Best Traffic Source for Affiliate Marketers 2018

I'm tired of working for someone else to get a small paycheck I've beenstruggling online for quite some time I'm tired of trading time for dollarschallenge I love it I love the challenge that 4 percent success pill the success4 percent challenge whatever you want to name it this is exactly what theindustry names excite Wow amazing phenomenal so happy to be part of the 4%family after getting result right after agenda for you to make some good moneynecessarily better like we're running for freedom by spending more time withmy wife okay time with my family I've been verymuch more focused in what I wanted to do works to shift your paradigm whileflowing I just cannot believe how much success I am having in my onlinebusiness that plane is gonna take off the runway just like Vic said reallypowerful stuff you will physically feel the differenceI promise you if you just stick at it every day I carried my good cards goldcard go across your personal gold card get your gold card out my friend goparty our gold card I have a gold card now with a girl on it I got youokay would be fine you can do this the whole disease challenge was created byfixed Rises multi-million dollar entrepreneur one of those leaders thatknows how to take you by the hand over their shoulders or by step step by stepstep by step training bite-sized pieces every detail on actually how you can Ultimate Source of Traffic for Affiliate Marketers 2018make money if you do this the way I'm gonna keep you here in 4% it will workfor you every single time and then a snowballing is gonna do really it'sgonna be a lot of fun in the very first seven videos of the four percent 10kchallenge goes in deep hopefully you're feelingpumped hopefully feeling excited hopefully you'll feel an optimistic ofthe learning new strategies knowledge who skills that I've never seen beforethere is no confusion even if you're an experienced marketer you're going tohave your eyes open I'm gonna do it right allows you to get to her you wouldlike to be I'm learning a whole lot of new things that I find you early on Iwould have make a lot more money today that makes me nothing compares withother programs platform we work with focus a challenge maybe help a littlepeople I know that I'm here to really impact thousands and thousands of lifeso this process training on a daily basis every single day doing a specifica service every single day my brain has actually been rewind never have to tryto figure out what to do next so week help you to go through from zero towhatever result you want in less than two weekseasy brand new people making Commission's 71 it's really bad unaManzana 200 subscribers on my email list two weeks that within the first threeweeks of doing the four percent I made a five hundred dollars online multiplestreams of income having multiple streams of income scible streams ofincome it's amazing I'm so happy I found it life-changing information lifealtering message so far it's also hockey ball I could not be more excited tostart crushing my whole confidence I'm excited I'm so happy for you I'm soexcited for you because I know what's coming up Thank You me thank you saythank you week for this challenge thank you fixed arises if you'rewatching these thank you so much for big THANK YOU week thingfor us we appreciate you brother is never too late to learn and thechallenge will help helps you to become extraordinary so this is like getting inperson training from your closest friend who want you to succeed hands down byfar the best system out there this was the game changer we're looking forward Ultimate Source of Traffic for Affiliate Marketers 2018to succeed never give up you can do anything you will not regret it it's 100percent value value value value value I have the recipe for success and I amthrilled go for it you'll definitely change your life if I can do anyone canfeel I can't wait to see you with it as next I'll take my word for it challengeyourself take the challenge the challenge today there you take thechallenge for yourselfyou should check it outwater up everybody good evening to you guys good morning wherever you aredialing in from what's up Facebook all right so we're streaming on Facebook I'mtrying something a little bit different here tonight hopefully I can you guyssee me okay can you hear me okay let's let's get up technology align here allright everybody see me real quick here what we got here okay what's up NateTimothy good to see you Bradley good to see you guys here we got over 500 of youguys here ah another live channel for us I'm coming to you from a little bit of adifferent location I'm on the road loud and clearokay awesome good good good good it's great to hang out with you all hope youguys are doing fantastic all today okay right here I can see you I can see youhopefully you can see that okay you guys like that intro this is brand new wejust got it back from our you know we have like literally hundreds andhundreds and hundreds and hunter like I don't I can I can tell you maybe nexttime right because I don't want to miss you know give you a wrong wrong numberbut we've got hundreds of testimonials reviews from the 4% challenge if you arepart of it you know keep them coming if you guys enjoyed this keep them comingbecause we want to feature you you know we want to make an impact and so I'mreally I'm really happy to see people making you know the first five hundredbucks you know we have somebody that thatsubmitted the video the other day posted in the Facebook group there she's likeyou know hey I've never made money before I've never marketed anything onthe internet before you know and she's like I had my first 600 subscribersright I had like you know handful of sales and I made my first 500 bucks youknow that's awesome that fires me up because you're your hundred thousanddollars is going to start with you making your first thousand right andthat first