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hello welcome to the Facebook trafficvideo now during this video of coursewe're going to be talking about a littlestrategy that I use to drive tons oftraffic to my website using Facebook Adsnow first off let's quickly cover why Iuse Facebook ads and why you need to beusing Facebook ads as well and this isprobably my favorite source of trafficcurrently than anywhere else on theinternet right now now for one Facebookads is just a goldmine right nowFacebook ads is just like Google Adswords was about 10 years ago okayit's popular it's huge and it's stillkind of new ok Facebook is it 100%Facebook hasn't 100% figured out theadvertising platform yet now as you knowif you're you know familiar withFacebook ads it's definitely changed alot over the past few years and it'sgoing to keep changing alright what themain difference is between like Facebookand Google AdWords is for one Facebookyou can do a lot better targeting okaywe can get really detailed with who wetarget on Facebook and some things thatwe can't do on Google AdWords forexample also Facebook has a lot morelenient with their rules you know withFacebook we can link directly toaffiliate offers or a bunch of differentpages that we can't really do withGoogle AdwordsAdWords has a very strict linking policythey really hate affiliates I reallyhate like all these Scelzi types videosand things like that and Facebook youknow really lets us get away with all ofthat stuff which allows us to drivetraffic anywhere we want without havingany issues except for minor issues ofcourse like gambling and things likethat Facebook does not approve that andof course Facebook has you know morethan a billion users so no matter whatyour niche is or what your target isthere is an audience for on Facebookthat you can target and you can getclicks for as Louis pennies or sometimeseven less than pennies if you know whatyou're doing now Facebook does have alot of different types of ads anddifferent types of bidding andstrategies that you can use whencreating your ad for example to havelike ads than the whole point of this isto build up yourfan page and get likes for your fan pageyou can do lead ads or the whole pointis for you to get a lead and this iswhat we're going to be focusing on bydriving traffic to our squeeze page andfocusing on getting leads and the laststrategy is a sales type strategy whereyou're gonna send traffic to a productlaunch or some kind of sales page tryingto make the sell Facebook also offerscost per click or CPM which is cost perdepression so what that means is costper click as you are going to pay everytime someone clicks on your ad no matterwhat they do on the other end you'regonna pay when they click on your ad aCPM or a cost per impression means youare going to pay a flat amount per 1000impressions so no matter if no oneclicks on your ad or if all 1000 peopleclick on your adyou are going to pay one small fee perevery 1000 impressions also there aretwo types of placement for your ads youhave right hand side ads and newsfeedads right hand side ads are usuallybetter for the like type ads when you'retrying to build your fan pages up ifyou're just trying to get some namerecognition and you want people to seeyour face or see your brand name that'skind of ideal for that not too effectivewhen you're trying to build an emaillist or make sales that's where we usethe newsfeed ad these are perfect foryou know squeeze pages and sales pagesyou're trying to sell a product whetheryou're a vendor or an affiliate theclick-through rate is always much muchhigher on the newsfeed because we havebigger images and we are right there inthe middle of their Facebook and that'swhat we're gonna be using with ourstrategy is a newsfeed ad now the wholepoint of this strategy is very verysimple we are going to be setting upnewsfeed ads that redirect to oursqueeze page that's the main point ofthis video and this is how I build mylist and add thousands of subscribers tomy email list every single month okaywe're gonna create simple ads redirectthem to our squeeze page alright soyou're gonna need a squeeze page forthis strategy to work alright so let'sgo ahead dive right into itHere I am on Facebook right now and asyou can see we have all thesedifferent objectives that we can choosefor building our Facebook ad now what wewant to do is what I recommend what I dois I send people to your website allright this is pretty straightforwardthis means when someone clicks on yourad they are going to be redirected toyour website so once you click on thishere it's gonna pop up and it's gonnaask you to enter the URL that you wantto promote and this is gonna be yoursqueeze page so type out your squeezepage here and once you get your squeezepage URL entered there you are going tosee that we now have all these differentoptions for creating our ad now first upwe need to choose our audience now ifyou aren't sure who your audience is noproblem at allwe're gonna figure that out that's alsothe point of these ads is we're gonna doa lot of testing and find out whichaudience is converting the best for usokay so for one four locations you knowwhen in our location we need age we needgender so for example let's say that Ihave a squeeze page in the weight lossniche for women okay I am promoting aproduct that is directed towards womenin the weight loss niche okay so I knowfor a fact for gender I want women allright but maybe I'm not sure on thecountries or the age or anything likethat so what we can do is we can headover to Alexa comm and we can post anywebsite that is related to our niche sofor example Women's Health mag is big inwomen's health and fitness and thingslike that so I pasted their URL andAlexa calm and it's gonna come back andgive me some information about thiswebsite so as we can see who visits thiswebsite the most we can see for onefemale majority is female which Ialready expected that we can see thatthe majority has some college or somecollege they browse from their home andwe can see that the most visited bycountry is United States and India butmainly just the United States with overfifty percent of the visitors okay so Iwant to go back here I am going to keepmine on women I'm going to keep it onjust the United States for now and forthe ages I'll keep it at 18 and I'mgonna change 65 plus two let's tryaround 50 alright well we'll test thatout therenow the big thing here is the interestwho are we gonna target who isinterested in our weight-loss productwell I can start it off by doing justsome broad interests you know I canchoose weight-loss for example becausethat's who I'm targeting if you know ofanybody in your niche that is big forexample you could target people like ifI was targeting basketball players Icould target LeBron James if I wastargeting internet marketing people Icould target Frank Kern so off the topof my head I don't know anyone who isbig in the weight loss niche but onceyou type out the first one as when yousee my weight loss they're gonna startgiving you recommendations here so I cando you know dieting I could do physicalexercise and I can just choose all thesedifferent interests that are related tothe people that I am targeting and onthe right hand side here we can see thatwe have around 24 million