How to set Destination of Mobile nodes and Traffic Generation in ns2 | NS2 Tutorial 20

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Its concerning the usage of setdest as well as cbrgen.tcl for automated code generation for node mobility, connection establishment, etc

. This message will aid you to recognize the automatic TCL code generation for creating links in between the nodes, to create jumps, produces tcp or cbr agents, and so on
. There are 2 points are used: setdest and also cbrgen.tcl

setdest is used to
Produce hops in between the nodes making use of the GOD (General Operations Supervisor) item.
Produce flexibility for nodes in terms of metres/second
Relocate from one area to one more place making use of setdest (Establish destination) with rate

To carry out, make use of./ setdest.
Example of Setdest is.

$] cd/ home/pradeepkumar/ns-allinone -2.35/ ns-2.35/ indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen/setdest.
$]/ setdest -v 2 -n 10 -s 1 -m 10 -M 50 -t 30 -P 1 -p 1 -x 500 -y 500.

The above result is redirected to usersetdest.tcl.

produce links in between the nodes, one can specify the maximum number of links to be produced all the nodes in the network.

to create the kind of representatives in between the nodes (cbr or tcp) price at which the packets are transferred.

to perform this, ns cbrgen.tcl.

Example of cbrgen.tcl is.
$]/ home/pradeepkumar/ns-allinone -2.35/ ns-2.35/ indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen.
$] ns cbrgen.tcl -kind cbr -nn 10 -seed 1 -mc 5 -rate 5.0 REDIRECT cbr-10-test. tcl.