thousand dollars will start with you making a first $100 and yourfirst dollar your first sale so you guys I want to encourage you what up Michaelgreat to see you guys I want to encourage everybodyyou're listening to my voice tonight you guys can make it alright I want to talkabout about something that I think everybody ought to know about trafficgeneration tonight I'm gonna hang out I'm coming to you from a you know fromthe road here I'm on a business trip and I don't know how well the internet isgoing to be here because I'm streaming from a you know from a not so goodinternet connection here so hopefully we're coming across loud and clear Iwant to share with you guys some data I want to talk a little bit about trafficI want to I want you guys to think a little bit differently about trafficgeneration how many how many of you believe here that if you could if youcould understand or get better understanding about how to get traffichow do you convert how do you sell right a lot of people have wrong idea abouttraffic generation I'm gonna I'm gonna expand your thinking a little bit heretonight if you are not on the VIP list if you are watching on 4% comm slashlive this page will be available with this particular training that we'reputting out there will be available for a you know limited very limited time andthen we're gonna pull it down but we are about to release what's called masstraffic blueprint if your internet marketer if you're an entrepreneur ifyour affiliate marketer if you're you know network markers if you're buildingyour own thing if you're an author speaker coach you know if you're doinganything out there in business world where you need to get attention becausereally what is traffic generation its attention right it's grabbing attentionmass traffic blueprint will be free training that you can get your hands onit will help you a lot all right we are getting ready you guyswe have been testing well not testing really but you know over the last youknow really 10 years I have been really living in this traffic generation arenayou know and I had a company called high traffic Academy we taught people how togenerate traffic literally hundreds of thousands of visitors to any website youwant but but traffic were all changes all the time right it's it's constantlyevolving it's constantly you know moving and it's like it's like thatsee that's always moving you know so if you're an entrepreneur there's twothings you need to master all the time you need to understand trafficgeneration which is how to get attention and then what do you do with thattraffic how do you channel it how do you communicate with it you know and get theresult they ultimately want which is getting your product whatever it is thatyou're promoting in hands of your prospect right how many of you guyswould like to learn how to do that so we have been over the last several monthsactually you know I said you know what if you know I looked at what's going onin the traffic generation arena out there and you know there was a courseover here on Facebook there's a course over here on YouTube videos and you knoweverybody's like it's like super specific but but a lot of it is liketactical right a lot of a lot of what we see out there at least from Mike's youknow from what I have seen has been tactical and and I'm like this is notthe way to go about traffic like this is this just wrong I mean if you thinkabout traffic generation in terms of like okay what is the you know what'sthe what's the traffic generation where do I click to get traffic it's wrongbecause you will always be shallow-minded right you'll besmall-minded when it comes to traffic generation there's an entrepreneurialyou gotta you know you gotta expand your pipe right you gotta expand you yourtraffic flow and so and you have to have multiple traffic streams to your to yourwebsite to your business it's just dip very very few people this oneyou know what I've seen over the last you know decade here not being anentrepreneur very few people think in terms of traffic in a way that positionsthem for success long-term so you know we looked at that I'm like you know heyyou know we have this company called 4% and we're doing this challenge right andso what we're gonna do is we're gonna claim we're gonna we're going to takeover we're going to teach entrepreneurs how to get traffic but not just how toget traffic we're gonna think we're gonna teach entrepreneurs how to thinktotally differently about traffic generation okay really at the end of theday what is traffic generation is getting attention is getting in front ofpeople who are already looking for what I've got right for what you have and andstrategically getting in front of those people to channel them your way so whenI'm gonna show you sometime gonna give you guys some ideas and we'll get yourbrain you know brain going here tonight and youlearn some things again if you're if you are on a VIP list okay for here it islet's see where are we at my screen bam chicky boom look at this high-endtechnology huh let's go ahead and refresh this if you guys are watchingthis by the way hey everybody see this whoo looks like okay I know that guyokay check it out you guys okay see this right here all right this this stuffright here on the left yeah I would really appreciate if you find this stuffto be valuable to you by the way we're gonna be streaming something's gonna behappening every every week okay might be even multiple times a weekon this four percent live Channel okay if you guys don't if you guys findthis valuable okay please share this on Facebook we've got four point sixthousand people so over four-and-a-half thousand shares already between allthese different you know that's that's awesome if you're part of the 4% youguys were on a mission here right to do something significant we're not you knowwe're not here to to sell products necessarily we're here to represent anidea you know we're here