people who fitall of this different criteria okay soscrolling down a little bit further herehow much do you want to spend per daynow this is completely up to you but letme go ahead and point out that itdoesn't matter how much money you haveyou know spending 500 hours a day is notgonna change anythingand it's not gonna make your ad do anybetter okay I always recommend 5 to 10to 15 dollars per day I don't recommendstarting off with 20 dollars plusbecause it's really not gonna make adifference okay we're gonna be splittesting different ads anyways so allthose different five dollar ads aregonna add up anyways if you're lookingto spend that much money no come in hereand drop a hundred dollars per daybecause it's not gonna make anydifferenceso I like to test with 5 or 10 dollarsper day just to see how my ad isconverting that's more than enough moneyto see how your ads converting so I'mgonna keep that at 5 dollars per day andwhen we scroll down a little bit more wecan actually create our ad all right sofirst off we need an imagenow I actually had a little imagecreated for this weight loss squeezepage so let me go ahead and load that uphere by clicking on this plus symbol allright there we go now we can see we haveour little ad created here now for yourimage here what I recommend you knowthere are some things that you can tryto catch people's attention because youknow when people are browsing throughtheir newsfeed there'sall these different images and you kindof have to think outside of the box andit really creates something that'sdifferent and captures our attention Irecommend having you know some kind ofbright border around your image or somekind of bright background or like youknow a play button using weird fontusing someone's face or someone's bodyyou know something that stands out andalways have some sort of call to actionokay I just grabbed a random image hereI wouldn't really use this imageprobably now it has no border it doesn'treally have a call to action although wecan use the buttons down here as theycall to action but we'll come back tothat here in a second now if you weren'treally good with graphics you could headover to fiverr.com you can have anawesome newsfeed graphic created for youfor five dollars all I did was searchFacebook newsfeed ad and we can see thatwe have all these different people thatcan create an image for us for just $5so you can you can head over there don'tthink too much about it to spend fivedollars and have your image created nowall you want to focus on is the newsfeedad the desktop newsfeed okay for themobile newsfeed you can keep that up ifyou wanted to for the right column we'regonna remove that and I'm actually gonnaremove you know what will keep my willfeed actually will keep that up as wellso we're gonna go with the desktop andthe mobile newsfeed get rid of rightcolumn because we don't want to promotethat at all we are looking to build ourlist now for the headline you knowwhatever it is you're promoting you wantto have a headline obviously that goesalong with that promotionso I could do something like how to lose25 pounds because that's what the imagesays 25 pounds in only two weeksand then for my text I can say somethinglike tired of those love handles clickhere to learn how I lost 25 pounds inonly two weeks and that's gonna appearthere now when you do run a desktopnewsfeed ad you do have to choose a fanpage now when they click this ad it'sstill gonna redirect to your squeezepage or whatever website you entered uphere but we still have to enter a fanpage because it's gonna be sponsoredfrom that fan page so you can just clickthis plus sign right here to create anew one if you don't already have oneand you basically just have to enter aname for it and that's it that's what Idid here I just entered how to loseweight fastand that's all you have to do for thatthere now for the call to action I dorecommend using this I like to use thedownload button here and as you can seeit will put a button there if you'resending people to a squeeze page andwanting them to opt in for a downloadyou know choose download of course ifyou're sending people to you know asales page do like you know shop now oryour sign up or whatever it is or ifyou're going to send this like anarticle or something like that you knowshoes learn more choose whichever callit to action just you know complementsthe offer that you are promoting so I'mgonna choose download now if we show theAdvanced Options here we can also give adescription below or a headline here aswe can see like that if you want to addmore text to try to get your viewers togo ahead and click through and go toyour squeeze page so I'll keep it likethat there now here's the real secretand here's how to really drill this downand get the most out of these ads if wescroll back up here you're going tonotice that we selected all thesedifferent interests right we selectedthree for this example but for you youmight have nine ten you know twentydifferent interests what I like to do isI like to create one AD per interest sothat I can test out the differentinterest and see which one is convertingthe best because if I run one ad herewith these three different interest andI'm getting you know all these peopleopting in each and every day all thosedifferent people might actually beopting in they might only be fans ofweight loss and I don't know that rightI could get 100 clicks for people whoare dieting fans I could get 100 clicksfrom people who are into physicalexercise and 100 clicks into people whoare into weight loss and all of thepeople that opt into my squeeze pagecould all be from weight loss and I'mjust wasting money by advertising to thedieting people and the physical exercisepeople so what I would do is I wouldclose out of these right here forexample and with this ad I would justfocus on weight loss so I would scrolldown I would place my order and thenwhen you place your order it says wouldyou like to create another ad just likethis so you're gonna click on thatbutton and when you do it's going togive you all this exact same detailsright everything's gonna be exactly thesame and when you do that you're gonnacome in here you're gonna get rid ofweight lossthis time you're going to focus ondieting for example then you're going toplace your ad for this one you're gonnacreate another similar ad and you'regonna swap out dieting for somethingelseokay so you have all these ads that areexactly the same except each one has adifferent interest and this way you canfocus on each individual one and seewhich one is converting the best andstop advertising on the ones that aren'tconverting the best okaythat's just how simple it is to drivetraffic to your squeeze page usingFacebook and building your list justfocus on your interest see which one isconverting the best and then you canexpand on that and stop wasting yourmoney and advertising to the other ones

Facebook is one of those traffic sources that many people try – and many people fail.

What you need is some tips and tricks to help you avoid the common pitfalls people make – and inside this video I’m going to share with you EVERYTHING I’ve learned In my years of traffic generation using Facebook (and pre-warning – it’s a LOT!)


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