Facebook Marketing: Next Level Traffic Generation Strategies : The Concept Of Retargeting

let's answer the first big question whatis actually retargeting here's thetypical scenario your website receivessome sort of traffic either it's organicor paid traffic what every website ownerusually tries to do is capturing thecontact information of these visitors inorder to get in touch with them infuture typically you place a sidebar optin or exit popup on your website howeverand that's the big problem the vastmajority of your website visitors willnot opt in which is actually kind of sadbecause these people showed someinterest in your website and in what youhave to offer so years ago there wasabsolutely no chance to get in touchwith these people unless you got theiremail address okay but thank God thereis a new way to re-engage with thosewebsite visitors and that tool thatfeature is called retargeting orremarketing so with retargeting you'rebasically placing a retargeting pixelwhich is nothing else than a JavaScriptcode on your website that gets triggeredevery single time when a visitor hitsyour website this allows you tore-engage with that visitor the nexttime he locks into Facebook even if youdon't have his email address and that'sthe beauty about itthat is so great about retargeting youcan re-engage with website visitors eventhough you don't have their emailaddress which is sometimes really hardto get so you can segment your visitorsinto different retargeting lists and runlaser targeted traffic campaigns thisway is way cheaper and way moreefficient than reaching out to strangersusing the interest targeting section whodidn't land on your website yet sothat's the concept of retargeting it'spretty simple and in this course you'lldiscover how to deploy advanced trafficand retargeting strategies to re-engagewith your website visitors in astrategic way


Facebook Marketing: Next Level Traffic Generation Strategies
Deploy these proven & tested Facebook advertising hacks and drive thousands of visitors to your website every day!

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