to you know to to do something that's that's beyondjust selling of a product you know we can be selling any products out therebut if we can do something that's more significant I think that'd be that'd bethe best so look if you are here okay on 4% comm /live okay this is free for youright now this will not be available foreverokay but this is free right now what you can do is you can get on the VIP list byclicking one of these yellow buttons here while this lasts okay this will notbe available forever depending when you're watching this okaylater on because right now we're tackling traffic right now we're talkingabout traffic and I'll be showing you a lot of stuff about traffic so he can getyourself on a VIP list now what's gonna happen when you do that okay is you willbe notified as soon as mass traffic blueprint it's it's a three part it's athree video course that will be going out okay and as soon as that becomesavailable hold on one sec here I want to make sure that we're streaming here youguys will be the first ones to get notified and get priority access to thattraining okay now that training will lead intothe mother of all traffic generation courses that we have crewand I'm gonna preview that to you here right now I'm gonna be I'm gonna tellyou exactly what's coming up you guys okay mass traffic blueprint will teachyou a lot of specifics and strategical thinking okay strategic thinking abouttraffic generation will give you you'll give you a lot of input for those of youguys who would like to go beyond that for those you guys who would like todraw the line in the sand and say you know what I want to master trafficgeneration okay I want to master it how many of you guys would like to mastertraffic generation yeah I'm a VIP tonight saying yup Nate VIP who else isVIP here love the upgrade bro Donnie what's up man Joe good to see you doesthis video have a funnel link Joe not sure what do you mean by thatokay how many of you guys you're watching me right now you would likelike you're done playing around okay you're done you know poking aroundbuying this course here and this course here and you just want to think learnhow to think differently about traffic generation so you never ever have todepend on anybody you never have to depend on Google Facebook some trafficprovider right you never have to depend on your upline your sideline yoursponsor your whoever mother-father your you know your cousin your dog rightnobody you depend on yourself you because you have the skills you have theawareness you acquire something that doesn't depreciate it doesn't go down invalue nobody can take it away from you right it's the ability for you to docertain thing is like driving up it's like riding a bicycle driving a car if Ilearn how to ride a bicycle right I learn it one time boom I can get on anybicycle and can drive it think about it like this okay as an entrepreneur you'rea VIP if you're a VIP give me like a VIP or something like that in the commentsright here real quick that'd be awesome okay I see my VIPs over here all rightso so so here's what we're gonna do you guys okay we're gonna be putting outliterally the mother of all traffic generation mastery trainings okay towhere it's not show when you were to get traffic is just one thing okay it's easyanybody can do that okay and and you can buy 2,000 course overhere two thousand dollar course over there three thousand dollar course overthere another thousand dollar course over there and you can you know investanother twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars and different you know trafficgeneration courses out there silos and you can learn thator you can just learn how to think differently about traffic generation andyou never ever ever ever have to struggle for traffic ever okay buttraffic getting is just one pillar of three pillars when it comes to marketingright if you had tended our previous lives that we did here some incenseeverybody yeah okay so look if you're committed to learn to mastering trafficlet me know let me know who you are okay if you commit it to mastering traffichere's what I'm gonna do that I want to take you I'm gonna show you some dataokay interesting stuff and and I promised you that I would show this toyou so let me go ahead and share my screen with you check this out okaytarik what's up man Tina Phil it's good to see you guys okay check this out sonot that long ago right um we put out this survey here okay I want you guys toand again I promised that I would reveal these details to you here alright Hamelswhat's up J Facebook Jay saying Vic is beyond legit not sure what that means Ithink it's like I think it's a good thingCalvin my friend you probably struggle with man and you're just miserable okayI'm talking to Kevin on Facebook okay check it out you guys okay here is thehere's a survey that we put out just recently okaymaybe like a week week ago let's see how do I close this out okay anyway so whatis your main business model okay here is what people are saying right now okaythere is a just over a thousand people took this survey this is fresh brand newalright and it looks like fifty nine point three eight percent of peopleright here saying that they are affiliate marketers okay so if you'repromoting somebody else's product awesomeokay another 15 percent you know network marketers this would begood data for you guys as well if you're you know if you're in a you know aninternet marketer if you're you know selling or promoting anything this mightbe a good useful information for you anyway so this was you know kind of aninteresting thing to me we've got about ten percent of you guys here ine-commerce info marketing about five percent and then others which just likea mixture between all these combined so a lot of people here are affiliatemarketers right and again I told you previously I started out as an affiliatemarketer I you know this is I think this is the easypoint of entry