needto build up your own email list and sowhat that means is that instead of themsent them to say that you were sellingt-shirts all rightyou don't send them directly to thet-shirts you sell them you sent them tothe page that gets their name and emailand then that page sends them to thet-shirts you're selling so that waythey're on your list and so that way youcan follow up with them if they don'tbuy a t-shirt from you at that time andyou can send them out an email to sayhey we got a new t-shirt products orwhatever type of products you're sellingI'm just using t-shirts as an example soyou can get a better understanding butyou know that way when those people signup on your email list you can startbuilding a relationship with thembecause then you can know what type oft-shirts they you know what other typeof products they're in and also it letsthem know who you are and actually youare wanting to build a relationship withthem instead of just wanting to sellthem something okay so you get to exposeyourself and be very transparent withwho you are and what you represent soyou're not just representing a productyou're actually building yourself up asa brand or as an authority in your nichewere you enabled where you're able toencourage them of how to go about buyingnot on your product or maybe you'repromoting another another company'sproduct or anything but building thatemail list this is where you would havethe biggest control so you don't wantyour influences just sending them toyour product you want them to send themto your lead capture and page okay andso like I said you can put this on Autoput this on autopilot so with thoseFlorence's once they start sendingtraffic and you capture their names andemails then you can put those emails onautopilot where they're constantlyfollowing up with them this is what theinternet traffic mastery program isabout it's actually teaching you how tokeep on communicating with those peopleonce they're on your list so they canstart to trust you so not only are theyjust mind this one problem but as youcreate more products you'll be able tosay hey I created a new product one thatyou check it out and you're able tooffer them discounts on your productsand everything because now they start totrust you because you're actuallyeducating them on what you know aboutthe product or service and what youthink would be in their best interestwhen it comes to that certain product orservice all right so I hope that thisgives you some more encouraging aboutwhat the Guru's are using they're usingthis internet traffic mastery system andthey are taking it apart and thenthey're putting their own spin on it andthen reselling instead of actually justtelling you where to get the actualproduct and if you want to actually getthe full product to the Internet trafficmastery then click the link below thevideo so that way you can get access tothe program okay and you've been in anetwork of people I sense that Networkpeople I should say people that arealready using a product so as you startusing a product if you have anyquestions or concerns of how to drivetrafficbut again the Internet mastery productis gonna tell you everything anyway it'sgonna break it down from A to Z how toget your traffic how to get your trafficwithin 24 hours how to be able to getyour product or service with the infront of thousands of people within 24hours so you can start making sales foryour product well there's an affiliateproduct or is your own product you'll beable to start making money so I hopethat this video helps you I would askyou if you have not hadchance to subscribe to our YouTubechannel please subscribe to our YouTubechannel also if you want to check outmore about 3-way funding click the linkthe goal to 3-way funding but to getaccess to Internet traffic masteryprogram click the link below this videothank you

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