Facebook Marketing: Next Level Traffic Generation Strategies : Taking The First Step

okay let's get started with the setup ofour first retargeting campaign as youremember the first step in the processis to get a retargeting pixel installedit's a JavaScript code that you willhave to paste on your website and I willshow you the first steps of basicallyhow to do itso make sure to login into your FacebookAds account for demonstration purposes Ihave set up a brand new account so incase you're starting out with Facebookand you've never ever said that many appbefore this is how it would look like sowhat you have to do next is to click ontools and select the option audiencesnext I want you to click on customaudiences so click here on create customaudience and now we have the option toselect from three different custom subonion PSA's so we can either upload thecustomer list like our emails from ourcustomers full members Facebook IDs thisis what we will not focus in thistraining but we will focus on is thisoption here website traffic as it sayscreate a list of people who visit yourwebsite or review specific web pagesthis is what we want to do this is theretargeting function inside Facebook solet's click on this well we will have toaccept the terms and conditions if youwant you can just read through it andlet's just click on create customaudience pixel okay so this is aJavaScript code that you will have topaste on your website just copy/pastethis one and it's really really easy todo if you want to learn how to get itdone and you want to do it yourselfclick on the Help Center we can do thatand just open it in a new taband Facebook will provide you with allsorts of information how to do itmanually okay it's prettyself-explanatory it's pretty easy to dowhat you can also do is send the code towebsite developer so you can just enterhere the email address and then includethe personal message like hey I'd askyou to include the custom audience pixelthe retargeting pixel I want you topaste it into my website in case youdon't want to do it yourself don't worryabout it in the next video I will showyou one of my favorite resources to getthe custom audience pixel theretargeting pixel included into yourwebsite by someone else and in case youdon't want to do it you will absolutelylove this resource


Facebook Marketing: Next Level Traffic Generation Strategies
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