I think literally you know being an affiliate marketer youdon't have to spawn you know you don't have to create products you don't haveto you know customer service and you think you know and you can really learnhow to get traffic how to convert traffic and how to create a leverage andyou can promote somebody else as long as you believe in it as long as it's goodright you can go to sleep to bed sleeping well knowing that what you soldis a good thing okay hold on a sec you I'm getting some internet issues herehopefully we're still live and you know and you can learn this stuff and you cansucceed now next question to me was kind of interesting right I said hey are youearning the kind of money you would like to earn each month each month okay socheck this out you guys ninety-five point ninety five point one nine percentof people right as you can see here saying that they're not okay they're notyou know how you go from from the ninety five percent category to the fourpercent category you know there is a reason we call it the four percent groupright there was a reason for it because four percent of people I'm telling youany industry this is very I mean the statistical data here right I'm not justsaying this to you this is like it's the test you like marketplace okay responsefour percent of people are earning the kind of money that they desire andthey're happy with it right ninety five percent or not okay to go from here tohere how many okay well on Saturday I did a live stream I think it's calledthe three things you need to know for you to earn your first 100 thousanddollars okay if you haven't watched it you can you can probably find itsomewhere on YouTube and you know and watch it will also post replayed here onthis channel a little bit later on as we evolved it and you know and develop itand I so I covered the three things that everybody should know how do youtransition over from the ninety six percent of people that failing over tothe four percent of people that are successful and once you learn this kindof stuff right you can succeed in anything it's just like driving avehicle if I can learn how to drive a car I can get into you know a HondaAccord I can get into you know a Porsche I can get into a Ferrari I can get intoa you know borghini I can get into a Pinto I canget into any car and I can drive the thing okay so the car meaning you knowyour affiliate offer that you're promoting your company whatever it isthat you're doing your ability to drive it is the marketing umbrella guys okaytraffic conversions and leverage systematic leverage kind of likeMcDonald's okay so whatever I do today I want to create systems around what I'mdoing around my actions around my activities so that one day right I can Ican remove myself and systems take over and it runs okay and that's reallyreally really fun now check this out here's another interesting stat hereokay what is your target monthly income okay I thought that was prettyinteresting so you know we've got ten to twenty thousand five to 100 or five toten thousand you know between those we've got thirty forty percent of peopleapproximately here right pretty cool okay now this right here okay in youropinion what do you think is the biggest single biggest challenge that preventsyou from earning the amount of money you want okay as you guys can seeoverwhelming majority traffic generation sales and conversions mindset stuff andthen technical stuff okay nothing to sell look we've got we've got somepeople that are saying nothing to sell okay let's kind of a go descending onthese okay so forty four so traffic generation as you can see here right Ultimate Source of Traffic for Affiliate Marketers 2018we've got traffic generation and sales and conversion so we've got forty sixtyyou know over sixty percent sixty seven percent or so sixty eight percentbetween these okay no wonder right so what we're gonna do you guys is masstraffic blueprint okay it will cover it will get you in in the right directionokay you will it will get you tremendous amounts of information good valuablestuff to point you in the right direction on traffic and conversionsokay convergence is just important as traffic as a matter of fact is even moreimportant because once you get traffic you need to understand what to do withthe traffic right okay so we'll be covering that and then the the canovawhat kind of training do you like the best so look over the shoulder okay andbasically all the about look over the shoulder you know power poison power solike interactive presentations people like the best so that was kind ofinteresting thing to me okay so you guys here's what we're gonna do okay I'mgonna keep it short my battery's running low and my internet is giving me likeissues here I don't want us to be cut off here you guys let me I mean let megive you a little bit of a glimpse into the traffic world about you know how youcan go about thinking about traffic generation so what I'll do is I'llactually take you straight to the 4% okay check this out and we're gonna bediving into a lot of these in more details specifically inside of the fourpurse inside of the math traffic blueprint okay so I'm gonna go here I'llgo to my core products there's just a demo account here at four percentmembers area I'll go to Internet traffic mastery which is not available to thepublic it will be available to the public this like the mother of alltraffic generation courses here I'll give you guys a glimpse into it okay sonumber one before you start getting traffic you need to understand okay youneed to understand you need to understand the strategy okay you need tounderstand how do you multiply your results with less work and strewed endsand the strategies that that you must understand before activating your firsttraffic campaign ever okay a lot of people try to get traffic okay theydon't understand how to think about traffic how to roll out traffic okay sothat it's successful okay now check this out take notes if you are promotinganything right now as an entrepreneur okay Internet traffic masterywe have several modules that dive into this now in you know mass trafficblueprint we will actually dive into a lot of these and I'll give you guys likea blueprint for each one of these and then if you want to master it you'll beable to pick up internet traffic master when we release it to the public rightnow it's only available to the members of the four percent you know internallyso check this out influencer okay there's a module on influencer trafficmedia if you're not utilizing influencers traffic okay you guys you'remissing out big okay missing out victim in this modulesee people are learning how to get website in front of millions of peopleon demand through influence or marketing strategies check this out okay again Iwant to point you in a direction about how do you think differently abouttraffic look there are Instagram influencers okay and obviously itteaches you how to do that snapchat influencers you can reach out to traffictwitter influencers Facebook influencers YouTube influencers bloggers and evenpodcasters how many of you guys hear the utilizing podcast influencers ifsomebody has a podcast if somebody has a crowd of people right there is podcastson different topics virtually any topic you can think of business timemanagement you know weight loss weight gain anything you can think of rightthere are podcasters that that attract crowds of people do you know that youcan tap into those crowds of people all right those influencers you can siphontraffic off of their platform to your website okaywould like to learn how to do that yeah would be awesome now same thing withlike YouTube influence it's always stuff like people don't think about it okaybloggers okay fantastic this is almost like forgotten Twitter snapchatInstagram influencers okay this these traffic's just an influencer world Ultimate Source of Traffic for Affiliate Marketers 2018there's 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 sub modules within this module so it teaches you howto master all that stuff right so people are absolutely loving it look at thisthis is mind-blowing content right so you guys will be able to learn all thisstuff amazing stuff let me know if you if you're you know if you want to learnthis ok because we can I'll be giving you guys a really really good reallygood preview about this now the 24 hour traffic media this is really cool soalmost abandoned gold mine of massive amounts of targeted traffic ready to bechanneled to your website within 24 hours or less we're talking abouttraffic agencies okay we're talking about email media buys and networks okaythis is fast traffic I was just I just wanted to open up Anna you know I wantedto open up okay I want you guys to start thinking abouta little bit differently be on Facebook if you just rely on Facebook right nowokay if you just rely on just what somebody says the only way to gettraffic right now is Facebook okay let them do that you don't do that you thinkdifferently you think in terms of like multiples right you think in terms ofdynamic you think in terms of you know you you want you it's just differentdifferent thinking about traffic generation right so look again masstraffic blueprint we'll dive into more details about these and we'll actuallygive you more practical ideas that you can follow okay here is a module modulefor and social media traffic okay in this module you'll learn how tostrategically and effectively siphon mass amounts of highly targeted trafficfrom the biggest social networks in the world okay so we're talking aboutFacebook strategy and YouTube strategy and it's different okay we're nottalking about paid this is free but this is uniqueokay so we'll be diving into that one here there is search media traffic whenit when I'm talking about search media traffic I'm not necessarily talkingabout Google although I'll tell you this with Google Adwords right with GoogleAdWords right now there was like it goes like this right so so like traffic justlike anything the trends go up and down right so what for example Google AdWordsback in the day it was super easy to get on Google Adwords now you could promoteanything right and you can get traffic really really fast then they slepteverybody right and you know I was one of those people that got slept heart andI depended on just Google back in the day this like mm and I'd probably 20062007 ish whenever that big Google's you know slap was and my business was wipedout literally overnight I woke up in the morning boom my cost per click is like10 bucks okay where before I used to pay like 10 cents is crazy and a lot ofpeople dropped off the face of the of the marketing planet you're not I meanbecause they couldn't handle it so right now though Google and Facebook rightthey're fighting each other now this is good for entrepreneurs you gottaunderstand what's going on in the industry what's going on with Facebookyou gotta be on the cutting edge of like trends and what's happening right soFacebook and Google like Facebook is doing somethingFacebook is slapping people however Google right if you do you know if youunderstand how to play with Google right you can get back on Google very veryquickly very inexpensively okay and you can really dominate on Google because ifsomebody goes on Google and they searching for the exact thing that youcan put that you promoting you can get in front of those people it's very veryhighly targeted traffic right very highly targeted visitor so what we'll dois uh you know it will be diving into that type of training really deeply okaydisplay traffic media up and go back here display traffic media ok displaytraffic media is really really powerful okay we're talking about you guys let mejust open up your mind look this module here okay module six display trafficmedia right in Internet traffic mastery and so there is one two three four fivesix seven okay seven sub modules within this module okay you see I'm saying sonow how do you go to major Edie display ad networks right how do you go to tonot jayvees you marketplace you can do that okay Clickbank marketplace okay ifyou know how to utilize Clickbank marketplace for example if you let's sayClickbank if you have an offer that would be that would be relevant for likeyou know affiliate marketers right mass appeal make money affiliate marketers Ican go to a platform like Clickbank they have over I don't even know I know theyhave over a hundred thousand vendors probably millions of affiliates rightevery time when somebody logs into their account did you know that you can get infront of those people okay did you know that most of those people are strugglingif you have a product to put in front of them boom you tap into the trafficsource it's instant right and it's really really it's like you can't screwit up you cannot mess it up you know really powerful stuff so again this isthis is the kind of stuff that I will be giving you guys in the mass trafficblueprint if you are you know VIP retargeting everybody should be retargetsee it's the only different traffic may know methods these are like 2070 or 2017I'm behind 2018-2019 traffic sources you see I'm saying okay CPA traffic mediathis is the daddy I'm telling you guys cpa trafficmedia this is like for people that want to go from you know if you want to gofrom getting you know a thousand visitors to a hundred thousand visitorsprovided this is not for the beginners okay don't do cpa media until you knowyou you did level one traffic a cpa media's like level three traffic leveltwo actually that's when you scale okay so you start with something that you getyour traffic fast to your offer you optimize that's why pillar number two ofthis you know of this marketing umbrella right traffic is number one number twois is conversion so let me take a look here what we gotokay looking at the alright anyway so I'm gonna I'm gonna shut it down for nowokay what what I'm what I'm saying is is there are different levels of trafficright so level one somebody you know if you fairly new to this kana to this gamewhat you would do is again will really smash traffic blooper do you guys I'llactually walk you through level one level two level three and how to dealwith all those traffic sources again if you're on VIP list doesn't cost youanything you'll get that you couldn't you're gonna learn a lot if you're gonnaMatt if you wanna take it to the next level and just really master this andbecome the master of traffic generation you'll be able to pick up Internettraffic master when we released it later on to the general public and you knowand you'll be able to master this kind of stuff right I get if you want totallyoptional totally up to you you don't I don't know your business I will provideyou more free value more free content than any paid traffic course out there Ipromise you okay if you are you know if you're on VIP and you get that masstraffic blueprint for yourself I promise you'll get more content more informationmore you know golden nuggets then any other paid course to my knowledgeoutside of what we do here okay and if you want to master this kind of stuffjust kind of stay tuned to you know when we announce okay alright so let's seewhat else we've got here okay we've got retargeting yes CPA so CPA traffic mediathis is where I can leverage other super affiliates to get to market my site okaythey can I can promote you know they can promote my stuff and I can pay when itcomes to CPA traffic you guys they're different you know different set up thatI can go about doing it I suggest I mean I've got a couple dates in mass trafficblueprint I suggest when you go CPA route okay you have a proven convertingoffer and I would go for double opt-in okay so imagine I can I can go to a CPANetwork and I can say you guys I want I want 10,000 opt-ins per day per week permonth you decide okay and I don't care how much traffic you need to sent to mysite I'm just gonna tell you for every single opt-in okay so what you haveyou have other super affiliates okay rock stars of the industry marketerssending you traffic to your to your site and you only pay when you get a resultcan be a double up ting can be a single opt-in which I don't recommend can be adouble opt-in which I would recommend this way you minimizing your shenaniganness right potential for any shenanigans to people you know put some tricks onyou and whatnot but you're getting real opt-ins right to your stuff on demandlike just like that so it's really really real powerful stuff very fewpeople utilize this for you to be able to do this effectively though CPAmarketing you have to understand conversions pillar number two all righta lot of people like where do a good traffic man well getting traffic is notthe problem the problem is what do you do with that traffic when you get itright so if I go to a CPA net what can I say you know what I need a thousandopt-ins per day they can get it to you like thatnow it's my responsibility to have pillar number two taken care of which isthe page that they're commenting into it needs to convertokay so included you know in mass traffic blueprint what I'll do is I'llactually include pillar number two training as well and I'll walk youthrough how do you create a converting front door right it's important allright so it's really powerful thing let's see and then what else we've gothere we've got next module CPA traffic we've got strategic syndicate trafficokay so syndicate oh all right strategic syndicate this isadvanced stuff perpetual traffic machine this is where you have your own this iswhere you replicate your own efforts okay and I've done it for years andyears and years and I teach exactly how it's doneliterally you can you can you can create a little marketing machine aroundaffiliate product something that you don't even have to own walks you throughhow to do that okay how do you get to the VIP list Victoria is saying Victoriayou this from facebook facebook question you go to four percent calm slash liveokay and if you're on this page four percent calm slash live you just clickon this on this button right here okay and you'll be able to get yourselfon a VIP list okay traffic media X okay this is where youuncover new traffic sources and then this is the most important one of allright here you guys this is the ultimate traffic media welcome back module wealthman this is the most the most potent the most awesome the most powerful trafficsource that you can ever create and I said create boom okay in my opinion youguys this right here this is where you control this is where you have your ownwell of fresh water to drink out of okay how many of you go out how many of youguys here would like to to never ever ever depend on any anybody for trafficlike it's it's it's it's just like having of your own well of water likeyou don't have to depend on city you know water line you got your own thingright it's yours it's fresh clean if in your backyard and you never ever have toworry about you know drinking bad water or you know depending on somebody thismethod right here very very very to my knowledgealmost nobody teaches you how to do this okay so this is a aphl what's up manlet's take a look okay BAM let me see bring it on okay so here's the plan youguys I gotta I gotta I gotta get going here I wanted to to open up your potyou're thinking about traffic generation okay do you guys see how vast this canget do you see how the deposit billet is right but and also do you see theimportance of you understanding the old three pillars okay so this right hereokay this this module okay in Internet traffic mastery module 12 alone this isworth a million dollars for your businessdo not I'm not exaggerating this can be worth if you apply what you learn herethe ultimate traffic media because what happens here okay is you incorporatingthis is the third pillar number one is the actual traffic is the attentionright is the first like nine modules okay so you have level 1 level 2 level 3traffic it's really really easy pillar number 2 is what do you do with thattraffic before you even get it okay or when you get it so pillar number 2 needsto be taken care of before you go to pillar number 1 most amateurentrepreneurs and marketers they focus so much on pillar number 1 how do I gettraffic they don't know what to do with it when they get it so they waste theirmoney they waste their traffic their waste resources in there wasted rightpillar number three which is nobody teaches nobody at least to my knowledgeand the internet teaches how to do this which is when you get this and this thisright here systematizes the whole process right and and you never have todepend on anybody else this is the ultimate traffic media that this singlehands-down most potent traffic generation strategy ever ever foranybody in any business ok so we cover all of these and so what I'm gonna doyou guys is if you are in it on a VIP list ok we'll be releasing over the nextyou know several days here we're getting really close to release mass trafficblueprint ok it will it will have all three pillars it will have golden barsmetaphorical speaking right that will help you expand your thinking it's gonnabe free of charge ok you will help you in your businessthat will position you that will set you up for traffic mastery okay if you wantto graduate if you want to if you want to elevate yourself from being theninety six percent to being literally somebody who can control your outcomeyou'll be able to get your hands on internet traffic master when it becomesavailable and you'll just master it you'll never in your life have to worryabout traffic ever again because it teaches you it's like a language itteaches you that the the traffic language the language of traffic itteaches you the thinking of traffic it teaches you all the invisible stuff thatnobody teaches right conversions psycho psycho logical communication right itsubliminal communication what your website how its designed howit you know all that stuff it is really really important Apple all the bigcompanies they all implement that okay and most importantly teaches you how toleverage every single dollar that you put out in marketing every singlesubscriber that you have how to create your own systematic way of generatingand moving your business forward okay are you guys pumped about this okaywould you like to learn this kind of stuff let me take up the take a look atthe at the comments here I have earned over 500 in the last few days from whatVic teaches okay great Timothy congratulations man yeah we have a lotof for percenters here you know there's about there's we have a test group ofpeople about I'd say probably about 600 or so people from 4% that were that wereable to get internet traffic mastery so you guys will see we'll be interviewingthem over the next coming days we'll be putting out more information but I wannamy goal is to help you get traffic right obviously this is the mother of alltraffic generation courses that we'll be putting out there you know here verysoon mass traffic blueprint however you can get for free it will be morevaluable than any other traffic course available for premium price right now Ican guarantee you so if you want to get it go to this page right here okay thispage right here which is 4 percent calm slash live and you'll be able to getyourself on it on the on the VIP list and you guys will be the first ones toget your hands on it as soon as it becomes available mass traffic blueprintokay you guys look I gotta jump off before my you know battery dies on mehere I appreciate you I look and I'm looking forward to creating an army ofsuper affiliates that's that's my vision that's what we do in the 4% that's mygoal and we're doing that really really well so far okayif you are done settling if you are done being mediocre you might not havesuccess overnight as a matter of fact nobody has success overnight nobody butyou will be able to change the rest of your career as an entrepreneur I promiseyou okay I don't care if you're promoting somebody else's product yourown thing whatever it is that you want to do when you when you when yougain control and you can control the outcome you have control over your bankaccount everything yeah it's not gonna solve a hundred percent of your problemsbut it's gonna solve about 90 percent of your problems okayappreciate you guys be awesome god bless and I love this video so much take alook at it again this is people who have taken the 4% challenge by the way ifyou're not in the 4% challenge you're missing out I'm just telling you you cango to 4% calm /live on the bottom here how can I not plug this in huh man thisis like the coolest literally right here see this right here go to 4% calm /liveor get back to whoever invited you here okay they'll be able to point you in thedirection of the 4% challenge you can click on this button right here or thislittle link and check out what people are saying right I'll see you guysaround cheers everybody we'll be we'll be getting together here over the nextyou know a couple days or so as well I want to give you more more cool stuff tothink about I want to bring you more value here and I want to bring out somepeople that will be that will show you some some stuff that's really reallycool as well okay god bless you guys if you're not in the 4% challenge challengeyet start it tonight by tomorrow you'll be blown away promise you take a look ofsomebody some of these people are saying if you just joined us like and I'll seeyou soon I'm tired of working for someone else toget a small paycheck it's not doing struggling online for quite some timeI'm tired of trading time for dollarsyou challenge I love it I love the challenge that 4% success feel thesuccess 4% challenge whatever you want to name it this is exactly what theindustry names excite Wow amazing phenomenal so happy to be part of the 4%family after getting results right after agenda for you to make some good moneymessage our better life we're learning more freedom spending more time with mywife time with my family I've been very much more focused in what I wanted to doworks to shift the paradigm while flowing I just cannot believe how muchsuccess I am having in my online business I think this challenge isscared the crap out of me I've never done anything like this but I'm doing ithundred percent that plane is gonna take off the runway just like Vic said reallypowerful stuff you will physically feel the difference I promise you right ifyou just stick at it every day I carry my good cards percent gold card goacross your personal gold card get your gold card out my friend I've got a goldcard our gold card I have a gold card now with a bow on itI got you okay it would be fine you can do this the whole disease challenge wascreated by big stars it is multi-million dollar entrepreneur one of those leadersthat knows how to take you by the hand over the shoulders at by step step bystep step by step training bite-sized pieces every detail on actually how youcan make money if you do this the way I'm gonna keep you here in four percentit will work for you every single time and then a snowballing is gonna doreally it's gonna be a lot of fun in the very first seven videos in deephopefully you're feeling pumped hopefully you're doing excited hopefullyyou're feeling optimistic of been learning new strategies and all thatcool the skills that I've never seen before that is no complexity there is noeven if you're an experienced marketer you're going to have your eyes openI'm gonna do it right allows you to get to her you would like to be I'm learninga whole lot of new things that I find you earlier on I would have make a lotmore money today that makes me nothing compares with other programs platform wework really focus and challenge you a little people I know that I'm here toreally impact thousands and thousands of lives through this process the trainingdidn't come on a daily basis success fill every single day doing a specificaesthetic every single day my brain has actually been rewind never have to tryto figure out what can you miss so we help you to go through from zero towhatever result you want in less than two weekseasy brand new people making Commission's 71 literally between fiveand ten 100 subscribers on my email list two weeks that within the first threeweeks of doing the four percent I made five hundred dollars online multiplestreams of income having multiple streams of being palatable streams ofincome it's amazing I'm so happy I found it life-changing information lifealtering message so far it's also how to keep all I could not be more excited tostart crushing my whole confidence I'm excited I'm so happy for you I'm soexcited for you because I know what's coming up Thank You B thank you thankyou week for this challenge thank you fixture eyes as if you'rewatching these thank you so much thank you thank you for everything you've donefor us big appreciate your brother is never toolate to learn and the times will help them it helps you to becomeextraordinary so this is like getting in person training from your closest friendwho want you to succeed hands down by far the best system out there this wasthe game changer we're looking forward to succeed never give up you do anythingyou will not regret it it's 100%volume volume volume volume volume I have the recipe for success and I amthrowing all for it you'll definitely change your life if I can do anyone canfeel I can't wait to see where the has next don't take my word for it challengeyourself take the challenge take the challenge today I'll dare you take thechallenge for yourself you should check it out

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